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  1. Riding with friends is so fun, and I get to do it so seldom. Hope to return to ATC one of these days.
  2. You might look into the style of board I had built, Corey has one too. It's a VSR AMT 165 with the nose extended to make it a 167. Sidecut is the "XT" 9/11/10 VSR, which Bruce said was originally designed for more open slalom courses. Mine has 16 mm of taper and a softened tail with a race decamber to make it more suitable for bumps, not sure if those changes were unique to my build. Waist is 22. It works great as an all-rounder, although of course with the short sidecut and soft tail it gets a little squirrelly at speeds where my Nirvana with the 12/14 sidecut is unfazed.
  3. Bruce tells me that the 23 cm waisted AMs get a little "bouncy", especially in the shorter lengths. He advised 22, which is what I got.
  4. YyzCanuck used to have one for all the Deeluxe models but it seems to have disappeared with their recent site upgrade.
  5. I haven't used them but a friend of mine had a pair. The plastic they use feels like fruit roll-ups, super soft.
  6. He posts here from time to time. He's more often on Reddit, here's a link to his user profile.
  7. They look like they would be exceptionally prone to clogging (snow under that heel plate), and also a PITA to step into in deeper snow. I think the Intec system is a simple design that works well, I'm very happy with it.
  8. The ATB is a total noodle compared to the 225. I like a softer boot myself but they are too soft.
  9. According to one guy I know who rides them, it is primarily the flex pattern that gets the love.
  10. Yellow is the original .950 colour. They have said they are shooting for fall 2017 but have not given price info other than "not $500 but still cheaper than current .950 prices".
  11. It's a powder board now, rockers are all the rage! How'd you do that?
  12. I would never walk any appreciable distance in regular hardboots like Deeluxe or Upz but they're a poor choice for split use in general.
  13. It was his camera, I think Corey was taking the pictures. I stitched the gif together from a series of stills.
  14. So long as I don't get hurt, I love a massive yard sale. Lets me know I'm pushing it and always makes for the best stories.
  15. I don't think about breathing when I'm riding. When I'm running I note that at an easy pace, my breathing has little relation to my actions, but at a hard pace it is in time with my strides: this is quite common among runners. For sudden effort, like lifting a weight, breathing out makes it easier. I'm not sure you can even breathe in effectively when you are really trying to hoist something. In kendo, we deliberately train to breathe out for any attack or series of attacking motions by yelling at the same time as we move. Next time I ride I will maybe pay attention to what the breathing happens to be.