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  1. Hmmm..... Size 10 boots, 25.5cm wide board. Don't see major bootout. (angles are 27/6. The rear is on the left in the picture) Honestly, what are you trying to get at? Are Burton, NS, etc foolish? Are they trying to pander to the sideslipping majority completely ignoring everybody else? Or maybe what you describe as major bootout is not as major as you put it? I would exclude Knapton out of this discussion. He's a very accomplished SBer who knows what he wants and said that the board he has would not be good for most people. !Besides, he side slips
  2. I was afraid you might say that However, decided to give it a try and yes, fully cranked it is better. :)
  3. Not trying to knock the effort here. It's a lot of money so they probably did their homework... But I have to ask. Why make a replica? Why use the exact same shape and exact same plastic? Is there nothing in the original that could not be improved?
  4. The usual mode of failure for composites is delamination. While the epoxy does become more brittle with age it's brittle to begin with. It's real job is to hold the glass or carbon fibers together. With age and movement the bonds weaken and break. This is usually what happens to composites over time. I expect that even in storage moisture gets into the wood making it weaker as well over time.
  5. I finally made it back home after almost 4 hours of driving. Rt 40 was closed until 6PM. 125 to the north was closed as was Rabbit Ears and Camron Pass. Had to drive to Silverthorne via Kremmling. Not complaining tho, BP closed about 20 minutes after I passed it in the morning. The mountain was virtually empty and packed with pow. Totally epic day.
  6. nuff said
  7. Hey guys, quick Flow question... What forward lean do you have on the highbacks? It seems to me that having forward lean on the rear makes stepping in and out harder than without lean. However the carve performance really suffers. Suck it up and lean forward or give in to comfort?
  8. Bellower.... Bellows..... Air... Heat.... Hmmm.... I see what you did there.
  9. @monodude did this a while back. Think he still has one up for sale. To quote him: "... This set-up is NOT for tree ..." YMMV
  10. What's the sidecut on that tip and tail?
  11. Not really a secret. Loveland's website lists where you can buy cheaper tickets:
  12. Duly and promptly edited!
  13. I am humbled. Will do my best :)
  14. So... Mario. No recap? I'll try Firm fun snow. Slow start but got much much better. Weird crashes on catwalk and mountains of people by noon. Seriously, WTF?!?! The rental line was clear out the door to the other side of the terrace. Needless to say the last run was spent dodging flailing skiers. Big big crew with Mario, Mr Ice, Oddman, Dusty, RacerH, A-burner, and both of the Hanukkah practitioners. Did I miss anyone? My head still hurts from the knocks (both snow and the alcoholic hot chocolate). Great day! Oh yeah, finally got to ride the Donek :)