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    Freeride, pow, teach: F2 Carve RS/Proflex, ~45/30, toe/heel lift;
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    Soft: Nidecker Carbon, 30/15, not used in many years...
  1. Better fixes: Whistler open until the end of April, then Blackcomb to the end of May. Glacier until August! Mt Hood glacier, I believe, right through the summer...
  2. I had the Tank 192 in the slush and spring moguls, all day long yesterday. It performed great!
  3. Hard boots... for surfing too!
  4. Well, well, the surprise bonus day at Cypress was a huge success! Bluebird weather, nice spring slush, a great board under feet, free burgers, friends, what more one could wish for?  That's it for this season at Cypress, and cheers from the most hardcore riders! See you all next season. Of course, stay tuned for few more Whistler spring trips!
  5. I agree too.
  6. Vist, Kessler, some Donek, some Apex Sports and some Bomber models.
  7. Can they be shipped disassembled in a padded envelope to Vancouver BC, with USPS? If yes, I'll take them. We can take it to email: boris at blueb dot biz
  8. She could use facial wax... The Slush Cup was a blast! I hope Gary and Roy will post some of their stuff, they took tons. Where's the werewolf in that video?
  9. I've got the exact model from the pic. FYI, even those red Throttles, that were perceived as wood cores, were not. I've cut up another one to make a mini longboard for my kid. It's a very complex core made of foams of different densitoes, with rubber and steel wire dampening strips. Very high tech, for their time...
  10. At least he'd replace the parts that are likely to fail...
  11. I'd change all the bails, lugs and shoulder bolts...