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  1. 2/18/17 went skiing. i was actually able to handle the speed going down crossroads. one run i went too fast. i accidentally unweighted on a small bump and cross the tips. my immediate thought was "oh shit, imma going to blow my knees". i started going sideways. i fell on my right hip and started to slide. the skis kept catching. eventually stopped. got up unharmed but covered in slush. lost a pole. it was way uphill and too far to walk. another skier picked it up for me. skied a few more runs and went home. felt fine. late evening i had problems laying on my right side. hip really hurt yay! skiing! oh... and this happened yesterday
  2. buck runs snow guns under the tower but not usually during business hours. 1-2 years ago they had them running directly under the chair. people got snow frocked by the guns; goggles, jacket, etc. the real problem was that ice/frost formed under skis/boards which caused skis/boards to stick to the ramps. the top lifty wasn't paying attention to the pile of people who fell down trying to leave the chair. it was crazy. everyone riding the lift was falling down. they had to shut down the lift till they purged the water lines from the snow guns. snow has a weird metallic taste.
  3. 2/8/17 temp in single digits at lunch. snow was excellent. all you need to know.
  4. @DonPablo let us know!
  6. 1/29/17 snow was better than saturday. despite the sugar-like snow conditions, the snow was holding. i wasn't hitting bottom ice. the trenches were deep. on one run i blew a heel-side turn and left a deep wide trench. i was too far down the hill to bother walking up. on next trip down i side slipped over it. when i took the photo the ski instructor who shared the ride was impressed. conditions deteriorated. switch to skis. i suck.
  7. That blows. Wonder if you can macgyver something for Wednesday.
  8. 1/27/17 snow is not much better than yesterday. the cord was already scraped. i could hold an edge but there were times... love how you can see my hand in the snow when i tried to recover on heelside.
  9. I went at lunch. It's ok but not great. The run is uneven. Bounced around a lot. Picture doesn't show the problems. Ugh
  10. re: spirit... when? re: aspen... no. i started a new job and don't have time banked.
  11. based on your pictures there's no way in hell i would try to ride an alpine board. it looks dangerphuckerous © 2000 Trent Johnson. All Rights Reserved not even sure it would be fun in softies. ever make it to SES?
  12. 1/19/17 temp in mid 30's. snow was very soft. almost dangerous. the board was digging deep. a heavy fog started to roll in from south.
  13. 1/18/17 went out at lunch. warm. mid to upper 30's. snow was better than yesterday. I was watching Always Sunny last night. I don't know why but this made me laugh. But then I shouldn't laugh... Had double vision, black eye, fat lip, loose teeth.
  14. 1/17/17 warm temps. above freezing. it snowed a couple inches last night but riding was rough. rode upright most of the time. kept hitting the ice underneath which felt harsh. tried getting low but mistakes were made.