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  1. That makes two of us, because that Amplid is so pretty.
  2. Staying home this weekend for the very same reasons. Temps at Nakiska were +6C/mid 40's F this week, so it will be a vertical skating rink until it snows again. And I can't be bothered driving to Banff, because the crowds will be nuts.
  3. I'd love to go back to Targhee sometime. Blackfoot Chair is the best. There's never anyone on it, and the runs off there are amazing. Have you attempted Shadow Woman yet?
  4. Every now and then I ride one of my ancient boards, and while they're fun, they have nothing on a modern shape metal board. Those are definitely gamechangers. But the snow makes a difference too. I rode with friends on the weekend on "superglue' - the kind of snow where no matter what you throw at it, you just can't go wrong. I think that when you have the confidence of hero snow, you're much more likely to try things that progress your riding. Boards are a personal thing, I find. Some people like wider, some skinnier, some like lively and some like damp. You might have found that if you'd been out on another Coiler or a Donek you might have had just as much success. Personally, I've only ridden two Viruses and hated both of them ... but mileage will vary.
  5. We got first tracks down Legacy after the racers finished with it on Saturday. Three of us left nasty trenches all over it. It was some of our better work :-)
  6. Have fun. It was absolutely epic up there today.
  7. They got another 12cm last night. There goes my perfect, third day groom. "#firstworldproblems"
  8. Blair, I'll take the Incline if you can bring it back to Calgary. My Axxess is one base grind away from being done, and I'll need a new rock board ... that would be perfect.
  9. Yep, the osmosis thing was big for me too. I was flailing around on my board for about three seasons before I met the crew at our local hill here, and watching them ride, and picking up pointers, was the single biggest factor in my riding getting better. But I've met people at other sessions - Aspen, Whitefish, Targhee, Snowperformance - who have all had great input into my riding. I've also found that even though someone might be a great carver and a patient coach, sometimes they just don't explain things in a way that makes sense to you - but someone else might. So riding with as many different people as you can helps as well, because even if it's the same point, having it explained differently can sometimes turn the lightbulb on. If you want to be a Corey, you'd better move to the cold capital of Canada and do a lot of freezing laps on a 300ft hill.
  10. My Hot Blast came from a rubbish pile in Aspen. Where old carvers go to die ...
  11. Saturday works for me.
  12. Well, that's crappy. I love my Smartwools, which must be ten years old, but I've finally had to retire two pairs this season. I have one pair of PhD's that are still going strong, but I'll look at some of the options at MEC if that's the case. Edit : Just did some research - looks like 40% merino is about par for the course for merino socks, although the Wigwams look good because they're merino and silk. Icebreakers are still around 70% merino though, and they're running all their ski socks out on their Canadian site right now too ..."goes shopping"
  13. Got some great pow laps at Nakiska today. I'm thinking that if the weather forecast is right for this week, there's going to be some great groom to be had by next weekend. Anyone interested in heading out?
  14. You're getting the same system BC is getting right now. We're getting some here, but nowhere near as much as you guys, just the tail of it. That should make for a fun week if you can stay warm.
  15. Nope, but there's some in the forecast for this weekend. It's very cold there right now - minus 24C in Banff this morning - but warming up a few degrees and the wind dropping by Sunday. Looks like your timing is good.