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  1. He's 8 years old in that shot? GeoffV is exactly right. Have him really learn to carve his softboot gear first, starting on gentler slopes. Being able to carve the downhill edge and rail C-shaped carves consistently is the test. Gotta run, I'll be back.
  2. Yeah. It's not my set of pics, I just stumbled across it and thought it was funny. #2 is the money shot and they don't even realize it. :rolleyes:
  3. Different boots fit different people. I discovered, finally, that my foot looks much more like the inside of a UPZ than a Deeluxe. No more heel lift. This is not uncommon among Deeluxe users. I can see why a lot of racers use UPZ. But they're not *perfect*. Maybe .951s would fit even better, I don't know, but .950s sure are coveted on the world cup. Good examples of Northwave .950s fetch crazy prices on ebay.
  4. Seems to me that the PowerWrap is the original Raichle Thermoflex. Been using some form of liner of this stiffness for over 20 years. Love em. A buddy uses the stock UPZ ("FLO") liner with success but he has more of a race fit. With my "natural fit" M28 boots for my 28.5cm feet, they squirm. They do seem like a quality stock liner though.
  5. I don't think I got heel lift in the stock liner. Just the squirm, and the boots felt softer overall with the stock liner, and not in a good way. I was able to wiggle toes a little in the stock liner.
  6. My foot measures 28.5cm, so I got the UPZ 28s. I had to have one of the boots punched out for 6th toe width. The stock liners would squirm around in the boot slightly, so I replaced with Intuition PowerWrap. I'm happy. I know I couldn't tolerate the PowerWrap+. I'm loving the performance, I get no heel lift at all, which wasn't an issue with the stock liners either, but the new liners improved the overall performance of the boot significantly. I think you'll be just fine.
  7. I promptly forgot DOAS immediately after 8th grade.
  8. What's the matter Biff...
  9. Good thing nobody is talking about skiing! Why don't you mount up a pair of your tele bindings on one of your boards, have a go and get back to us.
  10. Yeah, fine, it's another way to do this absurd activity called sliding down a hill. But it's all wrong. You can't pressure the nose with free heels. Good alpine snowboarders can do powder and bumps too, no need for a teleboard. I was involved with founding BOL, I don't recall a Lothar.
  11. The boots look awesome. Really looks like the've "done it". But I knew they would cost a grand. Not exactly an easy decision for us weekend warriors, especially if you have to convert back to standard bindings (I would). I suppose there will be a strong market for boots that were tried and didn't work out, so that's a bit comforting. I had 130 flex ski boots once. I couldn't snowboard in them. @GeoffV, you in?
  12. #overthinkingit
  14. Great. It's not rocket science. I have molded one pair of liners as many as 6 times, so it's not like you're screwed if you mess up. Just... make a toe cap, duct tape your Intec cable in place, and above all, keep weight on that foot while cooling or else the liner will end up too narrow.