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  1. Went up to Squaw today 11-2pm, rode the Funitel up to High Camp and the conditions were really pretty good! Even at the top it was soft by 11am but somewhat firmer on the Shirley side. Probably best for carving by 10am but I had fun on my Moss PQ 160. Rode Siberia, Shirley, Headwall, Big Blue and Gold Coast lifts. There's still enough coverage that I rode Mtn. Run all the way from High Camp back down to the village to the Funitel station. Probably my last day!
  2. Yea when the Burton circus comes back around next winter to my local mtn. I'd give them a try.......but from what I hear from the Moss sponsored softboot riders from Japan that are laying down the carves they need/use/want a soft expect this boot to be the polar opposite of a Burton XDrive for stiffness. I would like to see a photo of the base of the binding and the boot connection system. Carving in general is huge in Japan...... and Burton, not wanting to miss out their share of the $$ listened to those riders and made the "Step On" Whitelines...aka: white lies. Great April fools using a Track 325. Could there be a Burton hardboot in the near future? Doubtful, but demand drives the market and the Asian market is really hardboot and softboot carving hungry right now and Burton being the money hungry whore they are might not want to lose their share of the market. If Burton ever has the balls to get back into hardboots they really should really call it the "Hard On" ....that alone would give Burton back some "Alpine" street cred!
  3. Hey Marc, Check out this link posted under the soft boot carving worth watching - with review of Step On Softboot/Binding system on Moss Performance Quad 154cm board.
  4. That's a Moss Performance Quad 154 he's on. A very sweet ride. I have the 160cm version of that board and riding it in TD3 SW step In's and the softer Track 325's it carves as well as it kills the pow!
  5. Alright Ladia! I'm sure I'll see ya getting a pass at the Main Lodge around 8am Sat. .....If not, I'll be down at the Mill running laps on the lower runs, Broadway, St. Moritz and Mombo off the Stump Alley Chair until the Upper Mtn. loosens up. If it's good I'll stay Sat. night and ride Sun.
  6. Were not done out here in Cali!.............Squaw and Mammoth are still open top to bottom and don't plan on closing anytime soon!! Anybody else still getting after it?? Probably going to Mammoth this weekend for a little variety...............drop me a PM if your coming up.
  7. Jim, Yeah, I'd buy one if it said "Bomber" with options in multiple sizes and colors! Theirs not enough opportunity to show our clan colors on the hill as it is and not everybody wants stickers on their top sheet.
  8. ..........and not to mention 007 standards!
  9. Photos please........
  10. Wow - bet Connery regrets making that! But then again when else would you get a chance to wear a red diaper and carry a gun.....and get paid to do it!
  11. Eric, I'm replying to Mr. Orange who probably isn't a professional on the hill every day and might not of considered needing to wax even weekly. You and words... Whew...
  12. Hey OJ, The whole Mtn. is still open top to bottom! I wouldn't even say we have hit real Spring conditions except right at the village lifts - slushy by 10am but no bare spots! I'm don't see anything special about Zardoz.... 1- you don't get much of the liquid "drops" for the money 2- it's adds another step to deal with for application 3- the liquid dispenser is another item you have to keep up with..... in the puck 4- it's slippery but it wears off after 1-2 runs from my experience
  13. Hey OJ, ......I live and ride at Squaw, it's still deep and steep out here.........when ya coming? There are plenty of slippery fluorinated wax options out there......I go with a structure and full wax as a Spring tune on my boards and then for these Spring conditions I rub on Dakine Oneball X wax right before the lift and then as it's needed, typically 3 runs. It's fast to apply and will make you Fast on the hill!! I also like to use the super slippery Daron Rahlves high fluoro Signature Paste Wax by Wend....which I think is the fastest(MPH) rub on wax available, but doesn't last as long between to get it to last longer and not lose any speed between applications I mix it 50/50 with the Dakine ...............Super Fast runs and a solid 4 runs between applications. Check out this video link (4th video down) of Daron demonstrating how to use his high fluoro Signature Paste Wax: Also remember, Spring corn conditions are rough on your base as it's just ripping at the wax...... and repetitive flourinated wax use is really rough on your just seems to suck the life right out of the P-tex. I'm waxing weekly this time of year. ....... and when your season ends at least put your board away with a full wax job to keep it from drying out more and help the base return to a like new state.
  14. Michael it could be the problem is that it'a a flaw or second............but the the evidence leads elsewhere. From my "bad tune experience" what I've learned from my New tuner, Walter at Slopestyle Sports, Reno (Thanks Jim!) is most Alpine boards Don't come totally flat from the factory and Sean's post reiterates that - "The base appears to not be flat. it is consistent for most race board manufacturers from my understandings. Most of the tuners we work with and talk to have told me that Donek is the only brand that comes to them totally flat from the factory."
  15. Squaw has announced that with the 760 inches we got this year Their Not Closing - Period!