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  1. WT has been blowing snow like mad. Very good conditions on Sunday with dry and powdery snow over the groomed pack. Monday is looking even better with 2 more runs opening and more snow from 24 hours of frigid conditions. There was one hardbooter in an orange parka but I wasn't able to catch him during the day. I will be on the mountain all day Monday, Wed, and Thursday this week if anyone gets up I would like to talk carving. Tyler 540- eight five oh - 6391
  2. Pics from Monday 12/26. What had snow on it was good but only about 40% of the mountain Will be going back on Friday afternoon/evening but will be on the bunny slope with my daughter.
  3. piusthedrcarve, that would be awesome. Don't think we will get a chance before Monday to meet but I will definitely be in touch.
  4. If you can do $200 shipped I will take them. Tyler@Whidby.org
  5. Heading up on Monday 12/26. Unfortunately no alpine/carving gear after years in the desert. If anyone wants to help out and get me back on plates I will be very appreciative. Tyler@Whidby.org