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  1. So annoyed I missed seeing everyone this year. Next year :-)
  2. I always thought the purpose was to launch you into the trees, when you get on the wrong sidecut at the wrong time ... or maybe that's just me.
  3. Argh - I had a friend looking for an FLC, because he loves riding mine, but they're as rare as hen's teeth. He finally gave up a couple of months back and bought a WCR instead ... and then three of them list within a few days! Someone buy this. These are great boards and there's not many of them around.
  4. Crystal is Sean Cassidy's stomping ground, so it's possible it was him. He's a Snowperformance coach and an amazing rider.
  5. Looks like I'm drinking beer in two weeks then. Not the end of the world ...
  6. Confirmed for beerfest weekend. Heading up Friday night (late arrival) and going home Sunday. Hopefully the snow will still be OK in three weeks!
  7. Looks like your carving boards won't be getting much use this weekend. You're going to close with one hell of a base this year.
  8. My Madd BX, and to a lesser extent the Coiler AM-T, are the boards I take if I don't know what I'm going to hit, but want to have a good time in whatever it is. Unless I'm certain of the conditions (as in I'm staying at the hill and can look out the window) one of those two is always in the car just in case. But whatever I start the day on is usually what I'll finish on, unless the pow starts to pile up while I'm riding. It depends on where I'm riding too, as others have said. If it's somewhere where getting back to the lodge and out again is easy, like Nakiska, I'm more likely to swap for the hell of it. If it's Sunshine, where swapping involves going all the way to the bottom and hiking across the carpark for half a mile to the car, I'll usually just suck it up. And I'll never turn down a test ride on someone else's toy, which is the other reason I'll be swapping bindings at lunch.
  9. To all the carvers I've met tripping around the countryside. My first escapade was to Stratton in 2004, to ride with a group of girls there. My SO at the time told me that I'd end up axe murdered, running around the continent to meet people who I only knew from a few online messages. But from then to now, all I've met are awesome peeps who've been happy to share their knowledge to stop me landing on my head. Special shout out to the Whitefish crew and the WTF boys, creating mayhem and shooting tequila since 2008. Darcy and Riceball for their endless patience on days at Nakiska. Meeting these dudes changed my life. "Pin it ya fairy", indeed. TwoRavens for being a super cool chick and a good friend, as well as teaching me the ways of the heelside, and unlocking the keys to the universe. And all the people on Bomber who share what they know for the good of humankind.
  10. ^^^ Never gets old.
  11. What was today like? Your snow report was calling for the best pow day of the season, did anyone go up?
  12. Riceball actually heard this one on Saturday, but got a good laugh out of repeating it to Dave and I. Kid behind us in the line looks at the carving boards and says "What's that?" and his dad replies "It's a barely acceptable form of snowboarding".
  13. Lots of people like the Oakley Fire Iridium lenses for bright days, and those Fire Chrome ones look similar. I'd think those, or the Gold Chrome ones, would work pretty well.
  14. That makes two of us, because that Amplid is so pretty.
  15. Staying home this weekend for the very same reasons. Temps at Nakiska were +6C/mid 40's F this week, so it will be a vertical skating rink until it snows again. And I can't be bothered driving to Banff, because the crowds will be nuts.