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    Hello Carving Community, We are going through a bumpy time right now. Working on what could be called an "ownership change". So in the meantime the Bomber Store is open for looking at product, but no orders can be placed or will be shipped at this time. We are working on changing this every day and hope to have it back up and running 100% as soon as possible. We know this is NOT good timing but please stick with us. We'll get the Store back up and running soon.
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    I was on my 176 Coiler AM today and I had my best day yet. I actually felt like a real carver for the first time and I hope I can apply my new level of confidence to my Coiler 163 Slalom tomorrow. I am very stoked!
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    Jack Michaud

    A sport for loners

    I do it all the time. The only way it works though is if everyone agrees on one thing. You either go ahead of me, or behind me, but you do not try to pass me and I won’t pass you.
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    There's some talent on this board, though very few are skilled mind readers. If you want steps toward a solution, or something other than sympathy and guesswork, hire someone to shoot clear video of you doing your thing on a moderate slope. Otherwise, if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got. You'll only achieve what your process will allow, and from the sound of things, you're doing it wrong. When you learned to row, did you bash the water into submission, imitating the postures and positions of your favourite oarsman? Or did you gradually come to understand the water, the blades, the hull, and how you fit into the picture?
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    Stranda Snowboards: Shorty review

    I'm having a great time riding this board -- with softboots. With all the interest in softboot carving I thought it might be appropriate to post this here. At 169cm, it's a short board in comparison to the rest of my quiver. The Shorty is billed as a high speed untracked powder board. Unfortunately this winter hasn't delivered the goods yet... But my local resort had some fresh snow these past few days, and I had a blast carving and making short pow turns, and going through trees. I haven't read all the technical specs, so I'll just describe it as I see it. The board is relatively stiff, has camber between the feet, some tail rocker, and a big rockered shovel nose. The sidecut doesn't reach all the way in the front -- so when I'm carving, I can see the nose ready to grab the fresh snow and to lift me to the top. The SCR feels long -- maybe 11m? The board is very stable at speed, and I had some huge fast turns today on it -- building speed to shoot up and over into the powder in the trees along the slope. Super fun. With the shorter tail I can turn it on a dime, so surfing narrow lanes of untracked powder, slaloming around trees, it's a joy. Wish I could bottle the stoke and share it, alas that technology isn't out yet... More about the board at <https://www.strandasnowboards.com/product/shorty/> tom.
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    I have never ever had a problem with the crack dealer, other than having him hand me a virus and telling me" try it, you'll like it, and you will be back. Bastard got me infected. On a more personal note, he heard about some of my wife's health issues through the grapevine a few years ago and reached out to her and myself with a bunch of holistic advice. The B man has been nothing but professional and personable in my 12+ year relationship with him, other than the first hit is free.... mario ,
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    A sport for loners

    Suddenly I'm picturing Jack rolling up to his Prius on his recumbent bike while wearing a fogged-up Ruroc, a fartbag suit, and Crocs. I came back to a flat tire on my van a few days ago. That was a crummy end to a fun day of riding.
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    I'm really in favour of softbooters trying to learn how a board can turn by virtue of its shape rather than trying to swing or pivot the board around with their back foot. I think only a very small percentage who try to carve a softboot setup will progress to full carves with linked turns from edge to edge over an entire run, but if it cuts down on the number of riders acting as heelside/toeside snow squeegees on the blues and blacks then I'm all for it. I rode up the lift a couple of weeks ago with a particularly open-minded softbooter who was curious how I managed to get the board to turn with such relatively (to him) steep angles. When I explained about how sidecut radius could turn the board by itself if the board was weighed/decambered (used the analogy of a ghost-riding bicycle), etc, he wondered if his board could do the same. So with many caveats and CYA statements ("I'm not an instructor", etc), in about 5 minutes he was doing a modified version of the "norm" turn on both heel and toe. The biggest thing was getting him to trust that the board would come back across the fall line just by use of continued pressure on the edge, and breaking the tail free to slide it wasn't necessary. "Holy shit, it's so much less effort..." Spotted him from the lift later and he was still at it, with noticeable improvement, linked turns and all. Some people are all about skills acquisition, getting a snowboard to carve a turn is yet another skill in the set. Who knows, if his buddies see him carve the odd turn instead of sliding the tail around, they might try it themselves.
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    Car nuts thread 😁

    How I lust for 80’s era Turbo Porsche’s. I’m really sorry you had to sell it but glad you are recovered from your illness! When I was a kid my dad was really into cars, the coolest of which he lost in a divorce. An all-original healey-blue Austin-Healey bn7. Living in SF means one car is the limit so that means I needed one car that can go in the snow, haul surfboards, and haul a little ass when I wanna have some fun. I got lucky and scored a (pretty rare) 2008 Aspen white manual-transmission sg6 forester XT sports. I think they make ~230hp (crank I assume) from the factory but mine pulls ~330awhp on a heartbreaker dyno pretty much all the way to the redline (not sure what that is at the crank). Nothing too crazy by today’s standards but plenty of fun. Lots of people like to upgrade these with an STi 6-speed tranny but the STi tranny adds like 200 lbs and the gearing on the stock 5mt forester tranny makes it an absolute beast on the highway so I prefer it. What I like about it is most people don’t expect a forester to be fast -it’s a fun little sleeper. Nowhere near as cool as an actual Forester STi but those aren’t sold in the US and can’t be legally imported. Prolly just as quick tho.
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    Softboot Carving worth watching

    Prolly my best carving vid yet. Happy shreddin' all!
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    Welcome to hardboot snowboarding! I have been doing this since January 1990. You’re going to have good, bad and worse days for as long as you continue to persue improvement in this sport. It’s kind of like golf, but it doesn’t suck.
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    A guide for newbies

    It’s quite easy to enjoy multiple boards on one outing. Once you get 3 or 4 boards put together it makes total sense to have someone caddy for you. More than just a beast of burden, a good board caddy will offer you suggestions about what board to use and can help you keep your head screwed on right. In addition to my quiver, my caddy carries a couple of pairs of dry gloves, fresh goggles of various tints, light snacks, and a small selection of local craft beers for the lift. He also holds my car keys and keeps my iPhone from freezing. If you don’t want to pay for a top of the line alpine caddy then I suggest offering cash on the spot to the most sober looking lift operator you can find. That’ll usually do in a pinch.
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    2017-2018 New Board Porn

    I put this under the tree for my wife for Christmas-I guess she is officially a hardbooter now! 165 Nirvana Free Carve Balance with custom Barnegat Lighthouse graphics. It is one of her favorite places and a perfect fit for a snowboard!
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    OES snowboard Canada

    Hi friends ! to all the interested, these bindings are of my manufacture. aluminum plate and lift base, step in stainless steel. the advantage of these bindings is to absorb the maximum vibration compared to all other brands, they have no direct contact with the board, rubber bushings between the board and the flat and bushings at 4 attachment points. which makes riding very soft while keeping the precision. An addition of a heel scraper for soft snow days that also serves as support during maneuvers on one foot. they answer to the name of (carvex). and here is the work! enjoy!
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    Happy Holidays!

    Wish all of you and your families a wonderful day and New Year!
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    This is my first post here so please bare with me I'm a fairly new rider in the scheme of things as i started in 2014 so i missed out all of the early years of snowboarding and as a result i have learned and ridden entirely in soft boots but like everyone on this forum I love feeling of riding the edge. I come from a mountain bike racing background where i raced downhill for a large number of years I started as a way to maintain my fitness over the winter but it soon became a proper passion of mines. Coming from racing bikes, tricks on the board have never been more than a somewhat fun side show to the main event of carving where the speed control and g forces are just down right addictive. I'm in agreement with many here one of the biggest hindrance to soft boot carving is equipment, boots in general i find aren't stiff enough side to side(nose to tail) or dont offer enough support in general. I managed to kill two pairs of 32 primes(stiffest boot they made at the time) in the space of 4 months worth of riding one pair by blowing out the stitching where the boot was flexing at the ankle and on the second I snapped the tongue in half.... After that i went back to an old pair of vans i owned and got creative by bonding plastic strips down the spine of the of boot cutting the tongues out of an old pair of boots and bonding them to the back of the tongue of my vans vastly increasing there stiffness. In addition to that i also made a much larger beefier power strap that went fully around the boot outer. It only took me roughly 8 hours but now i have boots that actually seem to be stiff enough for the job. Bindings need work also and possibly something even as basic as the mounting disc's may need a change. In the space of a year as my riding got stronger and my ability to manipulate and torque the board into and out of turns increased i broke 5 disks(4 rome and 1 union mini disk).. Looking for a pair of good stiff bindings i followed many of my soft compatriots suggestions and i got a pair of union ultra's which turned out to be possibly my worst purchase the base footbeds of this binding is no where near stiff enough for aggressive carving after roughly 30mins i would flex the footbed so much i would have ice packed under it to the extent i could fit a finger under it. I think its very telling at nearly all the Japanese and Korean carvers appear to be riding flux so i think that's probably where ill be heading next in the hope that there up to the job. Board design i don't think we will see much changes in terms of width unless a major manufacturer decides to take a risk and it pays off for them. I recently demo'd the Bataleon carver for about an hour, it was pretty much how i expected super solid and held an edge well right until boot out which i was expecting but It i felt compromised in terms of waist width to be able to be sold to the masses they kept it at a fairly narrow 26cm. The board has incredible potential to be a great board but its hamstrung by the manufacturer not being brave enough to leave its 25-26.5cm waist comfort zone and im pretty sure most manufacturers are unlikely to leave that comfort zone anytime soon. My current main carving board is a SG soul 159xt which has a waist of 27.5cm and compared to everything else i have ridden it is a true revelation but it does require a much stronger rider in terms of being able to get a board to go from edge to edge but if you can the board is truly exceptional and rewarding ride. In terms of softboot carvers transfering to hardboots I'm hoping in the new year a skier friend of mine will come through on his promise of digging out his brothers hard boot set up for me to give it a try :) finally from a long time lurker i want to say thank you I've enjoyed reading this forum and i find it a great wealth of knowledge in terms of carving in technique.
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    Madd Killer Strikes Back!

    Thoughts from the first day on the MK today. (For background info, I've been riding a Donek 158 SL board for the past 10 years, as my one and only board.) - the MK rides a *whole lot* like my SL board - it shares that "Holy Crap, I can't believe I just ripped that turn, and it all held together!" attribute (I don't consider the MK a life-changing 'transformative' ride, as I've been riding a life-changing 'transformative' board for over a decade, but its right there in that same space!!) I will easily transition to the MK being my one and only board - in fact, I kinda made that move today, I think. :-) - the MK definitely holds a better edge than the SL, and today was a hardpack-bordering-on-boilerplate day - I'd have been sliding all over the place on my SL board, but the MK held an edge very reliably and admirably (there were a number of times where it would have happily kept edging right down the rock-solid hill, at ever-increasing speed, but I lacked the confidence in it yet to let it completely have its head) - the MK seems to have a narrower balance range - its easier to overload the nose if you're a bit ham handed (ham footed? :-) with the front foot, and while its surprisingly forgiving of riding the tail, it makes much nicer turns if you stay more centered, and are nuanced in weight transfer from front(ish) to rear(ish) during the carve. One of my habits from the SL board is to just dive over the nose into a turn, and let the board catch up (it always does!) - that approach doesn't work nearly as well on the MK, though - definitely requires more finesse. - the MK is a full 10mm narrower at the waist, and the edge-to-edge transition is noticeably faster (I suspect the narrower tail, due to the setback sidecut, might play into this, as well). Its wicked fast edge-to-edge! - the MK doesn't turn *quite* as sharply as the SL, but its pretty darned close (and this was only my first outing on it, in highly-non-ideal conditions - there were a few turns where it really ripped across underneath me when I stumbled on the right balance, pressure transition and vertical weighting, so I suspect that as my riding of the board improves, it'll tighten up further - it might yet match the SL board's super-tight turn radius) - the MK is faster than the SL board - don't know if its inherently faster from a materials perspective, but it handles speed more stably, and it tends not to hook on the tail like the SL board, so you don't bleed as much speed off at the end of your arc, before you're transitioning to the other edge and again heading down the hill. Its rather insistent in when it wants to transition from one edge to the other, and is definitely earlier than the SL board in this respect. I could see myself never reaching the top speed of this board, and I'm 100% Ok with that. :-) - the MK has good pop when you load it up - much like my SL board had back in its youth (its softened up a bit over the course of a decade) - to call it 'lively' would be understatement, but its not like a wild horse, either. If you load it, it'll pop nicely, but if you're more subtle, it makes smooth (but super quick) transitions - much like the SL board, the MK is a LOT of work to carve hard all day - the turns are tight, and the only thing it likes to do is turn - constantly. In that respect, I LOVE it! I was bouncing around in the parking lot like Tigger after the end of the day today - you get used to the dynamics of riding this kind of board, and the legs don't quite want to stop at the end of the day, despite being worked hard! I was honestly a little guarded in my expectations of the MK, having ridden such an amazing board in the 158 SL for so long, but it really is everything everyone says it is, and I'm very much looking forward to getting to know it better!! :-)
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    When you go to a rental/demo shop they give you a board with duck stance, no questions asked. When you see a group of instructors they all stand duck, because that is what everyone else is doing. AASI is led by a heard of sheep, asking you to pay yearly dues to be part of their flock. Don't get me started on the "Y model". I had much more success with my lessons when I started ignoring the AASI way.
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    Yo Lci!!

    Katie has a sore shoulder and my melon was beyond repair years ago. Thanks for the well wishes. We will be up and around soon I’m sure
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    Internet famous...

    Holy crap. Someone put my picture on the homepage of my local hill. http://www.crystalmountain.com/ I had know idea that they were going to do this. So glad I'm dragging my inside hand (again) in the shot....... 'doh!
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    Fullbag's Feel The Turn video

    Some east coast riding on a couple of my boards.
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    I've had two bouts with alpine snowboarding, with a substantial multi-year gap inbetween. The first started in 93? 94? I was riding a PJ6. I was going to boarding school and was the only snowboarder, and all I had to guide me was occasional stills from snowboarding mags (which at the time, you could find alpine coverage in mags). It sucked, thoroughly. I got in a lot of days but all that taught me that time on the mountain does not necessarily make you better ... thankfully I had persistence, and my teenage huevos were bigger than my brain. We occasionally went night skiing at Temple Mtn. in NH (RIP) there was a little posse of hardbooters there that seemed to know what they were doing. One of them saw me flopping around like a fish on dry land and took pity on me—15 minutes with that guy taught me more than I had learned in a year or two of suffering on my own. Riding with people better than you is key—I learned that from the opportunities to do so that this forum provides. I feel like I pretty much know what I'm doing these days but I still have rough days. I have *zero* confidence in soft groomed snow (it terrifies me), sometimes I still just suck and think to myself "I could totally do this yesterday!!! WTF!!!". It's all part of the fun. I appreciate the days I can rip, thanks to the days I can't.
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    Coiler EC vs Swoard EC ??

    Since it is quite difficult to design one board, I still wonder how OES can design such a wide range with so many construction options and have them all perform right... Anyway that model is a pure copy of the Swoard shape...Did not even try to modify the specs!...same goes for the 3 sizes 161-168-175......luckily it does perform like a pale copy does... I rarely, almost never, criticize what other brands do, but when the competition is obviously a rip-off and targets you directly, it's hard to stay silent...sry for the off-topic moment..
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    I like the term "Soulful Carving" because when it all comes together, it can feel like an endless series of bottom turns. #carvingthewhitewave
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    2017-2018 New Board Porn

    Should be just the ticket for foggy days!
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    Bend it....

    Bend it? (with a little help from the fish-eye)
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    Milkland... a Surfers Paradise

    4 or 5 can go a long way especially on the first day back to Milkland, did all the edges to much timber deep, watch out nobody around for the first hour or so...33rd season surfing at milk, opens with Ohhh Law Laaa...
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    That is my understanding about the "arrangement" also. He may even be an employee at the shop if I recall correctly. I very much enjoy talking with Bola and had a great time riding with him years ago at SES. I love all the high end gear he brings into stock. Very rare these days. I wish we had a similar shop in our area .
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    Beckmann AG

    Alpine Snowboard Plate Systems

    From the look of a recently posted team Allflex training session vid, the progression in snowboard racing will culminate in two athletes racing pogo sticks downhill. The boards appear essentially lifeless, with the athletes pounding up and down on them in order to turn. Weird. Interesting how classic downhill ski racing (Kitzbühel, Wengen, etc,) still resembles it's origin, which is to say, one athlete reading the mountain to find the fastest path to the finish. Meanwhile, snowboard racing bears almost no resemblance to, well, snowboarding.
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    Yo Lci!!

    Update: Sure missing riding with you Yahoos... The VA continues to amaze me, MRI scheduled for FEB 23rd. WOW ! Still really swollen, but, slowly feeling better. Ankle is tolerable and the knee only hurts if I move it too much. I have a feeling that I will be able to ride the mono in 3 or 4 weeks. Took a roadtrip to Oregon to see my sweetie, just got back. easy 6 days of driving.
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    Although this tread is very entertaining, I don't really care which style is good or bad for others' eyes. So as promised to jtslalom, here I tested the above board today. To be fair, I rode 3 boards to compare. Rider: 185 lbs, 6'1", +20 yrs riding Boots: Burton Ion sz 11 Bindings: Burton Cartel Stance angle: 27 front, 12 back Condition: 6-12'F, chalk snow but chopped up (rode from 2 to 9 pm) Boards: '13 Rossignol One Mag 161W, '14 F2 Eliminator Carbon 166W, the above board I chose the above 2 boards because the Rossignol One Mag has gotten good reviews (from normal softbooters) for its all mountain & carving ability with capable of good ground tricks. As we all know, F2 Eliminator is one fine BX board that can carve like alpine boards. I had few F2 eliminators (WC and regular) and ridden with hardboots and softboots. My setup is not super stiff like Driver X or Malamute boots or Diode/C02/FR2, etc. because I wanted my dream softboot carving deck to do some ground tricks too, like butter, willie, ollie, nollie, reverse carving, etc. 1. Rossignol One Mag - CRAP. Who the hell did come up with the Magnatraction? Lib-Tech? That shit doesn't work. Period. It may seemed work for normal softbooters but not for us. That crap is for someone who doesn't know how to press edges. Also, effective edges are so ineffective for real carving. It seems like I was on my daughter's Burton Chicklet 120. As a 'normal' snowboard, it was easy to do ground tricks, especially switch, butter. But that's about it. Nothing to review. 2. F2 Eliminator Carbon - My last Eliminator was 09-10 WC, which had titanal. It surely cut most of bumps and chopped, like most metal alpine decks do. Very versatile but damp. I particularly wanted this 14-15 model since it is semi-hammerhead shape and has carbon laminate to bring back some liveness and versatile (go everywhere). As expected, it was a blast. it carved well and had more pop than titanal version. I felt that it was lighter than WC but still burly due to its size and width. 12-13m SCR with 166W was somewhat demanding. I had to drive it to bend to find carve line but once it got bent, it really carved like alpine decks. Loved the wide version to allow angulate more. No surprise. Very reliable softboot carving board. Lastly, the above construction board. It is Endeavor Hammerhead 157, specially manufactured for Korean softboot carving market only. What Endeavor claimed in construction are: Seamless Sidewall, Carbon beams, Titanal Metal laminate, Kevlar strength. 7500 Sintered base. Spec: Length: 157 cm Effective edge: 1326 mm Waist: 246 mm SCR: 9.4/8.8/10 Heavily decamabered on nose and tail (as close as Black Pearl). It is camber board but didn't have much. Flex was soft, as soft as Rossi One Mag. I rode an hour on green and blue trails. I had some doubts and not much expectation until I was on lift. First it was light...I mean VERY. Maybe due to its size and/or I rode it right after riding the Eliminator but it is really light. probably lighter than Rossi. That also gave me more doubt that it can hold edges. As soon as I put it on edge, this thing sliced like a hot butter knife. Turn initiation was very quick due to heavily decambered nose. Base was as fast as Eliminator, I rode it from 8-9 pm so the condition (chalk snow) was chopped but still hold edges nicely. After worm up and got confident that this board can tolerate, I pushed hard and it turned like Madd 158, not as much as pop like Madd but turned tighter. I angulated as much as I could on toeside turn and my elbow was touching the snow. (I don't ride ass up but more crouching). The toe edge was intact on snow and held the edge without any chatter or wobbles. Heelside turn was somewhat limited due to the stance angles. Without higher angle, I wasn't able to angulate as much as toeside turn. (I usually get bruise on upper left thigh when I am done with riding on alpine boards). So, next run, I just wanted to see what if I do. I digged heel edge and tipped it as far as I could. Then, the it carved tight and finished the turn already and lost grip on tail. Tried again and same thing happened. I quickly shifted my weight to tail and then was able to hold but completed/finished the turn already so couldn't link next turn. Another amazing thing was it didn't give me any chatter nor wobble, like titanal boards. The construction, it has titanal (partially) but not throughout like alpine titnal board. Whatever they did to the board, it worked. Oh.. butter-ability was awesome too. When I overturned it, I could do just reverse nose roll (it's nose width is much narrower than Rossi so couldn't stay long buttering though) and sprang right back to ride again. Switch on ground was easy on speed too. I think I found 'my' ultimate softboot carving board that can do almost everything on the ground. I just need to test it on hard icy condition. Even though I am very impressed and satisfied, I still have a doubt that it will perform like today on the hard icy condition. Since this board was my friend's in Ohio, it will take a while to test it on such condition. But, If it does, this will be my ultimate softboot board.
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    Marine Fabric Vinyl for Jackets...

    Just wanted to share this... I know there's been massive threads on using shoe-goo, and other types of product to both help clothing last longer or either slide in the snow better. Since late last spring I've been gluing slabs of fabric vinyl on the bottom side of my jacket sleeves, and when using a similar color, I think it ends up looking nicer than some of the other options. Previously I was using Gorilla tape, (cheap and easy), but it really stuck out and was a visual eyesore IMO. I know a lot of you purposely don't ever want to touch the snow... but for those that like to lay it down when its velvety.. I've been really pleased with doing this. (tip: watch at 2x speed till the shred part). :) Ultra sad to hear about Bomber. :( I was nervous AF when attending my first ATC (knowing I'd be pretty much the only soft-booter attending an event for alpine riders), and when we arrived, Jim welcomed me with a beer and told me I wouldn't meet a nicer group of people. He was definitely right. Will definitely miss shreddin with ya'll there.
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    Surf was up today... almost 3 hrs. before chaos took over doesn't really get better, once you can ride the edge... think in that my edge is like a guitar string, the the soft flex with the set back stance, a softer shorter tail...each turn a vibration, on a Wave of coming and going...
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    Happy Holidays!

    God Jul! A great gift waiting outside on the second day of Christmas! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to be up on the hill in 10 minutes 😎
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    big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    Happy holidays to all..... Bloody effin cold out there today, and amazingly, it was windy! It felt like riding at lovey today, and not Aspen for once. Small crew out today , Erazz, the excruciatingly strange and odd one, and myself. I managed to get a few somewhat cleanish powder lines off of 6, before I wimped out and ran over to the relatively sheltered switchback, where I rode for about an hour before the treachery of riding over my own trenches became too much to bear. I attempted to take a few pics, but excessive shaking from the cold and impending frostbite led to some really bad shots. Broke out the monster, the perfect weapon for soft groom and light pow. Luv that stick, got too deep into a few turns, but instead of launching me over the bars, it popped back up and kept right on truckin. I'll be back out next sunday. Hoping for a firmish day on the Jasey Jay. mario
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    Car nuts thread 😁

    My daily driver is a Mazda 3. Not sporty, but entirely adequate in every measure. My weekend toy is a Formula Ford, see this thread for more: I love autocross, and hope to get it out on the local road course for a track day this summer. I've done ice racing before too, but it seriously cut into my snowboarding time so it got dropped.
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    Some wider tracks on this Sunday afternoon...
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    Hit a milestone

    It's not going to last but as of this morning, I'm ranked #1 in the country in my NASTAR Age Group in both Ski Racing (Platinum Division) and Snowboard Racing.
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    Hey Bob, Looks like a little fresh on top. Are you finally getting some snow?...and what happened to all of @softbootsurfer 's past tracks photos? Here's a track-thread-worthy shot from Monday morning at Buck, layin' down the first tracks of many that day...the headless rider
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    up on the Wave... 2 frontside bottom turns, into off the lip cutbacks...
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    East Coast Blizzard!

    I do not deny global warming and even man made global warming as I have faith in our scientific community BUT my home of nearly twenty years is situated on, and about 1' above mean high tide, Horsehead Bay, WA, and in front of it is our dock built on steel pilings. Needless to say my antennae go up when I read about coastal flooding so I have done some of my own research on tides, King tides, etc. as they relate to my dock and Puget Sound history. From this research it appears that the highest high tide recorded during the past forty years was the King tide on December 17th, 2012, and that tide was 1/4" Yes, a full 0.25") higher than the previous highest tide on record, also a King Tide, about forty years ago. My seat of the pants first hand observations and my unscientific but intense interest in our tides indicate that A King Tide occurs only when the following three components line up within an hour or two of each other: 1. One of the three or four highest tides of the year, 2. extremely low barometric pressure, i.e. under 29" hg, and 3. significant storm surge. It's easy to fairly accurately judge sea water levels by observing the water level on my dock pilings and the angle of our aluminum ramp connecting the piling supported part of our dock to the floating portion when the water is flat which is most of the time. I could go into a lot more boring detail but I will sum up my feelings about sea water level as it relates to my home by saying that I am not the least bit concerned about sea water level during my life time, not that many years left, or the life times of my kids or my grandkids. My house, built in 1905, needs to be torn down by the next owner anyway so my concern is even less. One additional cheerful thought, "Don't worry so much about old age as it doesn't last that long." Take everything I state as fact with a grain of salt as it may contain "fuzzy math" or be based on "fake news."
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    A sport for loners

    Love your post, Jack. Ruroc: I was getting ready to order one to save my face on cold, blizzardy days when my wife intervened, "Neither I, your grandkids nor anyone else will share a chair ride with you if you wear that thing!" After way too many years of excellent service I finally ditched my beloved Heli Hansen, one-piece suit numerous years ago after I saw a homeless guy begging at a stop sign, talking on his smartphone, and wearing my exact same suit. Recumbent bicycles I know are good devices but I can't go there either. I wore Crocs for years until it became apparent they were deforming my second toe, a problem that plagued me, especially in my RC8s prior to liner surgery. At my age safety is much more important than fuel efficiency. I want every new safety innovation plus lots of steel in my ride. Minivan; not enough steel in the front end either. Poles: I noticed that eighty-six year old Dick (can't remember his last name) used them to his advantage. When trying to get back up after tettering over on a flat, for no good reason, poles would be very handy but I'm not there yet either. Remaining a happy loner as I still never see any other hardbooters carving at Crystal Mt. It's ok as I am busy working on my own with each and every turn and with each board in my quiver.
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    2017-2018 New Board Porn

    New arrivals from SG
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    2017-2018 New Board Porn

    I finally get to contribute to this thread - first brand new boards in about 10 years, both customs! I actually received the Coiler (first ever for me) near the end of last season, so far only one day on it in less-than-ideal conditions. The Donek just arrived last week, hope to get it out this weekend. Coiler Nirvana FC Balance: 174 cm, 20 cm waist, 10.5/12.7/12 m scr. I asked Bruce for a board to help me improve on the steeps and that is well-suited to the Cascade Concrete typically found on Mt Hood, and this is what he recommended. Donek Nomad: 170 cm, 25 cm waist, 8-13 SCR. A stiffer-than-stock nose to accommodate my stout 220 lbs. Really could have used this during the epic snow year last season in the PNW (!), but winter has technically just started, so hopefully it will get lots of use this year as well.
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    Buck Hill 2017/18

    12/26/17 cold. somewhere around -3F ~ 0F. ski teams set up a course skiers-right of crossroads. milkrun must've had a course. i had difficulty. board was really slow on the snow. had to hop to get started. i couldn't get too aggressive or i'd blow out. hurt to fall. not a problem for randy... he outlasted me.
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    Madd Killer Strikes Back!

    Ok, second day out on the MK, and I'm thinking I'm now done comparing it to my old beloved 158 SL board. The MK is a different board, and I think after today, I can safely put the SL in a corner somewhere, and give it a fond glance every now and then, but that I'm past the point of comparing/contrasting the MK with the SL, and of ever thinking of getting back out on the SL - the MK is a seriously kick-ass board in its own right. The conditions were nicer today (in western NY at present, so much better snow), and I got a few things figured out on the MK. A big one is that I found a sweet spot for keeping my torso forward in the turns, but not blowing the nose out. This sucker will crank a borderline-violent turn when you seriously rail it over and load it right, and the edge hold is literally better than anything I've ridden before - to include boards and skis. It also will make a much more stretched out turn (without skidding), by just not railing it over quite so hard, and letting it run a bit more freely. Speed control by digging tight/deep trenches is very effective. It responds really well to vertical weight/unweighting, and gives lots of pop between turns if you ask for it. I lost count of the number of people who stopped me at the top or bottom of the lift today, asking what the heck I was riding, and noting how incredibly awesome (and fun!) it looked - I usually get a few questions or comments, but it was really a bit overwhelming today, the interest in this little beast. I actually had 2 groups of people chase me down in the lift line, to ask about the board on the way up the hill. :-) Did a hard cycling session yesterday, and the legs were blown out after 5-1/2 hrs of pretty much continuous blasting down the hill today. Finally had to quit when the quads locked up on me while bending over to unclip the rear foot at the end of a run. This thing is a lot of work, but it is *totally* worth it. Hats off to Sean and crew on the MK!
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    I don't think I care if carving catches on with the masses or not. I'm up there having a good time and as long as others are too, we're all good.
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    Coiler BXFR - soft or hard boots, fun!! Soft snow, groomers to hard pack . . . Handles it all well.
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    Neil Gendzwill

    A sport for loners

    I have two boards, one that is better for groomed and one that is better for the rest. But neither of them are that specalized. I won't be too happy with my Nirvana 180 in tight trees, big bumps or steep/deep but it will be fine short of that. The AMT 167 is a little squirrely at speed but still carves fine. I'm a big believer in hard boots for general-purpose riding.