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  1. Squaw has announced that with the 760 inches we got this year Their Not Closing - Period!
  2. True that Beckmann, Competence with tuning Alpine boards is the key! Not to be confused or influenced by trophy's or medals was my point No insult to skiers was intended
  3. Historically, my vote goes to my Sims Descender 159 .....still a champ early and late season, and hey, if it was good enough to be the signature board for Noah Salasnek (RIP!) that's all the testament I needed. Currently I'm having a blast, even when it turns to slush on my Swoard EC Gen5, and when my legs get tired I switch out to the Moss PQ and Deeluxe 324's and just keep on ripping and slicing through the crud! So.....the best board for any crud is...... the board that let's you slice through the crud instead of getting thrown all around trying to ride over it.
  4. Hey AA, I see what Sean see's ....The Board Isn't Flat! I had the exact same situation just this week with my brand new Swoard EC Gen5 from a local shop with really good cred and they also put it on a brand new $$$ Winterstager machine for structure and edges and I can tell you it rode like S---! It wouldn't track, wouldn't hook up turns at all! It was crazy BAD, much worse than before I brought it in the shop!! So I took it to a different tuner That Knows Alpine Boards and he saw immediately that it wasn't flat and ground it flat and then pulled the edge and base back in to 1 base and 2 edge, then waxed it and OMG the difference!!! It was a rocket before the bad tune, now it's a rocket on rails!!! Lesson here - don't trust you boards to a SKIER! matter how many Olympic medals they have!!
  5. Oh!.....So sad to hear! A great rider and a great loss! I still have my Noah Salasnek Sims Descender which is one of my all time favs....and still a great ride to this day! Shred On Noah!
  6. Jim 2/ in 2 edge and 1 base??
  7. Thanks for that clarity Jim Yean, I'm not sure what the Winterstager can do or if I should avoid them......... What base and edge angles are you and Angie running on your pow boards?? 0-1, 1-1, 1-2??
  8. Hey Jim, Thanks for that Reno connection. A little far to drive but good to know. Shane at the Arbor House in Truckee knows a thing or two about board tuning and has done a great job on my boards So Jim, "Always remove your bindings when getting it ground"...... your not saying I need a Grind on a new board??
  9. Hey Randy, I'm sure Ladia will add the specifics your looking for but do I know Ladia has been taking his boards there for awhile. It used to be called Cosmos Footwerks?? and it's in between the 7Eleven and Coyote bar and grill on Palisades Dr. Truckee......across from the town ice rink and skate park. His hours were very random from my recollection. Ladia - did I hear he was not only closing this coming weekend, but also retiring??
  10. My Moss Performance Quad 160 REALLY likes to carve the groomers as much as crush the pow....even on the same run alot of times! Wondering what the sages say as to edge tuning a pow board with an alter ego? I understand it came as 0 base and 90 edge and I'm running TD3 SW SI's at 55/50 Here are the stats on the board as a refresher - LENGTH: 1600 R.LENGTH: 791 EF.EDGE: 1210 SIDECUT: 10000/9000 NOSE/TAIL: 302/289 WAIST: 258 STANCE WIDTH: 520 (480-600) SET BACK: -5.5 Would you guys suggest a 0 base and 1 edge bevel as good idea? It surely wouldn't have any negative effect on a pow day, but could certainly increase the Wow factor even more on groomers - Right? Also - anybody trusted their board to a Winterstager machine for edge tuning? The local shop has a new Winterstager machine and they seem confident they can lay edges with it....after you remove your binders, which makes me even more reluctant...
  11. Hmmm....since your in Milkland I assume your looking for the Nirvana of never ending turns........just head West, then take a right at the Rockies. That's the direct path to Nirvana
  12. Well day 1 was a success......the board at 175cm is pretty long for out here and there were lots of lift line goobers who ran up on it or over it and nar a nick or scratch!! The 3M film is holding strong on the edges with the nail polish. Michael... I still have some bubbles that still have air trapped?? I'm thinking of puncturing them with a safety pin to get the air out.........what did you do?
  13.'s the final results with the 3M Pro film applied. There are some minute air bubbles I could not get out.......but whatever. I'm ok with it but we will see how well it holds up. I used Corey's technique for sealing the edges with clear nail polish Additionally you will see I put a thick piece of white crab grab on the tail to keep the lift line goobers off the tail and from pulling up the clear vinyl.......looks tacky but I thought the softness of that crab grab would stick better to the tail than the stiffer hard plastic spikes.......and possibly deflect more ski tips....we will see....... I'm gonna turn it loose on the Mtn. tomorrow!
  14. Yeah, With my all Mtn. board, Swoard Dual , on Super Deep powder days, 3ft.+ I also was moving my bindings back so the nose wouldn't sink and to reduce leg muscle strain from having to lean back. With all the snow we have been having out here in Tahoe CA, 600+ inches so far, I got tired of moving bindings forward for groomer days and back for pow I wen't with a dedicated pow board from Moss snowsticks.............and it was a huge difference in ride and comfort. Check it out: Most every snowboard company theses days has a dedicated pow board in their catalogs......and their pow board lengths have gotten much shorter over the years. It's the shape that is more effective in the pow than just length........and now you will see all these companies touting their "surf inspired shape" which are short lengths like current surf board shapes Im currently riding a Moss Performance Quad 160cm for pow and it does the pow and will lay down the carves.....but the point is 160cm is short for my height/weight, but it is the backset for the binding position and the shape that makes it a Renaissance shape and don't get all focused on the length = better pow board Longer boards do work for pow but are more work when the conditions gets all chopped up or in the trees.....and more work equals more thigh burn and shorter time before your legs give out and your done. Have fun what ever you go with.........
  15. Shaun, What's the waist on the Proteus.........looks wider than standard to me??