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  1. Jose, if there are any near you dont skip on the Zipfit liners. I was out again today in mine and love them. You can actually try them in your boot before you buy them. I could probably make an entire couch out of All the liners I went through in the last 17 years. I didnt believe in the whole ZipFit design when I saw them a couple years ago and wasted over $1000 on other liners. Its surprising they have not caught on here yet.
  2. Colorado day at the Beast, 3 other carvers there. Great day and a ton of smiles!!
  3. Thanks for the update, Yeah No way I could have done today getting ready to leave sunday for the week
  4. Bag packed and Im planning to do 8-12
  5. Might be good for the first few hours in the AM so I will probably split around lunch... or not lol
  6. Its never really crowded there but as I say this watch it will be a record day. Im getting a little soft on tomorrow, I wanted to work on my carving but its looking like it will be spring conditions
  7. In Florida Sunday, trying to go from snowboarding to beach in 24 hours, lol
  8. Just got back in town, could be there Saturday. Anyone else??
  9. Yes still have the coil, I can text you pics if you send me your # or text me at 413-531-9734
  10. 1 less buckle, what do I win??
  11. Things are lining up for this Sunday, Saturday is not going to work.
  12. Was in Austin at the Omni Austin Hotel Downtown a year 1 year ago tomorrow. Im based in Longmeadow so I can easily meet you at the Beast lodge or over on Exhibition. My cell is 413-531-9734 What day were you thinking ??
  13. What about a sneak away day this Thursday