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    Edge Engagement

    Hi guys! I haven´t been here for some time, but I always enjoyed the great bomber community! Here is my latest video. I hope you like it! In almost the whole video I am on an Oxess Sl 162 Custom with an Allflex H plate hexagonal cut flex M. Only one scene is on an Oxess GS 185 with an Allflex plate normal longitudinal cut flex M. https://vimeo.com/260086557
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    Heard in the lift line - 2017/2018

    My teenage son was in an hour-long ski lesson this weekend. Turns out I'd passed he and his small group on one of the trails. (it was my one hour to sort of cut loose, so I was solely focused on open trail... :-) I was standing in line when he breezed through to the front w/ his instructor. He says, "Hi Dad!" to rub in that he's skipping the line. The instructor says, "That was your Dad on the snowboard??". Son says, "Yeah". Instructor says, "Too funny - we were on the hill talking about getting the ski up on edge to carve turns, and you flew past, and I literally said to them, "Do it like that snowboarder is doing it." A rare Dad Win! :-)
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    Let's try this again......
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    Bend it....

    proudly wearing my tourist tag on a Thirst Superconductor
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    went to ajax for some early groom HB SB mentality has nothing to do with the Art of the Carve... my SB carves won an award... Stoked !!!
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    Ester Ledecka

    Had me glued to the screen last night! An amazing feat for sure. And coached by local race legend Justin Reteir. I would love to be a fly on the wall with the ski racers and their coaches in that super-G as they try to figure out who the hell is Ester Ledecka? And how did a snowboarder beat the best of the best in the ski world! Amazing.
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    Experimenting with gif format for little clips since it is easy. Sorry if it looks like crap. Found a fun little rock to jump off of on a soft day! Had to roll down the windows just a tad. *it seems to take a time or two to reach the full(very low) frame rate
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    No carving around here right now, finally! The backcountry was certainly good yesterday! Tracks!
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    Thirst 7WARP superconductor

    I got to demo a Superconductor WARP 7 for the better part of Sunday afternoon at Indianhead, compliments of Mark (Thirst snowboards) and @Algunderfoot 175cm, 19cm waist, 11.3m toeside scr, and 12m heelside scr (sidecut is offset for regular rider). Glass fiber? with wood core, no metal. I don't know for sure, it's all top secret. Conditions were firm late-day groom, a bit rutted up with some icy patches, but mostly good to excellent carving conditions, except for the flat light. This board has a noticeably softer flex than any of my other boards. It's also 1.5cm narrower than boards I've been riding lately. According to Al, the WARP design concept involves a unique core construction that helps produce a continuous flex (no flat spots under the bindings), sort of like what an isolation plate does, with the goal of producing smoother carves. So, some of the benefits of a plate, but without the loss of snow feel. This board has a noticeably different feel─every carve feels super smooth─slippery fast/silky smooth (like a Kessler, but it likes to complete turns)─all with no chatter or pumping motion during any carves at all. Very secure edge hold, fairly damp and seems to hook up into a turn quickly (might be because it's narrower than my boards). I never really got bounced around by the late day ruts. Once in a steep carve I felt it slip on ice, but immediately reconnect with the carve. Afterwards, looking at some video I made, I could see that I had some boot drag when way up on edge. I like that the board likes to complete turns so I can bleed off speed on steeps before going into the next turn─easy to vary the size of the carve without changing the quality of the smoothness and edge hold. Despite being a fairly soft flexing board, I was surprised that I could push as hard as I wanted in a turn and it never let go of its edge. Rode for 3 hours and had a chance to get pretty comfortable with this board. I found myself doing things I might have hesitated to do before, feeling almost... ...invincible. ...and then thinking I didn't want to give the board back─but I knew Al would track me down, and with the rugged terrain in da UP, my remains wouldn't be found for years. Check out the crazy flex profile on this board! Whatever Mark is doing, he's really onto something, and it's working. Apparently the result of decades of building boards in the wilds of northern Idaho. I'd put this board right up there with the best of the best carving boards. Superconductor=super clean, secure solid carves. We should all feel fortunate to have such passionate board builders (and binding and boot makers) experimenting and innovating and making our small sport of carving more and more amazing and fun.
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    Couple of interesting shots (vsnaps) from a tail-mounted gopro yesterday at Buck Hill, MN, first run on near purrfect groom...
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    Erik J

    MK and Angry Comparison?

    I had the MK and Angry out yesterday Conditions- Me - Lack of sleep, devil water in my veins (low tier tequila from the night before), and I had to mix 3 different cereals to get a full bowl - like some kind of animal. Snow- Soft packed natural The Angry. Likes centered riding. Very stable. Tortionally stiff on the 20 waist. Rounded tail edges release the carve very easily. Turny with Great edge grip. If it could talk. "Hello friend, we're going to have fun today. I got this" The MK. When forward loaded it bites HARD. The tail loves to finish rounded turns. 18 waist is lightning quick on transitions. Very flick able board. Insane edge grip If it could talk. "YEEE$!#@\×HAAAWWWANNADOMETHTODAYTOUCHMEAGAINILLKILLYOUJUSTKIDDINGNOTREALLYLETSRIIIIIIIIIDE!!!!!!!!
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    Jack Michaud

    Ester Ledecka

    Simply amazing! Proud to be a snowboarder right now! http://www.nbcolympics.com/news/ester-ledecka-first-woman-win-gold-two-sports-winter-olympics
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    Thanks for patience everyone. Still working on it. Have a few things ready to be put in place but nothing hard right now.
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    MK at Loon

    3/12/2018 Steve Ash riding Mk at Loon vid https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IzPmXtEZ7KolGnrUgSKM0YI6_74niz2y/view?ts=5aa72a75
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    Carvin' Marvin

    Another Giffy Gif

    Little clip from the other day. Ink, still trying to work on carrying speed through turns. I tried some switch toes and ate it but imma keep trying.
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    Just got back from school vacation week at Park City. We also did a day trip to Snowbird. This is a low snow year for them, but as far as this year goes we hit the jackpot. PC got 18" Sunday night through Monday, Snowbird got 21", so that improved things tremendously for the week. Our first ski day was Sunday before the storm, and it was like skiing in the east on a good day. Nice soft groomers and bumps, but trees were generally off limits and there were many closed trails and areas that would normally be powder/mogul fields. Our hotel was in the Canyons village, at the bottom of the Red Pine gondola, here: Note the angle station on that gondola. The cars come off the cable and slow down on a track through the angle station. I believe the cable gets angled by a series of bull-wheels. There is another gondola, "Quicksilver", with an angle station that goes between Canyons and PC. You can ski from Canyons to PC but not back, you either take Quicksilver or a shuttle. Trail map: https://assets.vailresorts.com/-/media/park-city/products/brochure/the-mountain/about-the-mountain/trail-map/trail-map.ashx The Sunday night/Monday storm was just what the doctor ordered: my son was thrilled to get proof of this face-shot daughter was loving it too With PC and Canyons linked, it is now the largest ski resort in the nation. However getting from base to base takes several lift rides or a shuttle bus, so doing that chews up a significant part of your day. It's best to pick a sub-area and stick to it for the morning or afternoon, or even the whole day. The resort has kind of a Sunday-River-on-steroids feel to it. There's a lot of easy trails and run-out, and you do a lot of "transit skiing" just to move around the area. A lot of the clientele seems to be people from places without Winter or mountains who ski once or twice a year. The best terrain is up at the very top-most lifts, like McConkey's Express, Pioneer, and Jupiter on the PC side (never managed to find Jupiter open), and on the Canyons side, Ninety-Nine-Ninety and to a lesser extent, Super Condor. Up there is where I felt like I was actually up on a western mountain, not just a big soft version of an eastern resort. Here is the top of Charlie Brown, on 9990: A great run, but unfortunately you cannot return to the bottom of the 9990 lift from there. They should fix that with another lift. Although PC/Canyons has 41 lifts, they need more. The majority of high alpine terrain is either hike-to only or out of bounds, e.g. most of what you see in this pic: Taken from the top of Dreamcatcher. There is a huge gap in high lift service between 9990 and Jupiter, and another one between 9990 and Saddleback. Many tasty looking snowfields beckon you, but it's all out of bounds. The good hike-only terrain that is in bounds would take a number of hours out of your day and out of your legs, for one run. I would have been up for one hike, but the wife and kids were not, and I don't blame them. Right now all the hardcores are going "good! earn your turns! save the pow for the locals!" Meh. Snowbird is where it's at for high alpine skiing. Many lifts get you right up to the good stuff, and, it's all good stuff. To go any higher you would need to be an accomplished extreme skier with avalanche training and gear. We went there for a day trip (45 minute drive) on Wednesday. We hit the lottery with the weather. Bluebird day. The most beautiful place I have ever snowboarded, just edging out Jackson Hole. We took the Tram first thing and got right up to the top. From there, Gad Valley is to your right: and Mineral Basin is to your left: taken from Mineral Basin chair: We spent the morning in Mineral Basin, which faces southeast, so it gets sun all morning. We spent the afternoon in Gad Valley, which faces northwest, lapping the Gad 2 and Little Cloud lifts. Trail maps: https://www.snowbird.com/uploaded/maps/winter1718_trailmap&guide_web.pdf Little Cloud lift seen in the background here: No, my son is not taller than me yet, he is standing uphill! I did more ptex damage to my board on this day than I have done in my whole life combined. The 21" of new snow hid a lot of rocks, some of which you can see above. Our neighbors spent the week at Alta/Snowbird, we met up with them. Their daughter asked me for this shot, haha. Here is a shot from near the bottom of Gad 2, looking across Little Cottonwood Canyon: A tram returns at the bottom: Note the steepness of the terrain coming right to the bottom of the resort. No run-out here!! On the last day of the trip we were spent, so the kids just lapped the park off the Sun Peak chair at Canyons. Next time we will schedule an "off" day in the middle. We need to go back to Snowbird. Need another sunny day in Mineral Basin, and we didn't even get to the Peruvian Gulch area. As for PC, I wouldn't take another family vacation there, but it would be a great place for a dedicated carving trip, or for an Expression Session. There are lots of groomers that looked great for carving. I was with my family and we did a lot of mixed terrain each day, so it didn't make sense to even bring hardboots and an alpine board. As such, I didn't bother poaching C.B.'s Run, where the 2002 Olympic races were held. Anyway, great trip. I would recommend PC to anyone wanting a huge variety of intermediate/advanced terrain, and a big ski town experience with lots of night life. I'm sure it's a lot better during a normal snow year. Many expert trails were simply closed due to low coverage. If you want a high alpine experience among soaring mountain peaks with tons of expert terrain and open bowls, go to Snowbird. There is a groomed swath under the Little Cloud lift that would be epic for EC on a 185. Very little nightlife there though. Wish we had spent the whole week in Snowbird, but I had been warned against it as there is a lot of one-foot-out traversing for snowboarders. Would have been worth it, in hind sight, but PC was fun too.
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    This has been a focus of mine for the last 20 years. As such I have been paying careful attention to riding trends on the hill. (Whether I want to or not - at some point I always end up on a lift.) More and more, back foot scrapers are becoming less and less the norm. I've noticed that it can be characteristic of a community or region. Some hills have mostly all excellent riders and a few have mostly all stinkers trying to kick back on their rear foot with their shoulders squared off down hill like the local cool guy they are trying to imitate. I really believe that, for the most part, the latter are a dying breed. I really wanted to be a good instructor and so I tried to incorporate responsible and effective philosophies into my work model. Such as never using "crutch" methods to achieve performance in a lesson. I try to teach things that will be useful or valid to the highest levels of riding. Things that don't need to be unlearned at some point. I teach what the sidecut is and how it works on day one. Before the student even steps on the snowboard on snow. I show the curves in the toeside and heelside edges, get on my knees, tilt the board up to show the tip and tail in the snow and the air gap at the waist, then apply pressure between the bindings with my foot or hand until the board bends and the waist hits the snow. Then I slide it back and forth a few inches. It cuts a nice curve in the snow. I don't remember anyone not understanding that demonstration. (When it comes time, I introduce the idea that it takes almost imperceptible amounts of tilt to make the snowboard turn.) The description goes something like: "Snowboards are made to turn all by themselves. If we tilt a snowboard with a weight in the middle it will make a perfect turn. Today we are going to work on being a weight in the middle." On day one nearly every exercise I suggest reinforces either what it feels like to be right in the magic middle position with a relaxed posture over the riding edge or what it feels like to not be there. (Because... nollies!) I make sure each student exercises patience when getting those first turns. Wait for the snowboard, I might say. Once we feel what it can do then we can know what it will do. On day one I teach turn shape for speed control. (Speed control means going faster as well as slower.) Twisting and skidding, weighting and unweighting, spinning and pivoting, all with a focus on being the weight in the middle and over the edge that we are riding on. (Mostly the uphill edge, day one.) Because a snowboard will turn if you let it. The only time one of my day one students kicks the rear of her snowboard around is when she's doing it because she wants to and knows that it's not the only way to change direction. And that knowledge will last for the rest of her snowboarding days. The important thing is that the tail is following the nose. And once a rider gets to the blues, no matter if they are skidding, if they are controlling speed with turn shape and pressure they are only a few minutes of focus away from their first carved turn. And all you need to do is lay out a big, hooked up, knees in the snow, toeside carve that shoots you right back uphill at them to get their attention. Oh yeah, I had a point... I didn't come up with these thoughts in a vacuum. My understanding of the process is somewhat in line with the evolution of snowboarding instruction worldwide. I think it's better than it's ever been, and I think it's getting better every day. Full turn, linked, edge to edge softboot carves over an entire run are not only the most basic thing you can do on a snowboard and super fun, but are also becoming more recognized as "another thing you can do" on a snowboard by the masses. I see the trenches every day. Clean heelsides too. :) Plus, learning to carve is also the only way you're ever going to blast 15 feet out of the superpipe.
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    Yo Lci!!

    It was awesome seeing crew at Loveland! Thank you for your warm welcome. We had fun and cannot wait to go back!
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    Yo Lci!!

    I’ll give it a shot. Mario, James, Ink, Odd Job, Arne, Lance and Katie, Aaron and Rachel, yamifumi and his crew and Ryan and Kristen. Day started off slow and then just became fun. Everybody was having a blast. Just another awesome day at the luv.
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    Split tail carving

    My 4yr old, watching me carving my split tail, wanted the same thing... so I obliged. Much softer tail now - he gets bucked around less, and can turn faster...
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    Burton Step On

    My ankles hurt a bit just looking at that picture...
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    Yo Lci!!

    Another horrible day at Lovey. Wish the weather would have been better...
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    Having fun here too, from Japan.

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    Catek Parts: Spherical Nut Dimensions

    Vote for me for the geekiest post ever: This post is intended purely to file away in case anyone ever wants to try to machine replacements for those rare spherical nuts on Catek OS1 and OS2 bindings. The topic has come up a couple of times before. I don't have access to a lathe, but I do have friends in a metrology lab. It's easy to measure the required dimensions with a caliper, except the radius of the spherical section. So I asked a friend to measure that for me with a coordinate measuring machine. He measured spherical radius of the nut (indicated below in red) and distance from center of sphere to flat bottom face (indicated below in blue). The table below gives the dimensions. If imaging ever goes away on this forum, here are the dimensions in text: OS1: Radius(mm/inch) = 9.537/0.3755 Distance - Sphere Center to Face(mm/inch) = 0.782/0.0308 OS2: Radius(mm/inch) = 12.575/0.4951 Distance - Sphere Center to Face(mm/inch) = 7.530/0.2965 This is just one measurement of one sample of each nut. I expect pretty high uncertainty in the radius results as there's not a lot of surface to measure, plus there's significant form error. So based on the dimensions above there's a good chance the aim radius is 0.375 inch for OS1 and 0.500 inch for OS2 (not metric - interesting). There's probably a minus tolerance on each so they'll engage the spherical seats in the base plates which were probably made with cutters of those nominal dimensions. Like I said, if anyone is interested, file this away for future reference. If anyone else is a measurement geek, the CMM is a Zeiss Prismo Ultra in a 0.5 deg F room, capable way beyond the needs of this job. Remember, vote for me for the geekiest post ever
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    First day on Hardboots

    Had a blast on my first day in hardboots. It is so much fun, and the power transfer feels so much better than in softies. Thanks @digger jr for lending me the gear, and to all the good info on the forum, you guys and gals rock! My room mate got some footie for me, looks like I need to start saving for a setup...
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    Dusty Bottle

    Yo Lci!!

    Fun? Understatement. Legal? Jury's out. Those in attendance? An excellent gaggle of hooligans from near and far! Saw more smiles and heard more panting of "Let's do that one again", than I can remember. In spite of the occasional pocket of soft snow, Lovey gave us a rare and fabulous day of sunshine and lack of breeze. Even the out of state, Carharrt-clad interlopers seemed lighter than usual. Lots of hoots and "Whoa, check it out." from the lifts above and pondered starting an autograph line for Ryan. Despite a few slopeside near misses, everyone departed the Rat with only silly grins and sore muscles. Great to see Rachel again and meet Kristen. And thoroughly enjoyed meeting and riding with the visiting NM crew of Yamifumi, Brad and Davey! Hope to see everyone again soon! Until next week... James
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    Hey Trenchman! Some nice turns captured starting at 0:28 mark. Looks like the Nubs crew did their usual job of award winning grooming!!
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    big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    Way too much fun today. So much that I'm not sure if was legal. If anyone took attendance today, please feel free to chime in Mario
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    big mario


    After seeing Nates uplifting playlist, I decided to go with my Eighties Angst and Alienation station on for the ride up this morning. Between Bauhaus, Joy Division, Siouxsie, and the Smiths before I hit floyd hill, Im suprised I didn’t pull in front of a tanker truck an lock my brakes up. A shiny happy people wake up it was not. What was I thinking 😜
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    Ester Ledecka

    I'm all in favor of it. Here's my tally from the Connecticut and Massachusetts Senior Winter Games over the past ten days. GS and Super G on skis and board. The bronze was for Super G on skis. I needed to go faster!
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    Mountain Slope boots?

    You'll have to wait and see
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    Who does? Haa! Ha! I often see this statement being made about softboots and strap bindings, and I don't get it. After 39 years of riding, I have never sat down to strap in and neither does any of my riding buddies.
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    @t-nut, I got a 27.5cm wide 166cm long board to freeride and carve on in softboots, because I have size 10.5 boots. It carves, freerides, and handles trees just great. If someone with a size 9 boot jumps on it, they will think it's sluggish and unfit for certain activities. That is the concept of scale I mentioned. Boards good for carving in softboots will be different widths for different people. Declaring all softboot carving-capable boards as bad freeriders is shortsighted, or even rude. Anyone who rides a snowboard and spends a not-insignificant portion of their time on groomers should be able to carve (I realize this is a radical concept). Of these people, anyone who rides a snowboard that is not wide enough to prevent boot-out while carving is riding a snowboard that is not wide enough, period. They should get a properly sized board and learn how to use it everywhere. And I'm not talking Knapton-wide here. The vast majority of softbooters ride boards that are too narrow. Heck, too many softbooters ride stances that leave them with more board behind their back foot than there is in front of their front foot.
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    Milkland... a Surfers Paradise

    On the Edge most of the Session Love Edges, they are like Curbs
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    It carves great and yet ride the pow excellent too. Today. Soft groomers on the the Maverick / Stranda by Mats.
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    Believe me, I know I have a lot more to learn but that has never inhibited me from expressing myself even if it makes me look foolish to some (all). I sincerely appreciate all of the comments and info from all of you as it helps me do constant values clarification whatever my endeavor at the time and on whichever website I am on, i.e. carving, rowing, smartphone use improvement, trying to be a decent husband, father, brother, grandfather, etc. Most of what I learn comes from saying something stupid to my wife or one of my four adult daughters as they are much more ruthless than you guys.
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    Heard in the lift line - 2017/2018

    Years ago, riding my hardboots, I met Jack's parents in the lift line in Utah. "You might know our son Jack Michaud." "Yeah, I've heard of him." ; )
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    Heard in the lift line - 2017/2018

    Not "heard", and not lift line. But I am certain y'all are familiar with the demo effect: You ride at your local hill, you spot one of those rare birds - another carver. Time to really give it your best shot. Time to carve that hill up as hard as you can. Time to - wipe out in spectacular fashion as the demo effect kicks in. Yesterday I was at the receiving end of the phenomenon, and I have to admit it made me grin.
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    Ester Ledecka

    Word is already out on our sport. I was in line yesterday and a kid asked his father what my board was, his father responded: "He is riding the same equipment as Ester"....
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    SolRosenburg... Please Please Please try to tell me that the first 5 seconds of this vid isn't carving. Please. (I'm daring you).
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    Boots in olympics

    Those would be ours :) Mountain Slope Point.951 ... It is our first season on the market. Thanks for asking! (Thanks for sharing thread from drschwartz @Pat Donnelly) Greetings Team Mountain Slope
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    A while back I started a Facebook Page that is focused on larger snowboards. If anyone here is interested you are welcome to join . https://www.facebook.com/groups/657643737705447/ "Bryan's Big Boy Boards" :) I recently got a chance to ride my new Maverick (Now Stranda) 200cm "Cheater" in fresh snow, it is really stable and has great float yet rips as a soft snow carver too. I think I have found my new "Tweener" for those fresh snow days of 6" and or soft groomers.
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    saw this on reddit front page today:
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    Milkland... a Surfers Paradise

    Stoked is Right Thanks Bottle Today was a culmination session... every turn a result, of all the other turns before it... the Track reveals our dance the Lone Carver
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    Beckmann AG

    new board help

    Hire Corey for a few days. If he's up for it, that would be more time/cost effective than lobbing darts in the dark.
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    Yesterday half the local hill was roped off due to a GS race. This left one of the arguably best carving runs on the hill inaccessible unless you were willing to take a t-bar lift and hoof it a bit (ie nobody was touching it). I was riding with a fellow hardbooter who wasn't scared of a little work and a war commenced, right under the lifts; EC (Swoard) vs. Bomber (Coiler) style.
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    Gray Snowboards?

    I disagree. BX boards has much larger SCR(s) to go fast. Year after year, BX boards have been designed specifically to its race courses (few turns here and there but with more rollers). Now some well known Worldcup BX boards are built with 15 -17m SCR. As a alpine rider, I know how to bend it but a lot more effort are needed. Generally speaking, if a snowboarder want to carve like hardbooters with a softboot snowboard, he/she will be better off with a board with different dimension and construction of current BX boards. And I am finding very promising designs from above discussed Asian softboot specific carving boards. I can't speak for all hardbooters but, at least for me, I am searching for a softboot carving board because I want to ride with kids and have fun with them, like doing ground tricks, jumps, and etc. but also carve well too, according to our 'carving' standard. Some (at least we know one) are just too lazy to pack multiple boards for a once-a-year trip so looking for one that carves well. :) But I bet majority who wants to carve like hardbooters on softboot snowboards would be coming off from mass-market rocker snowboards or magna-crap camber boards with grom size effective edge length that has promoted skids rather than turns. Those Asian carving specific softboot boards' hammerhead decambered nose, long effective edge length, similar but progressive SCRs, familiar flex, and new construction (probably necessary to compensate the "normalization") have led them to learn and carve properly, as we seen them on YouTube. Now the Asian board companies even offer various models for rider's level or type of ridings (i.e. BC Stream's RX, R2, H). It all evolve with demands. Few years ago, North America snowboard brands took a chance with backcountry riding, A lot of POW specific boards (swallowtail, split, etc.) came out and added to their model line up. But I think ROI of those models must have been pretty bad. I see this carving trend is more favorable. If they see this as an opportunity, they need to step up, instead of promoting 'already-existed', 'misleading', 'hype-driven' technologies.
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    And the camber! Haha. Yes it is a good thing, but also hilarious. Different people have different goals here, no need to judge them and say their goal is wrong. Yes, people come here to ask questions and discuss carving/alpine/ whatever snowboarding, and yes, it is an open forum where anyone can reply and give advice. If you decide that advice is not for you that is fine, but no need for name calling or to throw feces at it just because their goal or idea of carving does not match yours, we have evolved past primates. Doesn't matter if it is soft booting, hardbooting, EC, racing, pure boarding, if they just like to have fun doing it on one specific hero groom green run or all over the mountain switch in double black moguls, the half pipe, or in the backcountry. Healthy discussion is great and helps the sport and us individually grow. Difference of opinions can and should be respectfully and openly discussed, maybe we might learn something new. Sometimes the best teachers are those who just learned and had a breakthrough because it is fresh in their mind. If you cannot keep the discussion respectful and healthy though and must fall to the level of claiming yourself better and dragging others through the mud, you are no better than, in fact probably worse than, who/ what you are accusing. It is not helping anyone and has a greater chance of turning people away from the small niche sport we all love and have fun doing. Back to the subject matter, really waiting for the bindings to catch up now to the soft boot carving phenomenon. Would love to see some kind of fast entry binding that has some cant/lift adjustability designed for carving in mind!
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    Reliable FinTec Inner arms.

    Just noticed that a library that I go to with my son has a 3d scanner. When my season is looking like it's officially over I'm going to take the parts over there and try and get some accurate scans. That should be able to produce a good CAD drawing and hopefully something I can take to a highly competent machine shop our industrial building leases space to.