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  1. Ryan Impressive on multiple levels.....soft boots, duck stance, avarage radius board and not to mention filming at the same time! Is that Gopro or your cell phone your filming with?? Your on the right track....with your board you look most comfortable and locked in to the turn when you grabbed your toe side edge........other wise try stretching it out like the European ec riders, see photo below....straight knees and leading arm way above their head and head is leaning on the leading arm dragging through the snow ......toe side arm is straight down by their hip. Not my style of ec.......but some where between the two is where you will find the sweet spot for you and your board...........of course you will have to leave the filming to someone else....which could be a game changer by getting both hands into the reach and rotation!!
  2. Haven't it on this year? Looks like closing day is April 9th
  3. Ha! Got too excited to notice the post date.... Duh! Well that Prior Slasher was a sweet find I wouldn't have found otherwise.....Man, I'd be all over that if I hadn't already got my Moss Performance Quad......seems like every board manufacture has a "surf inspired" board in their lineup now...........
  4. Lon I couldn't get the links to work for the "collector" from Reno selling 90 boards in Reno/Tahoe CL........went trolling myself and saw these of interest: Sims Race - $100 Prior Slasher 156- New $300 -
  5. SOLD Thanks and enjoy Dave!
  6. Selling Swoard Dual 168 - Binders Not Included or For Sale Bought from Bomber store last season for $800+ Base and Edges - Solid 9 maintained by Shawn at the Arbor Board House Truckee CA Top Sheet - 5+ Usual dings, dents and lift line noobs scratches Love the board - solid in all conditions - Only selling to move up to Swoard Gen 5 Carver Paypal aok
  7. Hey Ladia, Yep it's a go....lot's of regulars returnees and also quite a few walk ins. Grooming sucked Sun, was a little better Mon and about the same Tues.....really had to wait until it softened up after 11am to get out..... Any of you guys still haven't gotten your fill by Friday afternoon I'll be at Northstar Sat. morn........stop by and ride Real Grooming!
  8. Hope you wrong coast boys are out finally Getting Some!! My son works at Cannon Mtn. NH and he said it was "Puking Snow" all day today....and that's on top of the 23 inches they reported this morning!! Enjoy!!!
  9. Hey Corey, Could be more closely related to H.D. - aka: Hyperpicky Disorder When the groom turns to lumpy mush by mid day I not only bring along a second softer board, I also bring a second pair of softer boots! I swap out the Track 700's for Track 325's and my pumped thighs and knees have been rejoicing ever since. Of course going back to the car to swap out board and boots can be a pain depending on the vastness of the resort. Too much trouble where you have to negotiate a huge village and remote parking like at Squaw or Northstar. Not a problem at Alpine or Kirkwood where you can park right infront of the lift........
  10. Anybody coming in early for TTC? Sunday I'll be at lift 5/Solitude at 9am for some warm up runs on L. Zachary then chair 6/Cornice for Upper Zachary if groomed.... text me if ya want to ride............ Barry 530-448-4114
  11. Hey Ripster!, Wow......that's gotta Suck Sorry for your troubles. Sounds like Jim has come to the rescue - Yeah Bomber Family!! I know it doesn't help right now but I would think about upgradung to Step Ins/fintecs......especially if this is the second time you have broken the standard heel bails! It sure would be hard for me to ever again have alot of faith and or aggressive carving on that system holding up if I had already broken it twice! Keep the faith and I hope your trip gets better
  12. Hey Brees Sorry Long Gone..........
  13. This sounds like some of my experience with a super stiff Virus. When I would get my Virus UFC to flex and loaded up into the turn it wouldn't release on heelside sometimes if I got pitched back even just a little. Lots of built up torsional energy looking for easiest line to dissipate I assumed...... I loved the board but my thighs were toast before noon and that won the debate to move it on.......
  14. Hey Rammy Sent ya a PM......
  15. Man you Canuk guys are quick to critique - must be something in the water up there?? Thanks Blue B for the save there!~..yes Neil their steep but I have come down from 65/55 (when I set up the Moss I was just matching the setup that was working on my Swoard Dual) to 55/45 and reduced my rear lift from 6 to 3 and traded out Track 700's for 325's............ liking it and it's working for me.