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  1. And @big mario, This is for you. Can we make it happen? :)
  2. What an epic epic day. Bluebird sky, excellent snow all around, no traffic either way, and an awesome crew. The few who were missing totally missed out. Sorry. At one point there were at least 10 carvers laying waste to Lovies grooms. Snow was 1.5 on the MES scale and though complaining was rampant I think it was pretty neat. So in no particular order today's groom destruction was done by Mario, Monodude, Mr. Ice, RacerH, Swiss Arne man, pcdenver, Ink, Kai (who did an awesome job of plastering Mario), Shelly, a new (to us) Dennis, an odd person, and a small contribution was also made by me.
  3. Hehehe.... Happened to me this year on one of the best pow days. And yes, it was epic and totally worth the 5 hour drive back home. But I digress, @1xsculler, I feel you. I think I went/going through the same thing. I can see it. Immense stoke at the beginning of the season, gear obsession, etc... We're probably not the only ones to go through this. After a season and a half of trying to hardboot I am only marginally better. Season end duldrums? Ya betcha! Will I do this again next year? Oh yeah! My suggestion? Take a breather. Put the board back in the closet. Pick another fun way to fling yourself down a mountain (mtn biking for example) and rock on! The stoke will be back. And if it isn't? Pick something else? This is supposed to be fun. You're paying a lot of money and spending a lot of energy on this. Cut yourself some slack and don't fret about this*. *Oh yeah, if you figure out how to do that let me know!!!
  4. Sorry guys, Apparently we were too late to the party. Eldora just told me that all the chairs have been spoken for. :(
  5. I'm definitely getting one :) Can't make any promises but I should be able to get there with a small truck. Willing to help out fellow BOLs...
  6. Catek WC...? Fintec...? Steel receiver...? Naaaahhh..... It'll never work.
  7. Cool! If you're here around Sunday come over to the LCI dark side (Loveland - Sunday morning)
  8. The divide areas (a-basin/Loveland) do seem to do better late in the season. This year it seems that we are going slushy early. Warm temps and dry in the forecast so don't get yer hopes up.
  9. I thing we're talking about the binding angle e.i. going from 45/40 to 45/35 and not reducing heel lift.
  10. That makes sense which makes me question it. :D Seriously, what's the difference between canting outwards and dropping the angle? What's the downside to reducing the angle? I'm probably going to try it but just curious as to what the trade off is.
  11. N+1
  12. Sooo.... now there's three of us with yellow jackets and blue pants.
  13. I tried to distill what I read here and try it out today. My issue is not that I don't know I should bend more. It's that I seem to not be able to. Glad to say I did have results though! Ended up just reducing the front lift by 1 degree. That's all. Amazing how such a small change makes such a big difference. I was able to get much lower and angulate much better. Definitely had a much more solid heel turn. Best part? Up until now I would have my back leg burning at me while the front was almost not in the game. This time I was much more "balanced". I'm curious about the outward cant in the rear boot... It felt as though my rear knee was right behind the front knee, e.i. not very stable. Not horrible but I'm curious to see if the outward canting you speak of would make me more stable.
  14. Winter came back (ish)... Kinda cold up here at Lovey. So cold even Mr. Ice had issues. Small group today, Monodude came back from injury and was rippin as were Oddjob, Mr. Cold, and Mr Mario (who was on his Hawaiian special). Not sure if the snow was good or not but certainly felt like winter up there! Probably laid down ~2" in an hour or so. This led to some "interesting times" where some people found themselves going way too fast on an ungroomed ice field in a white-out. Can't complain, it was fun!
  15. I think I've got my setup pretty close to where I want it but still have one nagging issue. I turn to the interforum in hope of a solution. My setup is as follows (pics below): Board: Steepwater Plow (25.5cm waist), Boots: Raichles 124s with BTS (the position is roughly equivalent to a lean of "4" on the front and "3" on the back). Bindings are Cateks placed at 45/40 with ~2 deg lift on the front and 3 deg heel on the back. No cant. The cant mechanism on the boots was a major source of headache. It would constantly slack off and give me maximum outward cant. I JB-welded the sucker and now it seems to stay put. However I can't get more inward lean, I'm stuck with straight up and down. My problem: I run out of "highback". Just like if this was a softboot setup and the highbacks aren't cranked forward enough. I tend to straighten out my knees on heelsides, hilarity ensues. Toeside is solid though. Trying to crank down the forward lean on the front boot doesn't seem to do the trick and makes me extremely uncomfortable and unable to pressure the nose. The problem is doubly exacerbated on a narrower board. My question to you all knowing internet is this: What do I do to help my heelside turn? Do I cant towards the toeside on the front boot (inward)? Do I reduce lift? Mess with the rear boot? Give up and side-slip? Something completely different? Let's for the moment assume that the gear is what it is. I do have plans to upgrade the boots and do have a nicer board for when I get better(ish), but for now this is it.