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  1. Donek and Coiler offer custom widths on nearly any model. As for that video, I'll give you about 190 degrees on that carve... ;-P Huh? I agree that people with biggish feet (10.5 is not huge, wth!) who want to carve are disregarded by most of the industry. However "the whole idea of carving on softies" is not mediocre, if your foot fits on the board. I tried @jburrill's carbon F2 Eliminator 166 "wide" (26cm waist, 12m radius) on Monday. It carved great as long as I didn't lay it over. JB squeezes into a 9.5 boot and can rail carves like a fiend. I'm digging the new "carving" fad in the softboot world these days. Oh and by the way, contrary to popular misconception, risers only rob you of leverage.
  2. My soft setup is a Winterstick SW 164 which is 26cm wide at the waist. I ride it at 27/12 with US size 10.5 Burton Driver-X boots. I boot out prohibitively if I try to lay it over. So I don't. I used to try to ride it at 36/27, but it would still boot out at maximum lean. Those angles sucked for freeriding, so I gave up and decided if I really want to carve I'll go get one of my alpine rigs. It's fine for medium-tilt carving and great for freeriding now. I guess my next softie setup will have to be custom width (28cm??) to do it all.
  3. Frank. I did. Results are circular referencing, or hearsay.
  4. Haha, not that I don't trust you but I didn't notice a source for that info, and someone else said the molds still existed. I'd love to hear how the molds were recreated. When NWs were being made I was getting proform Burtons and then proform Deeluxes, so I wasn't paying much attention to NW. They look great, I don't think I can tear myself away from step-ins though.
  5. It's nothing new, Burton had lowback bindings in the 90s. As well as baseless bindings. Silly fads. SBS, why don't you remove your highbacks for a whirl and get back to us?
  6. @Puhutes So were the original molds really destroyed as it says in WinterGold's article? I owned a pair of those Burton rat traps very briefly. I returned them after they almost took off a finger. F that.
  7. Looks like no.
  8. Paging Mr. @RyanKnapton
  9. Totally. Don't mess with the Australian Thunder.
  10. Aside from the actual act itself, any day I wake up in the morning to see crisp temperatures, fresh corduroy, and good visibility, I get that same excitement and urgency as any powder day.
  11. Apparently mine does not. Without thinking about it I was breathing erratically, and often holding my breath during carves. Inhaling during a turn transition (when my body is more relaxed) and exhaling during the carve when I am exerting myself much more (a la, a bench press) results in getting less winded and feeling better. Yeah Geoff, I think at your level you're doing a lot of that subconsciously. This is just one more thing to train into your subconscious.
  12. Seriously don't worry about that. Gilmour bias is not a thing.
  13. najserrot, you're going to have heel and toe drag. If not now, very soon. Also, an 18cm waist is very narrow, especially for a new carver. I'd strongly recommend selling that board and getting something more appropriate with at least a 20cm waist.
  14. SunSurfer, so you're telling me I don't feel better when I do this? Interesting.