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  1. crazy indeed!!! when I see that many peeps on slope, I go home... looks like some gates were set up on another run, maybe try to get some of that action....
  2. Be careful flexion & extension of the foot is complicated... I used to think toe lift was a good thing to flatten out your foot or parallel it to the board... I found that I was wrong! It causes more calf/foot muscle fatigue & foot compression in the boot... neutrality for me is next to zero forward lean a little outward cant with added heel lift... As for my heel wobble on a vsr ; a little outward cant taught me to move my body forward into the correct position and apply pressure vs. remaining centered relying on inward cant to apply the pressure for me... just my opinion
  3. Hi bigwavedave, I can relate to the set up ... I think bomber has them back in stock, so I'm just going to order them... Thanks for your reply & good luck... a 4mm t -wrench really speeds things up..
  4. I found that I was using way to much forward lean with the upz boot,, it put to much pressure on the ball of my foot resulting in clinched toes & a mild case of "Morton's neuroma"...this problem was compounded with 3 degree toe lift at the binding.. I cut waaay back on the forward lean with the boot & switched my binders far away from "toe lift " Look at the tension on your boot springs they might be to soft or uneven... To much bias may be screwing with your weight distribution on the HS edge... everybody has different anatomy & styles...good luck
  5. I need two 3degree cant discs for bomber td3 bindings ,, I have paypal
  6. Hi bigwavedave, I'll buy your 3 degree cant discs if your ready to sell, pm me....
  7. Sounds like you want a closed hill to practice hard turns on.. If so you dont need a ldp set up.. The kind of a dh gs set up like Mig mentioned is ideal... To clarify my set up let me put it this way instead,,, My ldp set up is as close as I could get to simulating a hard dh gs turn on safer terrain during a long distance pump...safer being flat to a mild hill with a wide road... Id croak if I tried to pump a short stiff gs board for 10- 20 miles. My workout starts out miles from home pretty flat pump to warm up ,then its a mild dh grade I bomb into a huge neighbor hood filled with small to large hills& urban pathways , this is where I practice harder turns.. If I survive all that then its a flat grade pump home...If I want to go farther I start from home & go out then back.
  8. David The adjustable front poppy is a nice option cause you can easily set the hanger to any angle you want.. its a good utility player.. Set up properly you can adjust the turn speed/shape, wheel diameter & avoid wheel bite all with a 6mm allen wrench. You wont have to change bolt lengths , risers & wedges for minor tweaks . My goal was a skateboard to simulate gs snow board turns off season.. it took a lot of time & parts to reach my goal!! if this is your goal too I would recommend a triton or mermaid w Jessup grip tape, Poppys adj front truck change the riptides out to venom bushings, fixed 20 deg poppy in rear keep the stock riptide bushings , Zelous brngs, & reuse the wheels , mounting bolts from the quest. Set front truck angle to 58-63 deg. A cheaper way is stay on the quest and get a 5,7or10degree wedge in front & flip your rear hanger over to get it lower 42degrees &check for wheel bite.. Somtimes Dont Trip has discounted poppys on the fb page..
  9. Sounds like fun! I wish I could bomb steep narrow paths with confidence there are so many sweet freshly paved hill/paths here in Flagstaff.. this year maybe a new helmet ,more pads, more work on my slides & deader feeling bushings on the roe will help to calm down my nerves.
  10. That Forcefield pro looks pretty sweet. I started wearing armor 3years ago & couldnt imagine riding with out now. I found the Alpinestars bionic pro jacket 150$ its great bargain its saved my back & elbows many times . Have you ever been whacked on the elbow by the chair?ouch! I will say the spine padding needs to be extended. It stops short of the tailbone like my alpine stars. Im gona extend mine with more pad to protect lower back for next season. G-form has some pretty sweet reactive pads that could be used to extend to the lower back. I still broke a rib under pectoral muscle with the humerus bone this season. I need a freakn forcefield! If I ever get another jacket itll probably be the Komperdell like Hans. Ved-bad wrist gaurds wont help protect your fingers.. I had a sprained my wrist "euro carving"so I started to wear wrist gaurds, I had to stop wearing the wrist protection because they aggravated my fingers more than not wearing them. I dont euro carve any more & I touch the snow as little as possible with my hands while boardn . Wear padded leather mitten style gloves or make a fist if you prefer gloves.
  11. gs lines at nationals
  12. If your into super low drop thru push/pump check out the Delirium 0 deg rear truck @ Dont Trip fb
  13. Bobbble I also invested i sixone armor to cover forearm to elbow as well as wrist guards that I attached slide pucks to ,, g-form knee pads & g-form shorts...protect yourself from road rash till you iron out the bugs... Roe Triton is a ton o fun
  14. Im glad I stuck with the dremel, I was prepared to start cuting things up with the jigsaw
  15. hope this helps; I used dremel tool to remove abs & 1layer of wood laminate then sealed with epoxy type paint. note; when I mounted rkp trucks to the holes provided by roe ,,the axles were much closer to each other & this felt odd under foot compared to the tkp . so I also drilled new holes in the board to increase wheel base to 32.5 inches to accommodate the new position of the rkp axles...