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  1. Hey Bob, I'd say any day or two you can get there would be my aim, but you would think the most attendees would be there for the raffle/banquet at the end Friday. I can only make it (Sun)Mon./Tues.....maybe Weds if we got snowed in.... But I agree with Ladia, I couldn't spend a whole week at Kirkwood even if I had the time, it's not That big......Kirkwood is well known for their fresh conditions and the pow.....but it's very isolated and attendees not in the know will find that the food, lodging and Apres ski options are very limited and sub par. For me a whole week is for experiencing more than one resort and I wish TTC had the multi resort format like ATC. I imagine this inaugural TTC will be a small contingent
  2. Hey I assume you know your coming into a zoo coming to Squaw Presidents weekend.....I mean every place will be super busy but I live at Squaw and were expecting the next storm cycle to start this Thursday and expecting 5-8 or more every day for the over a week. Squaw already can't keep up and they can hardly keep half the Mtn open because ofd daily storm/wind or avy work So expect late lift openings and/or the top not open at all Just FYI
  3. Hey BlueB "Ground into the Plex" - Hmm....I guess that would be the easiest way to accomplish a concave tail. Not quite sure but with my hand I can feel a distinct drop where the concave effect starts. The tip and tail are the same thickness and the tail tips has a slight rise to them and you can see in the photos that the wingtips have metal edges running all the way on the inside of the tips. Not sure this is comparable to swallow tail/split tails, but compared to other swallow tails I've ridden this board wants to carve and it doesn't slip/slide out of turns in the groomers H2O - That stance is 20.5 which is the exact center points as marked on the board and those angles are 55/50 .......will also try 50/45
  4. Hey Eric, I can say, with this boards concave tails it doesn't feel like you lose any speed going in or coming out of turns, but it's no trouble to bleed off speed if wanted. Moss says "the double concave tail creates a wet snow vacuum release; reducing drag which in turn creates more speed. The shape of the base and sidecut come together to make this one of the quickest accelerating boards in the lineup"
  5. Here is my New 2017 Moss Snowstick Performance Quad 60 It is an incredible ride and obviously does tha pow but I have found, as others have... Moss boards will carve and love to surf the groomers. Moss boards are truly a Renaissance shape for all mountains and all conditions and it seems every company has a just recently been inspired to create and include a "surf inspired shape" in their lineup....when Moss has been the originator and doing it in relative obscurity in Japan since 1971. Can't wait to get ti out in the Pow that's coming tonight/tomorrow! Here's the stats: LENGTH: 1600 R.LENGTH: 791 EF.EDGE: 1210 SIDECUT: 10000/9000 NOSE/TAIL: 302/289 WAIST: 258 STANCE WIDTH: 520 (480-600) SET BACK: -5.5 Check out the concave split tail........
  6. Yes I know there's a TTC forum, but it's not getting any traction and all the post from ATC have me so Pumped and Stoked (especially considering TTC is just a little over 4 Weeks Away!)...I Gotta Post Something to get this train amoving!!! Anybody booked their TTC Kirkwood accommodations yet?? I can only be there Sun/Mon/Tues.. and interested in splitting a room. Maybe Weds if we get snowed in ,....Gee, the roads are closed, sorry Boss!
  7. Anybody booked their TTC accommodations yet?? I can only be there Sun/Mon?Tues.. and interested in splitting a room. Maybe Weds if we get snowed in,....Gee, roads are closed, sorry Boss!
  8. Thanks Louie.................. Enjoy it in Whistler!!
  9. Thanks Bob - They will be out the door today!
  10. Hey Bob, Just PM ya...........
  11. Let's Bump it to $300 + shipping for ATC week.........
  12. In honor of ATC week Bump (and I need to pay for a new Moss PQ60 that just arrived!) New and Improved Price - $450 + shipping
  13. Hey OhD, The slide show worked for me.....a little slow to load but otherwise brilliant. Nice work Dennis Hope we will have your talent at TTC next month!
  14. Nice job Ryan! Keep your daily video updates coming for us jealous hard working stiffs! Hope to see ya at TTC next month..........
  15. Deeluxe Track 700 Shell + BTS + Fintec Mondo 28 $350 + Shipping Paypal OK - PM me if interested - Will Only Sell All Together - Will not Seperate Used 3 or 4? seasons... No Liner - I'm keepin it! I do have an extra set of Yellow BTS Springs I will throw in for free The photos make them look 6 out of 10, but I'd give them a 4 out of 10 on looks for all the scuffs from 3 seasons use and a 9 out of 10 on function and performance still left in them Only reason I'm selling is I got a softer boot/Track 325's, (thanks 1xsculler ) to use with my pow setup Never been molded. The Fintec cables looked good when I took them out, but If I bought them I would replace the release cable for $35 just to make sure ....and the extra scuffs/scratches you see on the bottom of the right Fintec is of course from kicking the receiver plate on the binding to get all the pow and ice off the free foot