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    Hey guys! I thought I'd post an update on how our boot project is doing. We started production on 17.07.2017 and the predicted finish is the beginning of Septemper (this includes the couple of week vacation Italy takes in August) We've had pretty good success with the test boots with a big surprise #1 Europa Cup the first time wearing the Point.951 by Bormolini B-Shell (in Scuol, Switzerland) Pictured above are all 4 shell sizes A, B, C, D (Mondo: 23-29.5) Extra in box will include an extra spring set and sticker. We will also offer spare parts and accessories. If you have any other questions regarding the boot or the project, feel free to send me a message.
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    He was one of the greatest. http://www.tetongravity.com/story/snowboard/remembering-legend-craig-kelly-7-quotes-you-should-read
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    If I walked into that office, my first thought would be: "I'm in the right place." :)
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    Thanks for the responses. This board will get ridden, not displayed. This is what is on display at the office.
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    I switched from Colorado Native Lager to Coors Light. Getting a lot more reps in now. 12oz curls can be brutal
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    As described, you (and your available resources) would be better served gaining proficiency on a decent softboot setup. If you do not have facility manipulating the edge and sidecut in that more 'flexible' environment, you will find dedicated alpine gear frustrating and possibly injurious. This is not to say that you can't, or shouldn't set the goal of riding hardboots, but you will probably enjoy the process more on a solid foundation born of time and technique.
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    Judging by the number of carvers that stop to rest every few turns, I'd say cardio is not over rated.
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    Wonderful Lighting on Mt. Daley and Snowmass this morning...
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    Yeah, only a couple of Lifer 166 and Hammerhead 171 left and they are 20% off. New production run has new graphics across the lineup. And we are introducing a new board for women (or men with smaller feet).
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    Scrawny... Quick on his feet, too! As for flex overall, I can see this board bending enough while carving. My only gripe with stiffer boards in Pow in when trolling slowly thru trees/bumps, or when the nose sinks. I didn't see the nose 'dive' badly (granted, it didn't 'bend up' like the hinge-nose of an O-Sin SWT, but only my 'Obsession' did That, more gently..) , so I think Dan will be happy 80% of the time, though crusty windpack (thinking of east-side of Mt Adams; yikes) might be ugly(?). As for Lurch's idea on flex, the capped '98-'01 Tankers did have the nicest flex length-wise, Volkl cores, and in the 'smalls' (162/167/172/177) were of a capped construction. They were amazing, good enough for me to put the R/A Obsession aside for a few years, even on powder days. IMHO, I'd bet both Lurch and Dan would be quite happy on this Fullbag.
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    @Dan and @Lurch At todays exchange rate, Hammerhead 171 should come down to about $397 USD shipping included, +- a few bucks.
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    I have been stalking those Hammerhead 171s myself - opposite question from me though, are they OK for lightweights? I'm about 155-160 pounds and would probably ride it with hardboots.
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    Lurch, have you seen Mig Skate?? Trust me, he has ridden his own gear, and unless you're 'svelte, you've got no worries! Once I figure out how to actually make more money than I use, a Hammerhead or Lifer are on the 'bucket list' (providing I don't kick my own bucket prematurely..).
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    Make sure your tuning table can also be used as a snow scooter.
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    That doesn't look bad - am I missing something? I would ride it like that right now
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    and up at 13,000 ft. today very little snow left
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    Stoked how the lift was in line with the moon setting this morning...
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    We used an Airdog on my last trip to Austria ?? for the longboard classic and it worked very well and battery lasted about 20 minutes. There is a new company called Staaker that basically looked at the airdog and improved on all of its capabilities. Here are some photos from the GoPro we had mounted on the airdog. cheers, sandy
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    I try to spend as much time in walk in coolers as possible. I just pay for what I drink on my way out.
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    I'm doing more every year - wish I had recognized the importance of this stuff when I was 15, not 40. I was naive as to how much of a couch-potato I was. Continuing powerlifting-type workouts, based on Wendler 531 program. Squats, deadlift, bench press, overhead press, etc. Added in one specific accessory that my body told me was sorely lacking last year: the 'full contact twist'. It works out obliques that I seem to use when carving, but the rest of my program seems to ignore. I lift for 30-45 minutes, 4 mornings a week, and foam-roll/stretch for the other 3 mornings. I never would have guessed I'd squat 1.5x and deadlift 1.8x my body weight after about 1.5 years of lifting! I'm excited for the winter.
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    Delivered today, the "Death Star" of snowboards. Looks great, thanks, can't wait to try it out. Paul
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    howdy cuban I am glad that you are making your annual WTF trip again, it will be good to see you. I have two new boards to try this winter and can't wait to ride'um. today Sunday, August 13, is the first day of rain since the end of winter. we have alot of fires all around and it has been very hot and dry with small cells that fire off lighting that have started most of the fires. the rain today cleared some of the smoke from the air. it is cooler and fall is around the corner and winter doesn't seem so far away. I hope we see more carvers at WTF2018...
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    hmmm, maybe you could just flip the saltwater rig upside down, bolt up some TD3s and ride it as is - a swiss army board!
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    figure the Foil around 4 ft.long 18in. wide and 4 in. thick and shaped for down pressure on the back, lift up front...
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    Better grab Canadian bargains soon our currency is climbing against US dollar.
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    What about big men with small feet and hard boots? ;) Narrow Diamond.... hint... hint...
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    Two catastrophic crashes with the dji pro led to some epic video but we were left with residual pangs of a better follow me feature. Airdog just released a side by side comparison of the two...hopefully this helps your decision making. Both are nearly identical as far as battery life flight time speed but your investment in an airdog is much greater unless you already own a go pro.
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    no idea why i'm reading this forum on the middle of summer... mig - i see your board lineup is mostly sold out now; plans for a fresh production run? anything new in the works? cheers!
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    Ciao Carvers Here is some strong suggestion for your next winters holiday planning ;-) Next season (10.&11. March 2018) me and my crew will carry out our Moon&Carve Session for the first time. It takes place at the wintersports area Elsigen-Metsch which is the raceboarders Mekka in the canton of Berne, Switzerland. You will find more information on our emerging event homepage: http://moon-and-carve-en.weebly.com It would be a pleasure to have you with us as participants or supporter. Best regards & ride hard nextcarve PS: Share the news, like us on Facebook
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    Eric it sounds like I need to hunt down a 17-ish tanker too! :)
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    Yeah, Louis is tall but kind of skinny... :) There has not been any import duties up to now thanks to NAFTA. Most goods made in the US and Canada can be imported by both countries without them. We ship all boards with the proper paperwork for it. But Mr. Trump is working hard to destroy this, so it might change soon.
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    Thanks Mig! I've seen that video before but didn't realize that guy was that light, he rides like a welterweight at least :-) When you ship boards to the US, how is Customs working out? Are customers paying import duties? (Hmm, I should ask Oldsnowboards, I probably should have ordered at the same time as him in the first place.)
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    In the following video, the rider is a bit lighter than you Dan (140-145), and riding in softboots. It should give you a good idea. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQoO0W_U3gI
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    Dan I've often thought a board that was soft longitudinally (i.e front to back) but with good torsional stiffness would be ideal for exactly the circumstances you describe. Not sure if that is actually possible from a manufacturing standpoint, but I would be interested to know.
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    Haha - well, it depends! It's not always cement, and even when it is, sometimes it's bottomless. I'm looking to replace a 168 Osin 3800 -- it has a cracked core, and even though it seems to ride OK and I can't feel anything off when I hand flex it, I think I should quit pushing my luck with it. Definitely pow riding is one priority for the replacement, but I'll also be using it on in-between days, like 3"-4" of fresh, when a carving deck is sketchy and I want to be able to take advantage of windblown stashes. I'm not too worried about the flex being too firm on groomers --like a video camera, I figure hardboots add at least 20 pounds on-piste -- just wondering if it could be a little stiff as a pow ride for me. It sounds like you're happy with yours?
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    So, Dan, how Soft is that Cascade Cement?? ;-) Seriously, if you're using hardboots, I don't think you'll have issues in-bounds on-edge, but chop might make ya dance an odd jig. In Sacred Pow, length is often a better thing, so a 171 H-head is a nice size, should float you quite nicely!
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    Thanks Eric - I have not seen Mig in action (cue a google session) but sounds like you think his boards should be burly enough for us more "genetically robust" folk :) and great value to boot. I've always wanted a Swallowtail; could be time to bite the bullet and damn the torpedoes.....
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    Time to buy a Fullbag before it is too late! LOL! A couple of Lifer 166 and Hammerhead 171 left and are 20% off right now with free shipping to the US (and Canada). https://fullbag.com/collections/snowsurfs Prices are in canadian pesos on the website...
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    I liked the bit in 'Scream' where Shannon Melhuse and C.K. were side-by-side, literally running by the trees as if they were Slalom Gates!
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    That's ok: I have both currencies. Anyone want to buy UK £s ;-)
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    Hey Geofff BTS kit arrived safely today thanks..Appreciate the quick post. Cheers
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    Thank you for the update. Any price info? Possible demo in US/North America? Distributor?
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    If anybody wants to join or to learn how to pump a skateboard, I will be riding today at Sloan lake park after 6:30pm.
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    that tree ride scene is ultimately stellar. ck was great pilot!