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    Bloomington, Indiana, USA
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    Paoli Peaks
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    R.I.P. Coiler 178 Nirvana Balance 23 wide 12-14 (Flex 6.5 + 5)
    Donek 185 REV Prototype/Fiberglass (14-20 SCR)
    Donek 02behle175 (23cm waist, 13m SCR)
    BS Liberation 178 (19.1cm waist,14m SCR)
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    UPZ RC-10, Shell 28 (BSL 312)
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    TD3 SWs
    Bomber 4mm plate
    52.5 F 3 Toe Lift
    47.5 R 3 Heel Lift
    52.5 cm Stance width
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  1. Mine is definitely fixable. I think some p-tex and an Aggressive grind should do it. I was really surprised at how beaten up the box was and there wasn't more damage to the board. The heavy storage wax on the base and the paper on the top sheet saved it from much greater damage. My UPS driver must've seen the multiple tears in the package and the damage as she always rings or knocks... This time I saw her quickly dropping the package and slinking away. I just don't want this to be a hassle for Bruce or myself but you know UPS isn't going to go out of their way for either of us. (Source- I used to work for UPS many years ago)
  2. Look not on it as an burden... Look on it as an opportunity. Bring joy to those you Sherpa... They will bring you joy later.
  3. I see through the misdirection... It was YOU @lowrider! Jealous I bet of all that sweet width coming to the states. Jealous of all that time Bruce was spending with me on my board. Jealous of all that Titanal leaving Canada! You villain!
  4. https://www.wahinisnowboards.com/ ...so they're real...
  5. Balance replacement arrived today. UPS gouged the base. Not sure what's going to become of that, sigh. Probably more work for Bruce. Let's focus on the positive... 182 Nirvana Balance, 24cm waist, Powder nose (it's a 178 with the powder nose so 182), 12-14 scr, with the All-Mountain's taper made for my tiny frame.
  6. We demand teleboard shots! Please?
  7. Back out today. Most likely last night of the Paoli season for me. They are barely hanging on and the forecast is very warm (highs in the 70s). More importantly I'm going on my 25th anniversary trip with my spouse starting Saturday. Looking forward to the Spirit trip in March. Snow was very soft, very sticky in places, and quite shallow. Last tracks...
  8. All these boarding kids and mine grew up to be a skier. Such is life. At least he strives to carve on skis.
  9. I reject this entire premise. I board to seek flow as defined here- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flow_(psychology) I don't give a damn if no one is watching, nor do I care if they are... I board to loose myself in the moment. Mahalo. Edit- My son, an avid 17 year old skier, just wants to carve hard. I've never asked him too... probably best that I never did... teens and all.
  10. When the new models start winning races, yes... until then, probably not. That said UPZ has won plenty of women's races and a few men's and their prices aren't astronomical.
  11. No an accident in his youth.
  12. It will be "free" for him as it is in Canada? I have damn good health care and it would be REALLY expensive here in the USA. If you'll do it for free you should let Bruce know.
  13. He is scheduled for a knee replacement. He has to wait for his turn in line... 14 months max is what he wrote to me.
  14. @big canuck has a WTB ad for a bx