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    Still plenty snow at Timberline on Mt Hood in Oregon . Skinned last Saturday morning ! The groomers looked great . Zig Zag glacier was smooth and fun! Come on out !
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    Today, I finally passed that one remaining exam, so I'm officially a level 3 instructor. :) It was a huge pow day, which made it even sweeter. Park was "interesting" though... Most of participants said that watching the h/boots perform in all sorts of situations changed their perception of snowboarding!
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    KarverKai has been getting more and more into DH skating after a year spent freeriding to learn different slides. Well, he has now stepped up his game and is tucking in with some of ColoRADo's top DH skaters. He is not yet really fast but makes gains each time out learning what he can from the Vets. Here is a quick clip from his first day out on one of our local "runs". Ink IMG_3889.mov
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    Magic. I hope all y'all are out getting after it in some way shape or form and taking advantage of something/anything our incredible state has to offer, if you aren't, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU???? Inky, I don't know if you have had the chance to ride lower Box 'O' Rox at the big green mound since COMBA did some work on it, but it is a hoot, pure pump track silliness with a sprinkling of rockgardens for a little bit o spice. I've managed to ride it twice this week. Once P is a little further out from her latest surgery, i'll try to get over to your back yard. 18 days left in my current MTB season, then I get cut on and I am out in til late July/ early August. See you knuckleheads when I see you mario
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    And Mt Hutt in New Zealand opened for this year's Southern Hemisphere winter season today. There's almost always SOMEWHERE you can go snowboarding.
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    It's usually about a lot of things, but in this case, as presented, it's definitely about the board. The 'right' board will leave an impression that resonates long after the experience has ended. > I had a similar experience back in '04, when I was starting to wonder why I was still hardbooting. First run on a Madd 158 reboot, and most of the joy of the previous 14 years came back in about a dozen turns. First as a trickle, then as a torrent. Needless to say, that exact board is still in my possession. We are so easily influenced in our purchasing decisions by graphics, ad copy, spec sheets, wishful thinking, peer pressure, and salesmanship. It's not often that one stumbles on something that genuinely works for our individual needs as it should, where the experiential feedback loop screams "BUYTHISPRODUCT!!!" So, were I you, I would do whatever it takes to get your hands on that same board. There is something about that particular build that works for your specific mode of riding. Whether or not that mode is optimal is beside the point, as are the 'hows' and 'whys'. It works, life is short; therefore you need it. Besides, your memory of the day will gradually dim. If you manage to catch that particular strain of Virus, you'll have a palpable link to that time and place. That is, unless you go back out on your Stubby and find similar exhilaration. In which case, ignore the previous.
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    Hey, don't make a mistake of trying to figure out your Mondo by conversion from street size 11! You need to physically measure your feet in cm. Step barefoot against wall, on hard floor, Mark your longest toe and measure the distance in cm - that's your Mondo point size. If it's under 28, you need 27-27.5 shell. Supportive footbeds help you fit into smaller boits, not fill in bigger ones! Please don't make a mistake of going too big, you'll have hard time and it might even lead to an injury.
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    And, yet, the Fruit falls close by the Tree;; http://powderjets.com/about Anyone [Mig?] want to get their Powdergun Experimental back? Or, maybe their pre-82 OP Swallowtail? Also, they do make full-on p-tex/metal edged boards; I saw them at Cannon Mt. (not a Mt. to be sneered at; It's Steep, Icy, and at times difficult to ride), and their crew was having a good time just romping around (testing stuff?).
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    If you are still interested in a Virus board you might call Bola at all board sports as he has a metal 162 sl board at a very low price but it is in real good shape as I saw it today when I was up there paying for a board that I bought. 303-415-1600 Cheers Matt
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    The Moon sets over Milk as the Sun rises today...
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    Time to break out the rock board ! Looks to still be a bit more Brown pub than Blue, but its a start. I bet they'd give a few jars of Speights to have the coverage Timberline still have (those photos are amazing!)
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    Does anyone have there forward lean on there bindings set differently on each foot? I'm sure I read some where but can't find the article to have one on slightly more than the other will help carving and the initiation of turns..
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    In softies, I ride with more forward lean on the front foot. I am dominant on the front foot and usually break parts on the front binding first.
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    I always add one more notch of forward lean on my rear binding. It fits my position and stance better.
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    Just posted this in another section, but thought it might be useful here. I've been using this system for the past 10+ years. No more bending down to release bindings at lift and am able to release anywhere on the hill, even in very awkward positions. First decided this was a good idea when I had to try and release at a cliff face with very poor positioning. Hope this helps. This is my quick release system for intecs. Derlin quick release buckles that will fit into Intec handles, 8' of 5/8" webbing (REI), and a Nylon Double Biner. Threaded through my pants, up through jacket sleeve and and into mittens. Long enough webbing to reach approximately the bottom of the palm of my hand when my arm is fully extended, but short enough to activate Intec release when holding the Biner and fully extending my arm. Yes it is more difficult to release when the binding is loaded upwards, but pulling and doing a little hop should release it when hanging upside down.
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    If you want a board with similar geometry that will hold your weight better in deep pow, or on the groomers to get there, you should check out the Fullbag Blunt Diamond 162. My buddies and me were big fans of the Fish 160, but the flex pattern did not work well for us (amongst other things). Nose kept folding right in front of the front binding. So after some brainstorming with them and riding some prototypes, the Blunt Diamond 162 was born. Great float and manoeuverability, no rear leg burn, more surface area, long low rise tip. If you need any info, let me know.
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    Do you ride on very cold, man-made snow? I do, and it strips wax for about a cm (1/2 inch) of the base near the edges surprisingly fast. Hot wax would last for 1/2-day at most before being stripped off near the edges. I use wax rated for the coldest temps I can find. Then I crayon it on near the edges and buff it in aggressively with a Wax Whizard (now Pro-Glide) a couple of times (at room temperature) before a day of riding. Then I add whatever wax is appropriate for conditions for the rest of the base and buff it in as well. Works great! But you still need to do the section near the edges daily. The stuff in the middle lasts until the weather changes enough to need a different wax. I don't understand how or why it's more durable than hot-waxing, but it seems to. The crayon-and-buff technique also uses a fraction of the wax, is much faster, and there's zero mess. I haven't used a wax iron in 5+ years and don't miss it. However, I plan on doing a hot scrape this fall as there's probably lots of dirt trapped in the base by now.
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    i always wave back but he just ignores me
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    That is what you meant to say, right? It'll be just perfect on both pow and soft groomer days at your new favorite snowsports area. I speak from experience. Trust me. Really. It will change your life. especially over at 8
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    Scenes from a single day of the Whitefish Trench Festival (WTF) in January: And some post-season fun a few weeks after closing:
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    I'll be back in town with my kids in tow for evening and weekend activities. I have been jetsetting the last couple months and trying to finishe a remodel. Mornings surfing 🏄 river run park in Englewood with skate/bike/roller skating to follow... if anyone is interested in the river surf thing(which I will be new to) I have sups and body boards and a surfboard or two... hope you are all getting after it and would love to hook up
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    Yes, but your speedometer and odometer will read high. Search for 'tire size calculator' and you'll be able to out in the #s and see how much. Also confirm the load rating. I suspect you'll have no issues for a lighter vehicle like a Forester, but it's worth confirming. EDIT: Looking at the size again, that's a LOT smaller. I'd say too small...
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    The worst mistake you can make is also the most common - shells which are too loose. You really want almost no room for the liner if you're going to ride with aggression. When you pull the liner and put your bare foot in the shell you want to be able to slide one finger down behind your heel, but not two. Almost any other fault can be repaired by a good fitter, even a bad buckle location isn't insoluble. FWIW I wear size 11.5EEEE street shoes, and my 700 shells are size 27. So were my 325s, which worked pretty well also. Boosterstraps on both. I have a very wide forefoot, very high arch (cork insoles) and big shin and calf muscles. I ride narrow boards but even on ATV type boards I think you'll quickly find that 45° is the lowest you'll want. Higher angles just give such amazing precision and power heel side that it's addictive.
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    Mouse, as far as angles go, bring a tool! Nothing is written in stone. However, there is a tendency to feel better able to pressure a boards edge when our toes and heels are on the appropriate edge. 15/10 may give you massive overhang. I ride softies ducked out and hardboots however they happen to fit on the board. 15-21front, -6 to -12 rear softies, and 55-63 front, 35-55 rear in hardboots. I used to ride with higher angles in softies. Whenever I have tried this for giggles it has been an unpleasant experience since that time. That is just me personally. So play away and screw around. Read Jack's article on binding set up and get started.
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    When you've known me as long as I have, you just call me "six-toe Joe".
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    I think ACE has been—I would hit him up for info.
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    With your foot shape, go with UPZ. You may need to punch for width/6th toe (as I do) in the front but that's not a big deal.
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    I still have my Powdergun, but wouldn't dare to ride it now. I probably would break it in half... LOL!!! It is hanging in my living room wall now. I handle a Powderjet creation a couple of years back in a shop. It was closer to a Performer as it had the convex tail. And I was expecting a super flexy board, but it was actually pretty stiff when hand flexed (which doen't mean much anyway...).
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    I never found a tuner in NYC that I would trust to structure an alpine board. I always ended up taking my boards up to Stratton to be Tuned, By Sean Meszkat ... I think he is at Okemo now.
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    All of your gear and setup is important. And what works for you, won't necessarily work for others. The board is part of it but the boots, binding, (and if you use one) plate are also important.
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    Thank you for this post. i started on a snurfer back in 1978. The snurfer has been reissued and is being produced again with permission from Sherman Poppen.
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    Thanks Erazz, I looked at those studies as well, and decided to proceed with the surgery. I have very little evidence of arthritis, in fact, doc has seen more wear on 30 year old knees then in mine despite the fact that I have not been kind to them through the years. Must be that thick, cro-mag bone structure of mine, I had an mri done one my skull once, and the tech had never seen a skull so thick, no brain, no pain. I have arrived at 54 relatively intact despite my best efforts in mosh pits, jobsites, mountain bike crashes, snowboards, and squat racks. mario
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    You are me. What you want is a softer hard boot and an all-mountain board with a wider waist that will let you run lower angles. There are probably 15 people or so that ride in the Calgary area. Allie is one of them: she posts here often and can probably connect you with the crew. Riceball is the ringleader but doesn't post here much. Most years he organizes the Nakiska Expression Session the 2nd weekend of January. This is your chance to borrow gear, get some tips and drink some beers. I come out every year from Saskatoon and Corey makes the trip from Winnipeg.
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    Just used a cork, safe to say I've used arm muscles i haven't for a while 😓
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    Hoping All goes well for U Mario !!
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    I keep being surprised by how many people on Bomber have been to Mt Hutt & Methven! For those who've never been - https://www.nzski.com/mt-hutt https://methvenpubs.co.nz/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speight's
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    That's all I use for 90% of my riding. But it seldom goes below -7-8C here, mostly just sub 0C....
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    +1 to lifting the toes; its usually the first thing I forget (in the looong list). I used to dive into turns, but as my carving speeds got up to sllghtly more than snail pace, I found it really hard to transition my weight from front to rear effectively, so I made a conscious decision to try and stay more centered. Now you are telling me I've be brainwashed Eric - noooooo!! those pesky AASI infiltrators must have spiked my brewski!!
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    Eric you touched on a good point with the positioning of the binding in regard to the edge - I run my front binder on the inside holes to move it a little toward the heelside and find this gives me a little better leverage. Agree with SVR regarding the need to consider the board press too - each shape will ride a little differently and some really respond well to a change of stance. I deal with it a little differently than Sandy,rather than changing hghiback angles, I re-center my stance (either fwd or back) until I'm happy with the feel of initial bite (if that makes sense).
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    Thanks I'll give that a go next time im on my board.
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    I suspect you could also use an old-school cork and get similar results to the Wax Whizard, but you need to push harder to generate enough heat. Has anyone tried basic paraffin wax (for canning) to do a hot scrape. That stuff is really cheap!
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    The standard board for this at my mates' cat/ heli operation is a Burton Fish, although there are lots of copies now. We call them "day saver" boards, and it's for a reason. You get lots of people riding on one foot other the other, and inevitably they can't really make one run. After realizing that everyone else is having more fun, you could sell them those Fish for thousands of dollars. The right board inevitably most often saves their day. The cool thing about Fish is that they're also good for experts. Sure, they're a little slower to accelerate than big boards, but it's not a race, and in any sort of mixed terrain they're much faster around the corners. Slightly more slashy boards share some of the design features though and are a good compromise. It's rare to see experts in deep powder on big boards these days. Although anyone you do see will inevitably be on hard boots.
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    This is my quick release system for intecs. Derlin quick release buckles that will fit into Intec handles, 8' of 5/8" webbing (REI), and a Nylon Double Biner. Threaded through my pants, up through jacket sleeve and and into mittens. Long enough webbing to reach approximately the bottom of the palm of my hand when my arm is not fully extended, but short enough to activate Intec release when holding the Biner and fully extending my arm. Yes it is more difficult to release when the binding is loaded upwards, but pulling and doing a little hop should release it when hanging upside down.
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    If I am making full carves, I'm still moving fast enough that not many catch up. However, if they do it's the usual problem: if they aren't used to the movement pattern they may get surprised. That's why I like it clear both up and down-hill, and why I check uphill as often as I can to make sure it is still OK. If I'm cruising, I seldom get passed: it'll usually be some straight-lining idiot or a racer kid. Either way, I look uphill if I decide to take it across in some unpredictable fashion. If I have to pass a crowd, I usually just take it to the very edge of the run near the trees and biff along where most people aren't comfortable.
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    Mammoth is pretty good. On the soft side this weekend, but it's right for chair 23. Max did it a couple times on his skwal
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    I discovered ice rash on my beer gut & my jacket smells like pine trees