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  1. ^^^ It's Pythagoras nothing here to really go wrong. It's more dependent on your measurement. The numbers above are from my Steepwater and are right on. If I run Neil's numbers from above (on the tail end of the board I get: 1453 which seems to be in line with the 12/14 sidecut.,+w%3D21,+l%3D83.5,+(4l^2%2B(n-w)^2)%2F(4(n-w))
  2. This one is way too accurate :)
  3. Hmmmm.... With a bit of tape and a calculator you too can calculate sidecut radius! Measure the waist width of your board. Call that "W" Measure the width of your board close to the nose (still on the sidecut). Call that "N" Measure the distance between those two widths. Call that "L" Plug it in to the following formula (notice the amazing graphics here) to get the radius in the same units you measured it in. MAGIK!!! If you're lazy like me you can do Wolfram:,+w%3D25.5,+l%3D137%2F2,+(4l^2%2B(n-w)^2)%2F(4(n-w)) And get: With this you can do nose radius, tail radius, full radius, and (only if you really want to) diameters!
  4. I did not. I graphed the numbers as is. I have my own interpretation of the data but wanted to present the graphs as is because I've found it useful.
  5. I like graphs and I cannot lie.... (I put the numbers in the article into graph forms to help those of us who are numerically challenged)
  6. Thanks! This actually clears up a lot!
  7. "Meatl FC".... I guess it's a meaty board Nice
  8. Kinda looks like on heelside when you load the board up it "pops" out of the snow. If you moved your boots towards the toe side it would seem that boot out would be less of a problem. Maybe the board levers itself away from you (toes down direction) that would in-turn cause it to lose the edge. That would also explain why it feels better when you grab it. That way you're levering it back with a lot more force than you can exert with your toes. You know the answer don't you? Narrow board and hard boots!
  9. Oops. Sorry. Wrong quote I try my hardest to get injured off the mountain (lots of success so far!) Edit: ... now that I think about it I did quote the right one! My editor might have done a number on it! (always blame technology - or alternative facts!)
  10. I guess the south side of Steamboat would do for carving though you might have to fight moguls left and right getting there and back. I love SB and have found good groomed runs there but there are better options for carving. Other CO resorts with good grooming would be Beaver Creek (which is EXPENSIVE!!) and Copper (Awesome grooms, meh town). Of course you can always do Aspen which is THE destination for carving (or so I hear).
  11. I'm sympath-knee-etic to yer pain. Get well!
  12. I was afraid this might be the case...
  13. Question in the title. Can anyone illuminate the magic that is in the Coiler sidewall code? How do you decipher such cipers? What's the weight scale? Does Bruce make his boards from moonlight and elf hair? So many questions.....
  14. I just got some weird stares yesterday... More than usual
  15. The weather gave its permission