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  1. Snow ferret, A few of us ride every Saturday and Sunaday morning at Mountain Creek. We are riding tomorrow 1/14 Saturday morning. Come over if you can. Jt
  2. Has any one ever ridden Catamount ski resort? Is it worth a 2 hour drive from NJ? Are the slopes wide?
  3. Excellent video. Thanks for posting it
  4. Wow, the video is nice but what is most impressive is the slope width and corduroy conditions. That is just a dream to a lot of us ice coast riders. Thanks for the post.
  5. Rode with Dave, Ken and Jimmy today. Conditions are getting nicer as the winter days continue. Today they were pretty good. The trails at MC are definately wider than they have ever been. I will be riding tomorrow morning at north. Hope to se other carvers out there.
  6. 1xsculler, I ride with my back angle 3 degrees greater than my front angle. I ride softboots now but still ride rather steep angles. I think my back angle is about 60 degrees and the front is 57 degrees. I do this so to make my back knee drive into the back of my front knee. I ride with my knees together. I don't think you need to seperate your knees and prefer not to. I feel that having my knees together helps me round my turns more especially when riding steep slopes. Good Luck Jt
  7. Im not sure where this thread has gone but to answer the original question; No, you don't have to ride with your knees apart in order to ride bumps or steeps. The article that Jack Michaud has referred to is true about how riders back in the 1980's rode with their knees jammed together. It is still ok to ride with your knees jammed together. My stance width is about 18 inches. I ride this way in order to jam my back knee into the back of my front knee and drive them together when making turns. I feel that it really helps me on steep trails when I have to round my turns and actually carve up hill to control my speed.
  8. Ken and I will be riding Jiminy this Friday dec. 30. Maybe there will be some other carvers out there to ride with us. C u all then.
  9. I saw it with my 11 year old son. We both thought it was an awesome movie.
  10. Thanks for the info fellas. Very helpful
  11. Jack, Does it really matter? Since going back to softboots over 10 years ago I still visit this site time to time. It doesn't matter what name it is under or how it is titled. When l;ooking for advice or simply perusing the forum I listen to the people I think know what they are talking about and ignore the rest. If a person is to uptight not to look on a site that is notorious for its "Carving" talk just because a heading says hardbooting community and not carving community, maybe they shouldn't be on any snowboarding site. I really wouldn't worry about it. Jt
  12. I ride about 54 dgrees front and 57 degrees back on softboots for hard carving days. 20 front and 20 back for softer carving and riding switch and in the woods. It seems like there is quite a bit of advice given already so to make it short follow a this simple rule to softboot carving. If you feel like you can't carve at certain angles its not your binding angles causing you not to carve. Its you not knowing how. Any good carver can carve on any angles with any equipment.
  13. (Thursday 12/15/16) Well day number one is in the books. Mountain creek is now open from top to bottom. There are really only two runs currently open. At north, Horizon is open and the Sugar slope as well. Both the Sugar lift and the cab are open. On the South peak only one run from the top is open. Not sure of the run but its nice because none of the park features are up yet so you have a nice wide open slope to crank turns. I wouldn't bother racing out for a day of riding at MC just yet. Slope conditions are pretty firm, however MC is making snow as much as they can so conditions will get better. I think they will have a bit more open by the weekend. Hopefully the rain we are suppose to get on Sunday doesn't melt away to much snow. C u all oout there. Jt
  14. Barryj, I find that Ride bindings are my favorite for softboot riding. I have quite a few pairs including the El Hefe's that I have mounted on my Rad Air Tanker.
  15. I was told to ride regular stance because "most riders do." There weren't many people riding back then so I just went with it. When asymmetrical boards came out i was happy to be riding regular. It was a little harder to find goofy asym boards.