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  1. South Island, New Zealand. Ski fields open for the season early July and run through till early October, just in time for you to catch your breath before the North Am season opens. Dick Schultze (Instructor at Northstar) hits Cardrona most seasons.
  2. The clinics that run at ATC/SES are where the gems of knowledge that will transform your riding are to be found. That was my experience. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the skills on show. That was certainly what I felt at SES 2012, my first time. There are seriously good riders, like Corey, who are willing to ride with newbies and critique and feedback your style. The other key factor for me was going back to the green beginner slopes and concentrating on finding, and holding, my edge through slow controlled carved turns. That built a solid foundation to my carving technique. As I got better, my boards seemed to get better as well. If the board is torsionally stiff enough to hold an edge and has a suitable side cut radius, then technique and binding set-up are more important than the board for making progress through the beginner and intermediate stages of carving. Hope to meet and ride with you at an ATC one day.
  3. Bomber has a 4x4 mount for its' Boilerplate. However the interaxle distance you can get depends on the 4x4 max insert spacing, which varies considerably from board to board. Interaxle distance is a crucial variable in getting the best out of a plate. I set up my Bomber plate with the maximum gap I can get, in the range 63 to 69cm depending on the board. My binding centre to centre distance runs between 50 to 54cm. UPM is a standard pattern, and a Bomber plate runs a 63cm max interaxle distance on that pattern.
  4. My only failure of an Intec cable was during SES 2013 on Banzai Ridge at Snowmass. I had a spare in my luggage, and was back up and riding in about 45 minutes. Getting the pins to disengage from the binding required a screwdriver and some imaginative ankle movements. I always have a spare cable with me, amongst a range of other spares, especially when riding in New Zealand. It takes a long time for stuff to come in from the USA. Plenty of failure to engage the Intec pins properly events. Commonly due to ice/packed snow buildup on either boot heel and/or step in heel fitting. I almost always visually check before I start off, know what the proper "click" sounds like when the system engages properly, and recognise the lack of precision in the forces applied by my rear foot if the previous two strategies have failed.
  5. "I'd never realised how much ground you cover!" from a boarder who'd just followed me down from top to bottom. "Yeah, it's the long way down." I replied.
  6. Just done a Google search for "EVA thermal properties". Intuition build their liners out of EVA foam. Long story - read the attached pdf. Long story to short. 1/ EVA foam gas bubbles lose volume if the foam is heated too much. The foam then shrinks. Minimal gas loss occurs at 60C, but shrinkage is measurable and greater with higher temps and longer time exposed. 2/ If you want to heat mould EVA then even heating through the foam is the key. EVA is a good insulator so achieving even heating takes time. For me that adds up to a slow & low temp warming in an oven I've checked with a thermometer. ultralon datasheet.pdf
  7. I agree with him! Skwal stance OR forward of 60 degree binding angles make soaking up the bumps easier. An isolation plate makes an amazing difference to make afternoon snow conditions carveable.
  8. or on the position of the observer(s).
  9. Depends how many degrees direction change is required to call it a turn.>:)
  10. Like you I rode my HSPs till they broke. I have narrow heels and a widish forefoot. I'd tried Deeluxe shells and not liked the fit. I'd read that the UPZ shell would likely fit my foot shape but didn't have the chance to try them in New Zealand. I took the chance, taking advantage of Dan Yoja's UPZ off season sale in 2016 and bought a pair of RC10S in the same mondo size as my HSPs. Fit out of the box was good, but I found that to control heel lift in my rear foot I had to modify the angle of the middle strap. Note that I generate so much heel lift force that I also tore the baseplate of my rear TD3 apart ( see the Bindings Review section for TD3 metal fatigue) during ATC this year. 18 days straight riding at ATC produced some rubbing points and rear leg shin bang while using the standard liners so I've just ordered a pair of Intuition liners. Have to wait till August to try the result. Overall, I'm happy with the change to UPZ. Flex control is OK with the inbuilt spring system and there is an aftermarket Italian spring system thread on Bomber if you want more. I ride with my rear boot with as much fore and aft flex as possible, while I keep the front foot pretty stiff, and I've ridden the UPZs in walk mode in powder with no issues. Happy to talk more about the mods I made if you want.
  11. Technique will get you onto your edge, and as technique improves you will stay on edge on steeper and steeper slopes. As technique improves so one's riding becomes more efficient, less forced and awkward, and more graceful. And YOUR style will emerge. But all along the way, it should be fun.
  12. Some of us ride with that 90s body position (body facing forward heelside and toeside) now, but with wider stances. (this video is not intended to be inspiring ;-))
  13. That's Rusutsu at it's best. It snows so much there it's blue sky only rarely. Flat light with your fresh overnight powder is much more common. When I visited in Jan 2016 I swear it was snowing 70% of the time, day & night, seriously cold, and often a good dose of wind chill. The trees are well spaced, but these days the Aussies and North American's en masse have discovered the inbounds tree riding. The pistes aren't bad for beginner/intermediate carvers either, but only a few steeper pistes for the advanced carver.
  14. Bigwavedave, love the video, chatted to Joe Turner. (Purecarve team rider video 2) at the top of the Tiehack chair the week before ATC 2017. Love the forward facing stance, both heel and toeside, almost all of the riders use. I aim to ride the same way.
  15. I would love to see a graphical representation of shell width on both sides of the boot centre line. Total width, which is what I'm assuming Erazz has graphed, is not the full picture.