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  1. Those boot reaching drills can help. Look at my avatar pic. Imagine how much more angulated I would be if I were to move my back hand towards my front boot, which I should be accomplishing in part by bending my knees more than I am currently doing.
  2. Well Eric, he'd EC a lot better than your suggested setup if he'd just switch to hard boots with a 22-cm waisted EC-specific board, 45/50 angles and flexy bindings. But that's not what he asked about either. Ryan is a pro who is building his career around instructional videos catering to riders using roughly the same stance he does. As soon as he moves into forward angles, he loses a large chunk of his audience. He's not just another recreational rider looking to get better. Not sure how that's such a hard concept for you to understand.
  3. Don't know who he is, I can only go by what I see in the video.
  4. If you consider good carving to be extended skidding on your belly, I suppose that guy is OK.
  5. I'm surprised that with the amount of pressure you are able to put to the edge in your normal turns that you are still sticking with such a tight radius sidecut. Most of us are rocking 10m or longer.
  6. I think the answer to that is that it is more complicated than 50/50. There's also the issue of taper which probably screws things up some. It at least got the number in the ballpark.
  7. Sean lives in DC these days.
  8. That'll be assuming a single radius of course. It will come up with some sort of average on most modern boards. ETA: OK, tried it. It's not obvious how to take the measurements. First, find the narrowest point in the waist, mark it on the board and measure that. That measurement is "Middle ski width (W)". Then measure from that point to the tail of the board. That length is "Ski Length rear (Lw)". The overall length is "Ski total length (LTOT)". Measure "Rear ski width (H)" at 90% of the distance back from the mark you made. Measure "Front ski width (S)" at 80% of the distance forward from the mark. Everything in mm. For example, my 180 cm Nirvana has L TOT of 1800, Lw of 835, S 258, W 210, H 255. I took the rear measurement at 75 cm back from the mark and the front one at 77 cm forward from the mark. That calculates radius R of 12.47 m and radius with 1.5% tolerance T of 12.66 m. According to Bruce the actual sidecut is 12/14.
  9. I was required to take a "lesson" at Sunshine in 1986, in order to get my snowboard license. I had to prove I could stop and turn in both directions, which I had taught myself on a small sledding hill at home. There wasn't much teaching going on. Later I took 2 pretty much useless lessons, as I had already advanced past what they were teaching at the time. I think it's much better now.
  10. If you haven't been there before, I recommend Bottom's for beer & food!
  11. If the goods were as advertised and they arrived in a timely fashion, I would expect positive feedback (or none if they are lazy). Most people give feedback in my experience. You should be giving positive feedback promptly once you have received payment.
  12. What the heck are you talking about?
  13. Chalk that one up to experience then. No buyer is going to consider an adjustment in an advertised shipping cost after the fact reasonable.
  14. Sunshine is a great hill but I would not consider it a carving hill. There are definitely some good carving spots there though. Banff in general is gorgeous, you should go if you've never been.
  15. Found an awesome steep groomer at Sun Peaks called "Spillway", unfortunately it's a slow two-chair ride if you want to lap it. Lots of good blue carving there too.