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    Sainte-Julie, Quebec, CA
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    Saint-Bruno, Mont-Blanc, Orford, Owl's Head, Mont Sainte-Anne...
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    TV Tech.
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    Coiler ECVC 175cm 13/14 Radius - Custom
    F2 SILBERPFEIL 172cm
    Nidecker SLExtrem60 160cm
    Ride Havoc 163cm (for powder days)
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    Deeluxe Free69 with Intec heels, Yellow BTS
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    (Siberpfeil) F2 Race Titanium Intec step-in
    20" Stance, 57o Front, 50o Back,
    Flat, no cant or lift!
    (Ride Havoc) F2 Race Titanium
    20" Stance, 35o Front, 22o Back

    (Nidecker) Fritschi
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  1. Samedi c'est bon!
  2. On my side it is 80% done, some new features still left to be completed but I'm mostly waiting on Bruce to have time to work with me to finish it... Most will "do the cut", at least in the gallery section. The best ones will be more visible around the site for sure. Their will probably be a "Featured Rider" with pics, bio, board quiver etc...
  3. J'y serai mercredi après-midi avec quelques amis du travail, ouvert à tous!
  4. Donc verdict final, Adstock samedi avec toi et Réal et Relais dimanche avec Pat et Jef...?
  5. Thanks everyone! Great collection for Bruce new site!
  6. C'est bon pour moi aussi... samedi Adstock, dimanche Relais?
  7. Confirmé, demain après midi... 13h30 à 17h ...
  8. Demain matin, 8h à 11h...
  9. Je serai à Bromont la semaine prochaine en après-midi, lundi ou mardi.... pas encore sûr.
  10. My opinion for what it's worth... (never rode a powder board) I've been plagued with the knees together, sitting on the toilet heelside turns for years, I learned pretty much by myself and developped bad form. Thanks to this site I linked up with local riders that had better technique and a will to share it, my heel side turns a MUCH better know! I have power, control and confidence that I never had before. Knees together and stiff legs are very bad, your legs as to work independently to absorb bumps, shift weight front to rear and let your hips rotate.
  11. Galerie finalle plus bas...
  12. Galerie finalle plus bas...
  13. Galerie finalle plus bas...