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    Soft: Nidecker Carbon, 30/15, not used in many years...
  1. There's a "little" run of the peak, right behind us, called Headwalls. It's groomed, but as steep as the steepest section of our First Sun. The photo doesn't do it the justice... They do straight lining speed contests there... Luka got to meet Nancy Greene, personally, and had his helmet autographed.
  2. Standard GS, SL and BX Kesslers have tightest radius towards the nose and loosest towards the tail. Some of the boards made for Canadian team around Olympics had a bit of "hook" towards the tail, like what Coiler calls VSR. I had a custom free caving Kessler 170 that had that geometry too. I can tell you about stock 168 free carver, as I didn't have it in my hands...
  3. The only ski-in-ski-out school in the world! I wish I had spent my childhood here :)
  4. Another great one was, a skier mom, to her little skier son: "This is exactly what you need (bindings)!", as the kid likes to snowboard too.
  5. Scoob and I got quite a few usual questions at Sun Peaks, but the best one was: "Do those swivel?" - 2 skiers pointing at our bindings :)
  6. Little preview from Sun Peaks: ...and this is a blue run. There's dozens like this, steeper, mellower, high alpine bowls, sparce trees, moguls, you name it.... This place rocks! It's a must to visit.
  7. Thanks! Will try it. I've actually been, in the summer
  8. Let's just forget the sophisticated mathematical definitions and do a simpleton explanation... Radial rides more predictable. Variable can vary the turn shape more.
  9. Scooby, Luka and I will be at Peaks from Thursday to Sunday!
  10. How it's even possible they paid without shipping? Have you listed it as free shipping? Then you have no rights...
  11. A modern composite snowboard is not recyclable. It's landfill, give to someone else to use, burn in sacrifice to Ullr, or wall of fame...
  12. I'm not an experienced seller, but I have bought 100s of items on the bay. I'd help you if I knew the answer.
  13. What is the Pure Carve 157?