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  1. Looking at Summit or Mt High East on Tuesday 2/21, pending workload and potentially weather. Anyone interested in meeting up?
  2. Bumpity bump I can fit into 24.5s well too.. So 8 or 8.5 in US
  3. Which liners do you use?
  4. Yep, we got rained on all day. It was freezing rain at the top of chair 4, so McCoy probably was getting about the same. Going to try and do some runs tomorrow pending weather in the AM. Expecting 3 feet or so from Thursday night to Friday into Saturday, so expect crowds
  5. Who is the rider at the beginning of the day 1 video, blue jacket, red boots?
  6. Im in mammoth now, it's a bit wet though. Probably holding off till tomorrow to go play on the mountain unless it lets up. Going to work on the house a while.
  7. If there's anyone not at ATC, I will be in Mammoth this week, heading up Tuesday, back on Friday. Weather permitting atleast!
  8. The 1.5 fingers behind may even be pushing it for that depth. I did use the UPZ liners, and yes, they had a better heel hold than these ones do. They were also the ones that I could ride the least in though, but with modifications that might work. I will see if and what I can do with the stock liners then before proceeding with anything further. Thanks!
  9. I've got approximately a finger width of clearance (so maybe 1/2") over top, at least at the sides where the shell is, where the tongue goes directly overtop it may even be less as it is the crown of my instep, and about a finger and a half behind the heel. These are with my toes and footbed all the way forward. Present footbeds are Insta Prints. I like them alot and that was my thought as well, not sure who else does foams. Another thought, would downsizing a liner to M24s possibly help as well? Ive never had toe cramp issues, so that shouldn't be a problem...
  10. Site isnt loading for me... But I was thinking foam injection liners. Would prefer to keep using my custom footbed I already have, but I may try them out. Yeah, I was a bit frustrated when I actually saw what came in. They had called me after I left a message and told me they didn't see the exact one I was looking for on SVST website where they order from, but saw that one. I unfortunately was not at a computer and tried describing exactly what I wanted and they said that was it and they must have changed the name, then made sure I knew that the sale was final because it was a special order . Luckily they didn't charge for any fitting after that, but yea, I don't plan on going back to them. Otherwise the fitter seemed very knowledgeable. I had my footbeds made from Ski Net Sports (they did a fantastic job). I plan on going back to him for whatever should be my next course of action if it's not just more trying at simple liner modification. I went to Goldsmiths a few years ago, and unless I just didn't get their actual bootfitter, they were not too helpful. Sorry almost forgot about this one! Yes, I actually tried most of the above. Multiple bootfitters have recommended not doing too much on the boot tongue of the UPZs (though that may be because they are unfamiliar) but rather thin the shell where the tongue and shell overlap. I have actually thinned that area, and it is the most concentrated part of the pressure I get after the looking at the pressure points on my feet process. It helped marginally, but only just. I also explored the idea of taking down the ramp of the boot to gain some volume, but that would be time intensive and/or likely reduce the heel hold which is another problem (at least with these liners). On the current liners, we smashed the hell out of the tongue, but unsure of how I should go about removing material. I am also at the point that I would rather resell the liners and get ones which actually work with me than try and permanently modify/ damage ones I am unhappy with anyway. So I guess the question is, do I try moldable liners again and get what I actually wanted in the first place, or do I just go with foam injected and be done with it?
  11. Hoping for some help from you foot and boot fitting experts out there... I've had foot/ boot fitting problems since I first started hard booting years ago. I've tried boots too big for me, too small for me, Deeluxe and UPZs trying to get my feet happy. Overall, I've found that I am M25 with fairly normal width feet, have a very narrow heel, and have somewhat high arches with a very high instep. I currently am using UPZ RC 10 boots with custom footbeds. I feel they have a better heel hold than the Deeluxe had for me, and the footbed has made a world of difference as well. Since getting the UPZs however, I have had cold feet which I have found is due to my high instep being pressured by the top of the boot, cutting circulation. It gets so bad at times that I have to stop and break in the car, taking the boots completely off with the heater running for 20 minutes to regain circulation to my feet, all before lunch. At the beginning of this season, I tried to get new liners, looking specifically for Intuition Pro Wraps which have a thin bottom to allow for more space and a custom footbed. Unfortunately the ski shop got me Pro Tours. I've tried them, however am now having more heel lift issues than before, and the thick sole on them is still causing me pressure above my instep even after spot heating and clamping the tongues. I've tried helping the heel hold with a generic stick on wrap around foam heel cup, but I am still not entirely happy with the results, and still have instep issues. I would really like to get this process behind me, finding something that works well, will last, and makes my feet comfortable so I can ride better and for longer without worrying about foot pain or circulation. What are recommendations? Should I go with the Pro Wrap or is there something better that would be more suited for me out there?
  12. I could do Thursday but I have a meeting tomorrow I cannot get out of unfortunately, I'd be all over it otherwise!
  13. I think i have a like new pair of SW si
  14. It was great meeting up with you guys, let me know when you are going up again!
  15. I took my Donek Incline out last season on my hard boots and kept my angles above 45 degrees. I got thrown around way too much and had to go back to change out equipment after 2 painful runs. Point is, you have to be able to pressure the edge well enough. The reason why softboot boards are the width they are is so this is easily accomplished by the masses who are buying the boards. It's not designed solely for carvers who don't want boot out. These people are not the norm, and that's when you (like Ryan) go to a custom board manufacturer. Hardboot boards are of course going to be narrower because instead of pressuring the edges with the heel and toe, we are usually using side forces on the boots. Comes down to if you want a wider board, by all means get one, that's why we have AMAZING custom board manufacturers, but the market doesn't exist for that to be mass produced and be profitable. Ryan even says in the beginning of his Donek review that his viewers should NOT go getting a board with his specs.