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  1. I'd suggest setting up your bindings identical to what you had before and putting up with some overhang while getting used to the new length and sidecut. I went from the exact same board (Asym Air 64) to an early Prior 4WD without much trouble but the Prior was wider (21.5). Note that most modern boards are 20 cm+.
  2. I've had the back release a couple turns into a steep ungroomed run. That's unnerving. Always check that your pins are fully engaged!
  3. I find my step-ins do not release if there is any upward pressure at the heel: preferably I am standing on them. I think in a soft snow emergency it is likely I would have trouble releasing.
  4. The more forward the angles get, the less splay you need.
  5. That's a bit beyond decambered. In technical terms, Steve was bending the shit out of that board.
  6. It's a downside of our system for sure, the wait list for elective surgery can be long.
  7. I think that snow conditions might have been optimal for you: expert carvers tend to like it much harder than intermediate carvers.
  8. What, is he still there?
  9. Many of those great pics of Corey were taken by Riceball, another Canuck who is even smoother but usually behind the camera instead of in front.
  10. Because over 90% of snowboarders can't carve, and most of those that can don't care about getting as much inclination as we do. They just need to carry speed competently to the next hit.
  11. I think people mostly don't use it much here.
  12. The moustache adds extra style points!
  13. Who is charging hard in the USA onesie?
  14. The Jones Flagship is a very similar shape to that old Sims.
  15. Yes, he shows a dedication to the turn I am not willing to share. He drives 4 hours to spend the day lapping a short hill. It's the same 4 hours for me to the same hill (he lives east of it, I live west) and I haven't been there once. My closest hill is 90 minutes away. I get there about once each year for a pre-mountain tune-up, get bored within 2 hours and leave.