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  1. The other issue is that for winter, usually you want taller sidewalls. Skinnier is good too. My winter wheels are an inch smaller with higher profile tires, overall diameter is the same.
  2. As you are in Canada, check into They carry F2 bindings and Deekuxe boots. I ride and recommend the F2 Titanflex for all-mountain.
  3. If you are thinking custom look into Coiler. Fantastic boards made in Canada and cheaper than Prior.
  4. You are me. What you want is a softer hard boot and an all-mountain board with a wider waist that will let you run lower angles. There are probably 15 people or so that ride in the Calgary area. Allie is one of them: she posts here often and can probably connect you with the crew. Riceball is the ringleader but doesn't post here much. Most years he organizes the Nakiska Expression Session the 2nd weekend of January. This is your chance to borrow gear, get some tips and drink some beers. I come out every year from Saskatoon and Corey makes the trip from Winnipeg.
  5. Any decent hot wax job should last several days, not just a couple of runs.
  6. If I am making full carves, I'm still moving fast enough that not many catch up. However, if they do it's the usual problem: if they aren't used to the movement pattern they may get surprised. That's why I like it clear both up and down-hill, and why I check uphill as often as I can to make sure it is still OK. If I'm cruising, I seldom get passed: it'll usually be some straight-lining idiot or a racer kid. Either way, I look uphill if I decide to take it across in some unpredictable fashion. If I have to pass a crowd, I usually just take it to the very edge of the run near the trees and biff along where most people aren't comfortable.
  7. If you mean for fully commited carving, I want the slope completely clear unless I am riding with people I trust. If general riding I only need a small space, I can keep it under control with swing turns if it is crowded.
  8. People definitely overthink this stuff. I had no choice on angles with my old Burton Elite (45f/0r), or my Gnu Raceroom (45/45) and when I've had the choice I've set it up according to board width, so I've ridden everything from 35/30 to 55/50 on hardboots. Used to have some cant, now I have some lift. It makes some difference but not nearly so much as people make out. Set it/forget it, grip it/rip it.
  9. I wouldn't say either of those things exactly, but if it were the only thing I could do on a snowboard it would get boring.
  10. As you're new to carving, the F2 CNC are probably overkill. Generally speaking, a step-in binding with similar design to a conventional binding will be stiffer. However the Titanflex has a cushioned base that adds some flex, so overall the design is of medium stiffness. For me, the convenience of step-in is a major draw. I would never go back to conventional bindings. I own 2 pairs of the Titanflex plus an older version of the RS, and they have worked well for me.
  11. Everything gets easier in pow with some speed! All us old guys swear by vitamin I if you still have pain.
  12. Currently the proposed tax is only on softwood.
  13. Nitro, what angle is the Cindrich base?
  14. I don't think the FA stuff is going to be a whole lot better than other premium brands in holding up to our particular brand of abuse. If you drag your hips and arms a lot I'm sure it will take damage. Freddie is a racer and doesn't ride in that style. I haven't seen his latest designs but a couple of years ago when I saw them up close they were comparable in quality to ArcTeryx, with high-end closures and a trim design. Freddie was saying that some of the fine details in production were better than ArcTeryx. He's using eVent whereas ArcTeryx uses GoreTex ProShell.
  15. Hadn't seen that before, browsing through their Instagram I just saw one alpine snowboarder, some poor racer headed off course into the nets.