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    Freeride, pow, teach: F2 Carve RS/Proflex, ~45/30, toe/heel lift;
    Plate system: Plan-B (only occasionally);
    Soft: Nidecker Carbon, 30/15, not used in many years...
  1. I'm not a big fan of the risers either... Even with my hard boots I now seek lower profile bindings..
  2. I'm waiting for Mig to make a 23 wide version of what he's already got ;)
  3. Roy will come too, both days. Probably Patrick too.
  4. Definitely turny for the weekends. First 90-120 minutes are fine, then it becomes crazy. Keep in mind that one of the lifts opens 15-20 min before the time, so it's good to be early. When are you heading this way?
  5. And longest runs and steepest groomers and most of people that you know through forum :)
  6. When I use mobile version and start a new reply, it often inserts my previous reply?!?
  7. Haha, which one of my AMs? :) I had so many... Just Coilers: 172/21, 176/21, 169/24 is very new to me... Your spec of 22.5 is probably the best all round for 26-27 boot, though. If I ever rebuilt my 169 from scratch, I should do 23 waist. Anyhow, enjoy, sounds like you have found your quiver killer! Oh, what SC you've got? My current one is about 9m.
  8. I'll be there Mar 23-26...
  9. Cloudy, warm, no people and smooth hardpack - short definition of today :) That slab of yellowish ice in mid Panorama is now permanent... We had a brief chat with Bret Tippie and then were watching him absolutely killing it on softies.
  10. For last few years there was a trend for much smaller highbacks (lowbacks?). Some people even removed theirs... Anyways, while its doable without, due to the smaller size/strength of foot flexor muscles (compared to the calves), the help from the highbacks is welcome. If one does it only by pressuring the highbacks, it's a wrong and limited approach. Even in racing, the trend is more towards toe/heel presure, rather then just driving the boot cuffs. Technical discussion aside, I've got a sneaky feeling this thread is actually about something else...
  11. Nice. I love my AMT 169/24. But... shouldn't this be in the AM section?
  12. Another great hard packed day, but cloudy. As the result, snow held better but we had very flat light in the am. Crew: Patrick, Roy, Tony, B and Gord showed up on skis with family! My toys: Loony (I really fell in love with this thong) and super wide AMT for the PM. I thought my boots were softening from warm temps and I kept cranking up my buckles... Later when I was changing to go home, I found out that I broke both boots!
  13. I love it too! Chairs are slow but there's no people. Great free riding lines. I guess Whistler is perceived as cool. It also might be closer from downtown. For me from Coquitlam Hemlock is closer. That chain sign is at the access crossroads, but they don't check on dry days. Last part of road is very sketchy so at least winter tires are required...
  14. First check that boot centering on the bindings is not biased towards heel edge. Other thing you can try is to add some toe lift in front or straighten the boot cuff more upright. Also, maybe move the bindings a bit back...
  15. Another sunny hard packed day at Cypress! Crew: Tony, Roy, B My toys: OES Loony and F2 ElDiablo Something really scary happened to me, I jumped our biggest jump a ted short, landing back foot right onto the nackle. Impact was such that the binding realeaded! I msnaged to lay down on my side instead of tumbling and sort of carve bounce the board guiding it with front foot only. Brrrr!