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  1. Thinking of Windham this Friday. Anyone have a recent assessment of conditions? Welcome to join me too.
  2. It's April 1 already?
  3. Thanks for all the replies so far folks! Like the idea of Banff in particular....3 resorts on one ticket, favorable exchange rate, never been there. Have some research to do this week! Merry Christmas, all.
  4. My 19 year old son and I have been skiing (him) and boarding (me) together since he was 5. We decided a few years ago to treat ourselves once a year to a trip away from the ice coast. We've hit Colorado and Montana in the past two years and are now mulling UT, WY, or ID. Our window is week of March 13th 2017. I'd appreciate input from some locals. Our criteria would be: 1) Good snow cover/low temps this time of year. 2) Black glade/woods trails for him 3) Blue cruisers for me 4) Bowls for both of us (like backside of Vail) 5) A town for nightlife/restaurants 6) Convenient to airport with flights from NY and Pittsburgh He is leaning towards Snowbird/Brighton/Solitude based on the altitude and historical likelihood of decent snowcover that time of year (#1). However, I'm pretty sure none of them meet #5. We thought of Park City/Canyons...but not sure about #1 in that case. Any and all suggestions welcome and appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi iCamera, as another icecoaster, I can say the more direct, stiffer connection one has between rider-to-boots-to-binding-to-board when riding alpine is a definite plus on harder's not a panacea for ice, but makes for more confidence when negotiating less than ideal conditions. My son and I will be up central VT way (love Pico!) after new years if you'd like to connect. I have a spare board you could try but you'll need boots unless you are a mondo 31 (roughly 13/14 American.) in which case you could use my second set. I also MTB (FS, HT, SS, DH,'s all good!) and I know what you mean about despising straight'll be right at home as a carver.
  6. Congrats! I'm a little late to this thread but wanted to let you know I followed a similar path to much of the advice on this string when I began piecing together my first alpine set up about 4 years ago and I think you're going to love this board. I have an Axxess in a 172 length, and ride it with TD SW SI's and Deeluxe 225's. I asked Sean to build with a tighter than standard SC (9-11) since I ride mainly east coast, and had him make it wider to accommodate my canoes (31 mondo). It was perfect from the first turn. I've since progressed to steeper angles and so it's probably a cm or 2 wider than I would prefer at this point, but still a great set up for all mountain riding. I will say that the TD SI's add some weight so my preference for deeper powder and late-day crud is my Ride Yukon 172 with Burton/Ibex race plates and Deeluxe LeMans. Lighter, less edge length, twin tip. Most important in powder (for me anyway) was switching the boots to powder mode. Seems obvious but it took me some time to flip the switch instinctively. Enjoy your new set up and post up pics when it's all together!
  7. Very nice! Thanks for posting.
  8. Th Thanks. We spent most of our trip at Moonlight or Lone Peak/Swifty. For the video the packed powder run was Upper Morning Star (from the Lone Peak Triple). The powder run was on Lookout Ridge.
  9. Nice! I assume you slowed it down...nice effect....has a nice mellow vibe! (love the Safari tribute graphics btw)
  10. Awesome Pat! Very impressive kid!!
  11. Went to Big Sky a few weeks ago. Had several days of fresh powder and some bluebird too. I brought both the Donek Ax with SW SI's and the Ride Yukon with Raceplates. Both 172cm. Ended up using the latter more since we got a decent amount of powder. By Day 2 my legs were ready to give out not having had any meaningful snow time before this trip. But the place is amazing, and I got to meet a fellow BOL'er (ExcelsiorTheFathead). He's got some serious style, but sadly I have no video of him, so you'll have to settle for me lol. 1080p for best res. (and thanks to philw for tips on filming with a pole!)
  12. Sorry we didn't connect today Art. Very nice powder up top lone peak triple way and as far down as just past lone tree triple (meriweather). But shortly below that it was like a switch was turned off and snow was like a wet bathroom mat. Headed home tomorrow. Had a great time and was great riding with you. Let's see what next year brings.
  13. Great riding together again this AM Art. After u left David and I headed to upper Morningstar. Spectacular conditions. Here's a quick screen grab. Got soft down mountain by 1. Things hardened up and glassy upmountain around 3.
  14. As Art said, morning was ok but groomed runs were a bit hardpack. That didn't stop him from railing tippy's on the way to lunch. He slayed that slope while i fishtailed my way down. Snow came down fast from lunch on. Put the Donek away and broke out the Yukon again and headed to moonlight.We were cuff-deep in many spots. Amazing day.
  15. Hey Art, great riding without you today. Thanks for showing us around. We did more of moonlight then broke for lunch at Headwaters. Then hit the tram up to Lone. View was unreal, but the ride down liberty bowl was tough. We're knackered! Glad I had the Yukon today. The Axxess comes out to play tomorrow.