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  1. Narcissisic my @$$. Just had to do some evasive maneuvers to avoid a dude who was LAYING DOWN ACROSS A CAT TRACK WITH A SELFIE STICK. We have a lot to learn before we can call ourselves narcissistic in this day and age.
  2. Ya know what. Deal! Sunday I'm supposed to take the girls up to WP so Lovey on Sat seems like a good idea. Promise I'll try and keep up!
  3. Damn, that's some quick draw there!
  4. ^^^ Tell me about it. Depends on time of day I measure my left foot at either 27.5 or 28cm. Apparently the Deeluxe size of 28 is just a tad too big and I can't get my foot in a 27 I do wear a US size 10.5. Screw it, just go to a store and measure. At this point I'd rather have the store be responsible for making the boot fit!
  5. They are 28s. I had them on the Rev and was running 65/60 without bootout.
  6. They are neat and at ~60-65 degrees the bootout isn't significant (at least not for me). That being said I am so happy with the 124s right now that I've put the Icelantics away :)
  7. These things: Icelantic Stormtroopet ST1. They're actually Deeluxe 325's with a DIN heel. They are pretty stiff. With the lean adjuster disconnected they are just slightly softer than the locked 124s. The BTS helped but I was using red springs which were not a good idea for me.
  8. Were pretty much the same weight and height! I think you'll like the original. They are very similar. I don't ride them in the trees but that may change seeing how much better I felt with the 124s. Can't wait to hear your take on it! BTW, I thought I would share this: I've been collecting data on different boards to see if I can come up with a more scientific way of comparing boards. I think that the taper to running length ratio is an important factor on how a board keeps an edge. My Rev for example has a ratio of 13.5 and a Proteus has a ratio of 2.5. The board that most closely resembles the SW (out of my DB) is the Donek FC. I've only ridden a FC once and badly at that but I can see the resemblance. Bomber is going to have a demo day later this month in Loveland. I'll try to get my hands on a FC and see if the comparison still holds :) Regardless, the SW is definitely a carving board that is cheap and strong even if it doesn't have a square tail
  9. Review update... After being told off by just about everybody that I'm stupid for riding Ski boots (even with BTS) I figured that they might be right. As a scientist I need to have data. To do that I needed to remount hard boots on the Steepwater and try again. This time I actually used hard boots (Raichle 124s) mounted 45/40 on Cateks. First impression? HOLY COW. Second Impression? HOLY $#@$#@ #@%^!!!!. (I might have been slightly excited) You get the idea. The board is the same board. Stiff, damp, actually forgiving but the control factor is more. I felt I could go lower and harder and the board just took it. Sweet! This is the first time I felt as comfortable on hard boots as I do in soft boots. But that's just me and my bone-headedness. The board is still rock solid! I stand by my assertion that it's tons of fun whether you use stiff soft boots or soft hard boots. So far I've tried these boots on 3 different boards (a Donek Rev, a Volkl and the SW) and the SW is by far the easiest to control. It was much easier to set an edge and the sidecut seemed perfect for the green slope I was experimenting on. Bryan I think you're right. This might be an excellent gateway board to HB. I just wish I had tried this sooner!
  10. Thin cheap Walmart stuff. Caveat, my feet don't get wet or cold.
  11. Still available - make me an offer
  12. Dude, I didn't ditch you. My boots came apart while walking to get my board. When I finally got to the lift you guys were long gone. I do think I have the solution to my hardboot issues though (kindly provided by James). Might be able to keep up with you next time.
  13. ^^^ Looks painful not tiring (look at the slo-mo)
  14. Alrighty then... Price drop!
  15. * EDIT: Will keep these for a bit longer. Icelantic Stormtrooper boots - these are 325 clones with DIN heel and DFP liner. MP28 - $190 + shipping BTS with red springs - $90 + shipping Need to drop down to MP27. Will trade.