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    Sorry guys, gotta brag a little. Some guys show off their boards, some their carving skills, I gotta brag about my kids!! First place in the state of California for the men's team and the combined team. Crushed the kids from Mammoth and the Tahoe region. Bunch of knuckle draggers and hardbooters from far northern CA and the town of Redding!! Paul
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    Newest member of the flock, 185 metal freecarve, 18cm waist:
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    Some photos from the Sugarloaf Session 2017. The first photo sums up the session
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    I enjoyed this video, thought others might as well.
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    Every single one of them was at Loveland today. By noon, the place was looking like Europe in 1917. Without all the dead bodies and mustard gas, of course.
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    1985 at Abasin. Board is an Avalanche RFX 160 Slalom with Avalanche bindings. Boots are modified Caber ski boots.
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    If this phenomenon is accompanied by temporary blindness and hairy palms then the the cause was frequent masturbation in your younger years. The nuns warned me of this. Confession is the only fix.
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    So thank you to all I'm honored for your mutual respect. I'm a medical marijuana patient, I also have MS which is what the cannabis is for. I run an extraction lab in Washington , the topsheet is sheets of shatter " cannabis concentrate". Correct since I run 12" narrow stance with the strong leg being in the rear, I can't pressure the nose much. So I ride far un on the board to compensate. My powder board is mostly nose on a prior 4x4 with same narrow stance set far back, just rode her today. In Ruts We Trust, Russ
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    What is Extreme? Since the beginning or at least late 80's at Milkland, there was a style, that was equated with Surfing, Cliff and Pure Carve put that energy out there...there were at least 30 really good carvers that utilized this style and yes..95% of them were Surfers or had that experience related to them to apply to their Carving...the Flow and Power they achieved in their top to bottom non stop runs with transitions that were so smooth they almost disappeared, is a legendary time for Carving at Milk... Cliff, Joey, Joe, Wayne, Larry, Sparky, Curly, Larry, Mike, Terry, Steve, Pat, Annie, Walter, Jeff, Phillip, Jim, Dick, Diane, are the standouts I remember from that time...all of them were a joy to watch...and there are many more that I can't name...what is interesting to me is how that style has lasted and been emulated at all the sessions that have been at Milk through the years...I have seen a lot of Carvers, racers included and no one ever looked or was any smoother or more powerful than this group, who spent years surfing at milk...I have called it the age of Camelot at Milkland, when the entire mountain was groomed each day to perfection...I appreciate All the forms and Styles of Carving...Extreme can mean different things to different people...there is a difference between a surfboard and an outrigger canoe, I know that many racers do not want to touch the snow even with their hands, yet anyone who has ridden with Joerg and the Pure Boarding crew and the other Outrigger type riders knows what skill it takes to utilize their whole body as part of the Carving motion...so rather than question motives or Styles, let's just enjoy the ride and different Styles...and look forward, to the evolution of this sport...Ride the Edge
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    IMHO we need that here for history's sake: https://medium.com/@chriskarol/riding-the-beast-cad5a6bc9460#.1bq25xu2l
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    Re: Soul - who cares? I think too many people take their recreational activities way too seriously. As a reality check: We slide down artificially-prepped snow slopes on precisely-made slabs of wood/metal/rubber/fiberglass/carbon/pixie dust/etc. We do things that 99% of other slope users don't understand, like, or appreciate. And yet we're really serious about it. Do people debate the soul of 10-pin bowling? Golf? Darts? Teleboarding? I bet they do, and to an outsider, anyone engaged in that debate looks a little crazy. Hardboot snowboarding makes MY soul happy, so I don't care what any pretentious governing body or company does. I'm excited to get my last two days of the 2016/2017 season this Saturday and Sunday!
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    If snowboarding is supposed to be fun, and you're having fun, then it's working.
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    Well, as Angie and I were in the demo tent most of the day we didn't have much time to shoot footage. That said, we did still get some fun shots in. As the vid states, it was good times had by all. It even features Eric Diem, the Ski Patrol director at June Mtn!
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    Well Eric, he'd EC a lot better than your suggested setup if he'd just switch to hard boots with a 22-cm waisted EC-specific board, 45/50 angles and flexy bindings. But that's not what he asked about either. Ryan is a pro who is building his career around instructional videos catering to riders using roughly the same stance he does. As soon as he moves into forward angles, he loses a large chunk of his audience. He's not just another recreational rider looking to get better. Not sure how that's such a hard concept for you to understand.
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    Lovey is posting possible 4-8" on Thursday. That would make conditions very carvalicious on Sunday. This will be the last Bomber demo day of the season so come out to join the LCI and all the shenanigans. Ink
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    Ok, I will play. You need to look carefully to see the hard boots, but trust me they are there :) An amazing day with Whistler Heli yesterday. I still have a big stupid grin on my face. https://www.youtube.com/Jc2r9V-okQc
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    I actually couldn't read the whole thing. Maybe says more about my ADD than Carol's writing. Too metaphorical or allegorical or one of those other big words. Squirrel!!!!! I raced a little USSA for a few years. Had a ball. And i used my license to run a few skier downhills which was even more awesome. Overall the politics of snowboarding have sucked all the life out of the sport. As sport. All the way through. From the manufacturers early advertising flaunting the rebel side of being anti-authority, the magazines only being interested in the most tweaked and freaked, to the competition side being so obtuse and ridiculous. I ride to carve. I don't care if it's popular or who is zooming who. The less organized the better. Anarchy is the path of the future. Want to see a real halfpipe. Combine it with bordercross and have six people drop in at once. Racing is so far gone I almost don't even care anymore.
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    The blood funnel is going to eat my vampire and feed me to the squid? Most snowboarders never raced and are most likely to be nonplussed by both the writing style and the motivation behind it. The soul of the sport is right here, in the riding of thousands of people in the snow today. We don't need judges, points, or even timings. Just a lift and some snow. There's no need to dwell over ancient trivial bitterness. The sport is a joy, or you're doing it wrong.
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    I think that you will get separate restrooms at the lodge?
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    Return of winter(temps). This is basically a sheet of rough ice (from our recent meltdown) with about 3" of packed sugar groomed on top. Riding a new stick (baby Coiler), required a deft touch on edge and attention to form. Really fun to get out and make some tracks!
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    I had posted a photo of some tracks from riding softboots on the SuperSwede (or what is now called Maverick Big Gun). Had a blast on that board, but recently I upgraded to their new board, the Pipeliner. Having a great time on it, and thought I'd share videos from the first two days on it. I'm riding 45F 25R angles in Salomon Malamutes and getting plenty of support. The board is responsive and very good at holding the edge. Since I live in Colorado and don't ride bulletproof ice, the board has done very well in our conditions. On the steeper terrain (seen esp. in the second movie) I'm struggling to hold on, don't commit quite enough and it shows. Rider, not the board, more stuff for me to work on :) tom.
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    Looking pretty good! Nice turns. Roll your hips a bit more towards the nose on heelside turns. Richard Knapp told me to drive that rear hip forward, which took an embarrassing amount of time to sink into my head before it clicked and felt natural. My lead knee ends up rolling sideways, like I was tipping a ski higher on edge without moving my hip. You don't look too low to me. If anything, you're a bit rigid - not moving up and down enough. Either start low and extend through the apex and then end low, or start high, compress, and end high. Keeping the knees moving prevents you from locking them, which is rough on non-perfect snow. At the risk of giving you way too much info to process (this is the internet ); Also start the turn on the nose to get it turning, then progressively slide it forward through the turn to end towards the tail. This pace changes with turn shapes. Big turns = slow feeding. SL turns = fast feeding. The hardest piece of advice: Ignore how close or far you are from the snow. Focus on technique and making everything clean, and all of a sudden the snow will brush your hand. Then your knee/hip. Then it's hitting them so hard you need to change your body position because the snow is in the way. Efforts to get lower just poison the process. Take one of these things at a time and practice it. Doing all at once is too much. That MK is a sweet board, and definitely different from the Nirvana! Talk to Donek about options to make an MK-like board that's wider. I had this exact discussion with Sean - it's possible.
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    After 17 years of trying to be better at this sport I was thinking today about all the people that helped me, inspired me, kicked me in the ass, and just made me a better rider. Not in any specific order but thanks to you all PSR my first coach, creator of information overload and the Ahh ha moment. CMC smoking a butt and terrorizing Stratton on a 58 Alex and Steph saying no wimps and getting low in the 80s Of course my sidekick The CarveFather and Tony Z-carver the OG Sensei Bruce for building game changing boards Joerg for bringing Europe to me without the 8 hour flight. Vin Q for inspiring me with arm pit drags on a tanker 200 in sofities Mark (dingbat) Bennett for showing me the Beast and being a great friend. Feel free to add yer own list
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    The barely accepable form of snowboarding sounds like the beginning of a new t-shirt.
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    Riceball actually heard this one on Saturday, but got a good laugh out of repeating it to Dave and I. Kid behind us in the line looks at the carving boards and says "What's that?" and his dad replies "It's a barely acceptable form of snowboarding".
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    For me its a copy cat mentality, I see a style and I want to be able to do it as well as the people doing it. EC is something I want to have in my bag of riding proficiencies, the more styles I can ride the more fun it is.
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    I just remembered a liftie comment from Aspen. He said something like: "Your tracks look like ribbon candy down the run." I didn't get it immediately, then thought of this: Haha!
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    While carving with another on the best snow conditions of the year, we stop near another skier , who asks, "are you doing that on purpose?...are you in control? are you going to hit me?"
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    Yeah, well remember to thank those like Chris, anyhow. He and I both went to various SKI HILLS, in-the-day, and DEMOED this silly sport to the Mountain Management/Ski-Patrols/Ski-Schools, and OPENED a few LIFTS to you guys. Trust me, we had to HIKE IT a lot. When you HIKE FOR YOUR RUNS, that's 'soulful'; it takes TIME, Commitment, and a stout pair of lungs. I did Judging because I didn't want some dang fool who had no grasp of what was a trick, or a progressive trick, or a difficult trick, to be calling out who's 'got it' that day!! I quit when 'name recognition' took the fairness out of the equation. Luckily, The Clock doesn't lie. There-in, RACING is the Pure Form of who's better; Human Opinion can't sway The Clock. But, if the entire Format is ruled, run-by, and governed by Skiers, is it "our" sport any longer? Well, I'll just go grab my ol' Sims 1711, and take a Hike up yonder local Ski-Bump while I ponder how it is still MY Sport. And, ya'll are welcome for the 'lift'...
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    I just got back from Colorado and found this waiting for me! A Nirvana 174 Energy named after one of the fastest fish in the ocean-the Wahoo. Thanks to the storm we just had I will still get a chance to take it out for a test ride on Sunday!!! Thanks Bruce!
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    (man this new quoting system sucks) 1) Wow. You know he very well may be lurking here. He used to post. I quite enjoyed the piece. It was creative and it came from experience and the heart. No glaring grammar mistakes jumped out at me either. 2) You are not the arbiter of what defines the spirit of snowboarding. 3) Don't hold your breath.
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    In a dark cave without a light? I wish snowsliding didn't get all these divisions. Xc→tele→ski→mono→skwal→alpine→freestyle→no bindings→sledding It's just a big snowsliding rainbow.
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    Although the visual aid of lighting was dismal at best, I think everyone was filled with glee by the time we were done chasing meatgates. Bigs, that Virus 186GS is a wicked and fun ride. At all times you need to be on your game with that one. My legs were definately done after the beatings we gave Lovey today. Thanks for letting me check it out. I'll mount up the Spartan 196 later to see how that one goes next week unless you are wanting to session it. Just let me know. Also, you were doing a great job going left and right and it showed in your smile Lance, hope the knee isn't too bad. Odd one, keep it up. You are making really good progress in your riding.
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    In the starting gate for lap one on Willy's Face.
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    Today, I finally passed that one remaining exam, so I'm officially a level 3 instructor. :) It was a huge pow day, which made it even sweeter. Park was "interesting" though... Most of participants said that watching the h/boots perform in all sorts of situations changed their perception of snowboarding!
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    I too needed another board Dave, a little ripper for some of the smaller resorts we hit up when weather or early / late season only options. This is a newly pressed Prior Fall Line Carve 'FLC' 163 9.5 M SC. With the Haida Beaver top sheet (my totem) I've named her "Tree Flower" as her story line fits...😋 Leave it to Mr. Callen to know the new TD3 color scheme would just rock my top sheet selection....Must have had his ESPN on!
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    Coiler 165 race/SL, but with with a near radial 9-10m scr. 20.5 waist, 1.6cm taper. I really, really needed another board─for snaking through the afternoon crowds. Mornings typically start off riding its big (safari striped) brother with a 13-14m scr on wide open groomers .
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    New to me Donek MK, and my new Coiler Nirvana Balance! Just came in today. Thanks Bruce!
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    In LDP: when I hear pump the above video comes to mind. Put more energy to accelerate the board going down hill or "flatter section". watching this thread with great interest.
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    Just plain ol' fun nice little posse up today, regulars Mr. Positively Awesome, Coach Inky, The Odd One, and myself were joined by Lance, Effin'N(you know who you are!) and Lovey regular Seldom seen John( shout out to Edward Abbey there). The quality of riding today was off of the charts(notso much on my part) and a nice job on once again defiling the groom for the early onset spring break kooks. Ice, you probably should invest in a go pro, it would've been nice to have gotten that end less Jorge style heelside on film, as well as some of my other bone headed slopside shenanigans' for posterity's sake. It took a few runs, and some tinkerbellin', but I got that big, good karma virus to come around to my way of thinking, but dayum, that is some work. definitely not for the faint of heart, or light weight riders. or for more crowded slopes. I think I will be on something a little more forgiving next weekend, though it definitely was a fun ride! See you next weekend, mario
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    LCI, taking over the mountain one carver at a time. Or in this case two at a time. Ink
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    I don't lay on the snow. I get compressed down into the turn until suddenly the snow is in my armpit begging to rip off my arm. Now it's my knee and leg and armpit on the other side. Dammit. Why does this keep happening? Funny because other than leading with a hand sometimes I am not actively seeking to lay it out, but when you turn hard enough suddenly it is. And I keep wearing out clothes too. I should get some baggy pants and some duck stance and stop all this crazy body flopping crap.
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    Next year, Katie and I will be on the Loveland pass. My best days this season have all been there and we have ridden just about everywhere else off I-70.
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    I often get stares from softboot boarders at the top of each lift ride while they are sitting down buckling in as I step my rear foot into my Intecs and slide away.
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    My legs hurt. Bad. I musta had some fun yesterday. Cold, windy, bright and sunny. Great snow and big bombs going off on the ridge provided the perfect setting for the trench warfare that 12 plus carvers declared on loveys manicured slopes yesterday, leaving a majority of them a vast wasteland by noon. It was a epic battle, and a great day. The usual LCI crew was supplemented by the Bomber Bus, epic pass holders Aaron, Lance, and Katy, MR. AWESOME made his way over from Granby, and the infamous Lord Metroland made his inaugural appearance. Aaron, thanks for the kinco's, they were perfect for yesterdays temps, sorry about the loss of the MK. Nate, thanks for the company on the way up, and the chocolate croissants, you're welcome to copilot any time, just let me know. see you next sunday, mario
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    Just bought a used Swoard and brought it with me instead of my FLC here in Sun Peaks along with my 4WD which I'm in love with. Watched tons of EC videos, seems to be so easy. Man after 25 years on hardboots I'm not good at all compared to those guys. Why can't I just EC with my FLC or my 4WD?? Well, this Swoard has something other don't when you rotate your body when initiating turns. Maybe only in my mind, but I really feel something. Not really smooth or relax, but the feeling is different. I can't say I can do EC, but I can say I want to learn it with a Swoard! At the end of the day, EC makes great pictures and some boards can help you to make those pictures . But really, we need to have fun before thinking of making great pictures. My 4WD does it, as simple as that!! But my Swoard bring me another feeling I've never experimented before, so fun again for me!!! Make sure you're having fun, that's it.
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    The true Zen of carving is when you feel like you are doing nothing and your board is doing it all. No rotation, no reaching, no diving, just balance. If you achieve that via EC or not, then good. In any case, let the ground come to you. I love that EC draws people to the sport, but it's an expert maneuver that shouldn't be attempted by beginners, and will teach them bad habits if they do.
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    Unlike other conventions, with all the soul riders at Tahoe there was no camera whoring to be found. Actually, I took a few pictures but I suck as a photographer. Thanks to Bomber for organizing this event. I had a great time. I know Max enjoyed the scenery.