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  1. 2/16/2017 Last day of night riding for this season. Snow guns have been on for more than 12 hours and made a lot of them. Although it's been very windy for last 24 hours, coverage was good. LimeLight & Fanciful must have at least 6" or more. Snow Dancer & Bold Decision were closed to intense snowmaking. Snow was very slow around 6. As colder and drier it gets, it got much better. The last week's ice link, SnowPark, was completely covered and packed well. Trenches were made at least 2" deep. I rode with Matthew from 6-8 mostly SnowPark and went to Fanciful and Limelight to work on carving on little steep trails. Now he carves. Good job. Little softer than my liking but it was the best 'night' condition of last 6 weeks. Pushed hard today. Around 9:30, I went for 2 more runs on Drop-In and HomeRun and noticed my legs are too tired. It was good riding. Folks! If you gonna come out, come out tomorrow morning! It will be the best condition for the season. For next 2-3 weeks, it will be warm. I don't know when I'm gonna come out again..
  2. Haha. Good one. BTW, the toe side edge of the #3 photo was off from the snow. May need to shoot with GoPro (fish-eyed effect) to make it bend for better 'fake' shots.
  3. I know. But I have 3 sets of F2 bindings with original screws :) Thanks Renzo.
  4. Okay. waiting for the POZI bits. Ordered and received the M6 x 70 mm (1 mm pitch) SS Screw from MacMaster-Carr. https://www.mcmaster.com/#92000a447/=16cydzp. Original screw is 63-4 mm in length. I just cut the end 5 mm short and it fits nicely. Thanks Eric!.
  5. Yup. If I remember correctly, Trucker had "pow" inserts (something like 6 holes on front and 8 holes on back) which was kinda innovative for that time.
  6. I had to. My kids are in Thursday's Nitetrailers program. Also, it was true condition to test your riding abilities and equipments. Sadly, I wasn't able to really carve all the way down. I got wimped out after few wipe-outs This week Thursday night is the last session of Nitetrailers. It's gonna be another not-so-good condition but will be there... again.
  7. I think 1xsculler meant to say 'K2 Trucker', which was built early 2000. It was 'Fatter' than Fatbob.
  8. Thanks Eric and Renzo!
  9. Help. What's the spec. for the screw shown in below picture?
  10. PM sent for Burton FP and bindings.
  11. 2/9/2017 Ride Report As Matthew said, SnowPark & Sidewinder were ice links. It wasn't just east coast icy condition, literally ice for few hundred feet, top to about halfway. Strong wind gusts cleared any stuff on top. From 7, those trails got totally empty. Few teenagers were intentionally sliding on their back for fun. I rode 3 times and every time it gotten worse. Snow guns were on for bottom half. After Matthew departed, I went up blue & black trails. All snow guns were on (they were on for good 5-6 hours). With Temp. at low 20s, they made good 4-5" powder. Among those, Fanciful was the best. Limelight had few spots that didn't get covered were icy. Little scary going down fast with bad visibility. From 9 to 10, Fanciful was I and my kids' playground. Time to time ski patrols came down but hardly anyone was there. Terrain Park was also good so most of snowboarders and teens were there. Another day of confirming SG FR 163 is a quiver killer.
  12. Dave, It seems we are getting some snow this coming Thursday. BTW, I'm very grateful for your gesture. For this season, I have helped 2 newbies and one more coming shortly. Having quick adjustable cant/lift bindings will be great help for them to find their comfort zones, which will help them to progress. Once again, Thank you. I'll PM you for the CO trip schedule.
  13. Any lift block included?
  14. Sorry Dave, It's kinda late but I couldn't go up today. Work and kids stuff again. Regardless its condition, I'm going up this Thursday night and next. After that, it will be random on good condition days. I don't have much hope for rest of this season. Only patiently waiting for my CO trip in April.