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  1. Base plates are different and so does holes in bail blocks. I used to have Deelux/Head boots (mp 28) and had to go with recommended size, which is large. But since UPZ's 'actual sole length' is much smaller than others, it fits F2 Medium bindings. But you will loose some rooms to bias than with size large bindings. I do own F2 medium and large bindings and wear UPZ 28 boots.
  2. Love it too! The video shows my last 4 years of winter. Now, my kids are more excited and ready by a night before. They have taken 6 week weeknight lessons for past 2 seasons. The program starts at 5 pm and we live little less than 2 hours away. As soon as they are off from school bus, we hit the road. Changing, snack, and homework are all done in the car. After the lesson, they ski/ride with me until end of the operating hour which is 10 pm. I get done putting away gears around 1 or 2 am and sit back on my chair with a cup of coffee and smile.
  3. Measure length of your green springs. I think diameter is 16mm. Blue spring tension is 20 N/mm. You should be able to find compression springs with same spec. in hardware store or McMaster-Carr.
  4. Green springs?
  5. Wait, our season is NOT over yet! We are gonna get good amount of snow for next few days. possibly a foot in certain area. PA: WT & Liberty are closed. Roundtop just announced they are gonna open for another week. WV: Canaan Valley closes on coming Sunday (3/12). Timberline? They didn't open enough trails to attract skier/riders for this season. Snowshoe is going to open util 26th. VA: Wintergreen will be opened til 3/19 (9-5). Not a good condition until 14th storm comes in tho.
  6. I agree. I have been in love with skinny deck (<19 cm) for years and have a good collection of them. This season with very warm and thaw on man-made snow, its condition was ... crap: Super icy, bumpy, frozen (Due to riding on night time mostly), sometime man-made powder of 5-6 inches, tracked out crud, etc... Most of time, I brought 2 boards (one with 20.5 cm width and the other with < or = 18.5 cm width). I always started with the skinnier board but ended up with the wider one, for Better Balance that caused by better body position. Knowing and feeling of well-balanced lead me into more aggressive and confident riding on the such crap condition. SG offers FR 163XT with width 22cm for next season. It's a bold move and I predict it's going to be a big thing. Already few board mfgs. are experimenting the wider version (sense).
  7. PM sent.
  8. WT & Liberty are closed for this season officially as of 3/1. See you all next season.
  9. Wow.. Sorry to hear that. I don't know if you are already on it or not but try post your photos of the stolen gears on Alpine Snowboard Trader in Facebook too. Since FB now has a marketplace, the thief may try to sell it there. At least, more eyes will look out for them.
  10. Over 16 years long, I have seen how Korea's alpine snowboarding has grown. When I visited and rode in Korea in year 2000, there were no alpine snowboarders in any slope, except very few Korean National alpine racers who trains regularly at Bear's Town resort near North of Seoul. EC has been introduced around year 2003-4 and few small groups dressed alike and rode boards (mostly F2 GS) together. Over the times, their 'EC' style has been mutated from EC that Jacque and Patrice has advocated. Then, they named their style as 'BJ Riding' or something like that and called themselves 'Axer Riders' and rode together. If I remember correctly, there were few videos of their group riding videos, uploaded by one of Axer Riders, here in BOL and got some harsh feedbacks from us. :) I think their style was due to lack of coach or EC expert riders to teach them properly. Anyway, whichever EC (extremecarving) has not been a major stream in Korea, in any given period of time. Korea's alpine snowboarding has grown successfully by former racers transited their career as resorts instructors and coaches of team riders which represents alpine equipment manufacturers. As one of world's most active telecommunications and IT markets, Korea has many alpine snowboarding communities or social groups that can share, learn, and extend their kinship with occasional offline meetings/ridings. Many alpine newcomers has joined them and progressed within. With such fast growth of alpine snowboarding, brands like Nobile, Black Pearl, Elan, RM, All-Flex, etc, are also available in Korea market and endorsed such alpine riding teams. I also occasionally read one Korean blog, Alpine Snowboard Laboratory, (http://blog.naver.com/PostView.nhn?blogId=kimcarving&logNo=220924647014&categoryNo=0&parentCategoryNo=0&viewDate=&currentPage=1&postListTopCurrentPage=1&from=postView) to learn about new equipments and techniques. The writer's statement, 'every second person' do alpine snowboarding is way too much exaggerated. I say probably 1 out of 20-30 on a good day, maybe? But hell. that's about more than 100 times than here in United States. (at least my neck of woods). Also, in this year alone, young Korean alpine racers stood on WC podium many times. Korean will cheer them like 2002 FIFA World Cup when their athletes race on 2018 PyongChang Olympics. Then, who knows. maybe every second person could be the alpine snowboarders few years later.
  11. Yup. If you are in the weight range of this board, this is huge bargain. I had owned few Oxess RGs and they are one of few boards that I really loved for build quality and performance. Compared to newer (hammerhead) Oxess race boards and few other WC race boards like Kessler and SG, this RG model were easier to find carve-line, although it is still a race board. Only reason I didn't keep them was inserts placement that I couldn't experiment with plate systems.
  12. 2/16/2017 Last day of night riding for this season. Snow guns have been on for more than 12 hours and made a lot of them. Although it's been very windy for last 24 hours, coverage was good. LimeLight & Fanciful must have at least 6" or more. Snow Dancer & Bold Decision were closed to intense snowmaking. Snow was very slow around 6. As colder and drier it gets, it got much better. The last week's ice link, SnowPark, was completely covered and packed well. Trenches were made at least 2" deep. I rode with Matthew from 6-8 mostly SnowPark and went to Fanciful and Limelight to work on carving on little steep trails. Now he carves. Good job. Little softer than my liking but it was the best 'night' condition of last 6 weeks. Pushed hard today. Around 9:30, I went for 2 more runs on Drop-In and HomeRun and noticed my legs are too tired. It was good riding. Folks! If you gonna come out, come out tomorrow morning! It will be the best condition for the season. For next 2-3 weeks, it will be warm. I don't know when I'm gonna come out again..
  13. Haha. Good one. BTW, the toe side edge of the #3 photo was off from the snow. May need to shoot with GoPro (fish-eyed effect) to make it bend for better 'fake' shots.