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  1. 1/17/17 warm temps. above freezing. it snowed a couple inches last night but riding was rough. rode upright most of the time. kept hitting the ice underneath which felt harsh. tried getting low but mistakes were made.
  2. what's the weather outlook for the weekend? down here its suppose to warm all week with rain and snow starting this weekend.
  3. is closing early for the season this early unusual? there was one year where all our local ski hills closed mid February because of rain. ... and this week we're having a warm-up too. suppose to be hitting 40's later this week with rain on saturday. i'm hoping we can recover. i hate it when people tell me (or gloat) on how great that its warming up. so a round of pain for everyone.
  4. 1/15/17 lotta people showed up early. i was in a line to get lift ticket. beautiful day out. excellent snow. tried randy's mad killer. couldn't ride it like he can. i mounted my bindings without adjusting angles. with the 18 cm waist, i had 1-1/2 inch over hang on rear boot. not that it mattered because by the time i tipped the board it had already completed the turn. guess i'm too slow for the transitions. serious edge hold. only problem was whenever i came in to stop on either edge, it felt funny like the nose was hooking up. thing wanted to turn. weather doesn't look good for the rest of the week.
  5. 1/14/17 epic conditions. grippy cord. not a cloud in the sky. non-stop from 8:50am till about 12:30pm. unfortunately nastar was going on. and then the ski jammer bus showed up. it got busy in the lift line. only had one near miss with another snowboarder.
  6. 1/12/18 Very firm cord. I think today was best so far.
  7. @Awesomo12000 very cool video. it looked like parts were in 3D. wish i had red/cyan glasses. riding and carving with a spinner -- that's talent.
  8. i've had the chimichanga. i thought the chimi was somewhat bland. it was good but it was missing something. not sure what is was missing. not quite like El Azteca or El Lorro. i've also been there for the lunch buffet. it was good. i'd go there again.
  9. 1/6/17 went out on skis. the runs were groomed from after running snow guns. unfortunately the areas where the guns were pointed was icy. at the very top of Crossroads it was ice with loose ice gravel. the groom was sub standard. ridges and divots. Milkrun was ok but there were some hard spots close to the tower. Warners was good.
  10. 1/5/17 snow guns are on full blast. lost precious nose hairs from the ice buildup on my balaclava.
  11. according to facebook, ms. bobble is coming to mes!
  12. 1/1/17 New Years Day "All is quiet on New Year's Day, A world in white gets underway..." yep. obligatory walk up the run for first tracks. what drives me to walk up the run is to see the look of disappointment from the skiers on first chair when i come carving down the run. #FirstTracks #MustPlayToWin awesome day! blue sky. temp in mid 20's. not too crowded. scott and myself almost had the run exclusively to ourselves. ... and then kent showed up. @scott what did i tell you about GoPro face! i like the boot POV shooting upward of you toggling back and forth. if only it didn't shake. wonder if someone can 3D print a mount for bomber bindings? here's the video i was talking about. the rider has a pole on his back. feel bad for the kids who bring these to the hill.
  13. 12/31/16 early morning. no ski team practice! runs wide open. really good snow (except warner's and olympic). started out with flat light that ended in super nova. for a new years eve morning, it didn't seem too crowded. just me and erik. rumor has it that the new terrain park *might* be taken down. there have been complaints about it.