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  1. Gecko's rule
  2. Day 3
  3. Day 2
  4. Day 1
  5. Yep
  6. Me and my friends will be carving at Myrkdalen instead of usual Oppdal 6th to 10th March. Join if you can
  7. Trying thermos before heating is like tasting potetos before cooking them. And sure you can get them in easily, but i recomemnd first to measure your feet to get correct mondo number
  8. I had no change to put my 27.7 feet on 26 size liner before warming it up. But after it cooled down it is like glove, love it.
  9. ES rules
  10. My feet is 27.7cm and normally use 27 Palaus, but on my Atomic Backlands which are very tight i use 26 size to get better fit.
  11. I ride with same angles on UPZ as i was riding with Deeluxe. Total length of all bit and pieces is bout same. But UPZ has much better colors
  12. I hated wide boards earlier, never rode anything wider than 18, but now my boards are 20+ Mainly to survive better on days when there is soft snow. And yes i can set my angles 45 on my Swellpanic and on my all-round Coiler