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  1. The guy with the orange helmet is dredman I am pretty sure.
  2. your wife shredding her jacket from carving? No offense but I love her and I haven't even seen her. Ride that is.
  3. And today the carving on mid Warm Springs on down was epic. Firm carveable snow with unyielding grip. Light duff on top but the 197 was like a hot knife in butter. More snow all weekend and it's only getting better.
  4. Oh my.....Baldy is open for business. To be honest the 'carving' hasn't been as optimal lately because it keeps snowing. I don't usually spend time in the bowls. Too exposed, windy, sun crusted...the snow there hasn't seen the sun in days it seems. Soft billowy powder dreams are daily. It is not the 3 foot dump kind, it is four inches on top of three on top of eight on top get the idea. Yesterday I did have the most sublime run on Greyhawk. Three to four inches on top of perfect groom. They groom that side early in the evening and it snowed lightly all night. What a treat to blast out of the barely skied in the last two weeks billowy powder of Race Arena onto Greyhawk and arc some super carves. So yes I am pretty fired up for the season now. I taught a lot over Christmas but January is prime time for having no one around. I know it is snowing in many places right now but this is about as good as it gets. The lower south slopes should come into play with one more storm. The upper half of the mtn is riding clean on all aspects. Hit me up if you make it over - my official winter hours at the store are 1-5:30 pm so I will be riding every morning and happy to show any visitors the goods if I can. I am also working on making Tuesday morning Carve day at group lessons. That means I will show up for Group lessons for carving in hard boots. I will post back when I get approval from management. That would be $175 for three hours of riding. A big savings off of private. And I am trying to make it to ATC for Thursday and Friday. Cheers everyone. Happy New Day. Every day.
  5. Very interested in both of these items. I really don't like that heel cup on Burton binders, not interested in the flow so much. Which Sparks boot are you happy with? And which Technine binder? They use terms like Single scrub or double Scrub = I am not sure what. Translation? Also in the spark when I click on the 8-10 stiffer flex rating there is only the Spark Summit and Spark XV both in 'backcountry' that come up. For reference I ride well more than 50% in HBs, and still do most lower level teaching in Burton SI. I have a couple of pairs of newer soft boots to try out. Both Solomon and Burton for a 'regular' binding, but not sold yet on the arch crushers. Thx.
  6. hey Blue B - by HH I assume you mean Helly Hansen... I am in their pro form program and could find Nada. Which model? - their stuff is pretty good to me so far. I do like North Face and could likely set up pro form.....will look again. I tried to just shop locally .... especially in North Face since two different shops carry it and nothing. Online is showing some good choices so that might work.
  7. I had a pair of Conformables that I really like. Lots of miles and days. Likely close to 300+. I have a new to me pair of shells I am getting fit. Can't find Conformable anymore. Surefoot says they are making their own similar to Conformable. I have read good reviews. I am going to use their denser, stiffer foam because I break down everything. I tried the intuition and they were comfy and warm but too much foot movement. I didn't feel as locked in. Also went thru three pairs of Zip fits. The oldest being the ones that lasted the longest. The new ones didn't hold up very well for me. Good luck.
  8. Looks pretty cool and I like local. They top out at an XL and unfortunately I am still a bit bigger than most XL sizing. My pants are XL Bergens and they are awesome but nearly worn through. Especially for jacket I need the length. Nearly six feet tall with a 31 inch inseam = long torso. Thx.
  9. Thanks guys. Will look at Descente and Marmot. I thought I had looked through everything Arc but didn't see this one. Seems to be the only one removable though, but thanks for the find. Definitely looking at it. I apparently provided the exact amount of information needed for the other fellows. I asked for a hoodless (removable works) ski shell or jacket. I don't need medium of full warmth, gloves or assumptions of Carharts, but thanks for playing.
  10. I have been searching everywhere and can't find one. Online, in no one making a hoodless ski shell or jacket anymore? If this is true does anyone know of something that would crossover? Dirt biking or snow machining maybe.
  11. You coming for a visit this winter? I think you are due.
  12. Burner 197. My favorite carver of all time.
  13. Shot on iPhone by a good friend who I trust completely to follow and not run into me. Takes some faith because I can still hear him behind me. Not perfect groomed but it was pretty good.
  14. dang, can't believe I missed this.....I would have driven there to get it.
  15. Aslo interested. Do you have Burner?