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    Coiler 182 Nirvana Balance 24 wide 12-14 (Flex 6.7 + 5, with powder nose and AM taper)
    Donek 02behle175 (23cm waist, 13m SCR)
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    Deeluxe Indy (Orange vintage) 29.5, Intuition Plug liners, 319 BSL
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    TD3 SWs standard
    52.5 F 6 Toe Lift
    47.5 R 6 Heel Lift
    52.5 cm Stance width
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  1. Old Skwal on fleaBay with CATEK bindings. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Skwal-Lacroix-Contest-Monoboard-180cm-Catek-Bindings-Carver-Snowboard-Monoski-/302247730031
  2. Yes it is worth the visit. I'd contact Bola to discuss inventory.
  3. Always nice to see patrol carving.
  4. @bobdea has returned.
  5. @west carven Why would you attack fellow BOL members because they're critical of the riding in a video you posted? One does not have to be a "better" rider to be able to critique form, riding or whether you like the video or not. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, i.e. it's subjective.
  6. Yes Ruroc goggles only with the facemask. Without the facemask most googles would fit... doesn't mean they'd fit well.
  7. Another Razor 2009-2010 donek razor 176, with flow nxt-frx bindings. Waist is 27cm, sidecut is 10.65 meters. Full camber, fairly stiff board. It appears donek no longer makes it, but I would guess it would be similar/ little more carve oriented version of their incline model. It's only had one shop base/edge tune, alot of life left in this board. I am willing to sell the board minus the bindings or vice versa. I go to cannon and crotched mountain frequently, if you want to try it out. https://nh.craigslist.org/spo/6052355291.html
  8. You better hurry. From their website- "The Final Day of the Season is Sunday, March 26, 2017".
  9. Sorry I meant in the snowboarding as a fiscal model figured out way... not snowboarding as conducive to good riding kind of way. It's all good Brofessor X.
  10. This is all figured out today. Twin shape, +15/-15 send 'em out the rental door. I've asked kids... many don't even know the words regular or goofy... riding switch is just riding.
  11. Can surfers make a video about A turn... yes... yes they can.
  12. My son and his friend both have Rurocs... if you ski at night you need the low light lens or clear.
  13. pm'd
  14. Has to be one of the earliest examples of carbon and titanal in a snowboard. Checkered pig on eBay
  15. https://denver.craigslist.org/spo/6038858748.html Donek Razor Snowboard 170cm - $300 (Copper Mountain) condition: like new make / manufacturer: Donek model name / number: Razor size / dimensions: 170cm Donek Razor 170 cm Ridden twice. Like New. Board sold for $800 new.