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    Not as exciting as some of the boards here, but...my very first board bought only with carving in mind! :D
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    Couple softie set ups!!! 176 Kessler The Ride and 159 SG Soul. Soooooo sick!
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    one of those days... 1st in Line
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    While on the lift - Father and son are skiing below. Kid is snowplowing just fine. Dad keeps yelling "Pizza!" Chair in front of me yells "French Fries!" So I yell "Birthday Cake!" Chair in front continues - "Watermelon, Turkey Sandwich!" I reply "Spaghetti!" and so on and so forth, yelling random foods until we get to the top.
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    This is by far the best response I got: Happened this past weekend While with my family we got off the lift and the lifty comes running out. "Where did you drop your ski?" I look around and ask if he is talking to me? "Yes, where did you drop your ski?" My wife and kids immediately all start laughing at the guy once we all realized the comment is directed at me. I click in and push off, the Lifty is very confused and embarrassed... "What is that thing, holy crap I thought you dropped a ski on the trail"
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    I actually deleted a couple of the first comments that had people acting like the downhill skier / rider did anything wrong... It was just disgusting that after stating the rules that many times, that people still don't 'get it'. My next safety vid will spell this out even more.. and I'll just ride around and point out EVERY SINGLE PERSON below me and do the Oprah type "YOU have the right of way, YOU have the right of way, YOU have the right of way... no matter what the hell you decide to do".
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    Narcissistic carver : We’re gonna build a great carve. We’re gonna have trenches. People are pouring into our country from the Middle East to watch us carve it up. We’re gonna make hardboots great again. We’re gonna make Donek great again. We’re gonna make trenches deep again. We’re gonna make America a great carving nation. Watch me carve. ;-)
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    Videos shown at Banquet. I have more clips, so may do a better edit later. Between a new laptop, Windows 10, and a new GoPro, it took a while to sort out my approach to video production this year. I had a blast. It was really fun hanging out and riding with new folks all week. Let this serve as couch carving fuel in the summer, or incentive to attend one of these events in the future. Long vid, featuring some of the usual suspects -- Gary, Jasen, Paul, Dave. But also featured this year are Eric (SkwalGuy), Max, Andrei, and Renat ("the Russians"), Mario, James (Revelstoke), other Andre (Whistler), Mark Kress and Tom (carving in his Aspen work attire), and Celene (skiing). And more...
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    Thirst Snowboards is a builder in north Idaho, and they brought their demo fleet to the North Idaho Carving Event (NICE) at Schweitzer, giving me a full day to ride the 8R Warp. Conditions were near-perfect, with mostly sunny skies and firm but grippy snow. The day before, I rode my primary carving board, a Coiler Monster 182 (the mini Monster), so I naturally compared the two when I was riding the Thirst. The first thing that I noticed was that the Thirst board felt substantially lighter than the Coiler despite being about 3 cm longer. I noticed the difference on the chair (not many lifts have foot rests at Schweitzer), and when riding, when the board felt livelier and more "flickable". Another major difference between the two is that the Warp doesn't have a metal layer like the mini Monster, which probably contributed to the feeling that I was getting more energy back out of the Warp - it was much readier to do an airborne transition than the Monster and generally felt poppier and more energetic. The biggest difference between the two for me was in initiating carves. I feel like the Monster is very forgiving of lazy / improper riding (the metal probably plays a part in this) and it hooks up pretty well if you just tip it over without actively pressuring the board into a turn. The Warp was still friendly, but wanted more dynamic / mindful turn initiation. I was riding it with my weight pretty much centered, but felt that some pressure on the front foot was needed to get the board hooked up. I don't mean to suggest that the Warp is excessively demanding in terms of technique -- it's not -- but I did feel like it rewarded more mindful turn initiation. But - having said that - once you get it hooked up, the Warp is grippier than the Monster. At 185 cm, the Warp might have a bit more effective edge than the Monster (though I didn't measure), but I felt enough difference between the two that I think construction and geometry also play a part. The Warp has some black magic in its design -- for instance, it's asymmetrical, with somewhat complex geometry, and feels soft when you hand flex it even though both myself at 155 and NWboarder at (I'm guessing) north of 200 lbs felt like the flex worked perfectly when riding it. Thirst builder Mark Miller (BLOODTYPEZX10R here on Bomber) explained how the flex and the board shape worked together to me, but frankly it was over my head. At any rate, I felt like it all came together to make a great board and the next day when I went back to the Monster, I realized that I wanted the Warp back. I'm pretty tempted to pull the trigger on an 8R, but first I want to demo the shorter Warp (the 7 Warp) and see if I can get that same grip and liveliness in a slightly turnier board - if so, that could be an even better daily driver. Unfortunately, I didn't get any good closeups of the board, but it's what I was riding in this photo.
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    Early morning splitboarding Nirvana.......
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    Thought you guys might like to see an actual retail ski shop with actual alpine snowboarding gear. Sport Riml in Sölden, Austria stocks Kessler, Virus and F2. Deeluxe and UPZ boots. They offer demos and rental. These guys deserve a lot of credit for keeping the stoke going for hard booting. The manager, Hannes, is very knowledgeable and tells me that they do a brisk business in carving gear. If you're looking to book a European trip, Sölden is the place. Ultra wide, carve-worthy runs. And if you want to pack light, just take a carry-on and rent from Sport Riml. This place will have you drooling. Some pics below. I know I should have taken better photos of the Virus wall but I got a little too excited to see the Geckos on display. Sorry! Suffice it to say that they probably had EUR40,000 worth of Virus and Kessler boards on their display racks.
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    Aside to usual 'monoboard, slalom board, blah, blah, blah', the high point was a few weeks ago. At the lift line, a middle-aged lady comes to me and says,'You are so pretty to watch. I see you and I think of beautiful music form Swan Lake or Beethoven...' I say, 'I listen to Slayer'. Mic drop. Exit stage left.
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    Shredded Keystone with Andrei, Aaron and Pete yesterday and we took turns taking pics. Lotta nice ones imo.
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    I reject this entire premise. I board to seek flow as defined here- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flow_(psychology) I don't give a damn if no one is watching, nor do I care if they are... I board to loose myself in the moment. Mahalo. Edit- My son, an avid 17 year old skier, just wants to carve hard. I've never asked him too... probably best that I never did... teens and all.
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    Start with the liners in the shells. Put a turkey oven bag in each liner. Pour about 1.5 quarts of boiling water in each one. Let stand for about 15 minutes. Pour out the water, Pull out the bags, insert your feet & buckle. This saves having to put hot liners into the shells.
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    Austria is a great destination but you can do your shopping at Okemo in southern Vermont. This photo was taken this morning at the shop at the main base lodge.
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    Friday photos computer: https://eaud.smugmug.com/ATC-2017folder/ATC-2017-Friday/n-2ns9K8 mobile: https://eaud.smugmug.com/ATC-2017folder/ATC-2017-Friday/n-2ns9K8?mobile=true slideshow: https://eaud.smugmug.com/frame/slideshow?key=rggRrn&autoStart=1&captions=0&navigation=0&playButton=0&randomize=0&speed=3&transition=fade&transitionSpeed=2&clickable=1
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    Got the rest of the Monday keepers posted. Enjoy, and feel free to download. There's a little "play" arrow icon over toward the right of the Smugmug screen that will start a slideshow if you don't want to pick your way through the pictures. https://eaud.smugmug.com/ATC2017-Monday/n-t8MDMW The following link should present the gallery as a slideshow, but this is a beta test for me. Let me know if it works okay. https://eaud.smugmug.com/frame/slideshow?key=wdpKPG&autoStart=1&captions=0&navigation=0&playButton=0&randomize=0&speed=3&transition=fade&transitionSpeed=2&clickable=1 Finally, this link is supposed to be best for mobile devices: https://eaud.smugmug.com/ATC2017-Monday/n-t8MDMW?mobile=true If you want a good photo of yourself, a few tips: Come at me one rider at a time so I can track you for a ways without distractions. Look for a break in general traffic unless you really think a flailing skier makes a good background (and sometimes it does provide some comic contrast, but it's devilishly hard to compose). If you can give me a wave and get an acknowledgement wave before you come by I am more likely to have a live battery and be able to start tracking you in time to have you in focus when you do something photogenic about 50-100 feet away from me. Ideally you will be doing photogenic stuff throughout your pass so I will get shots of several turns. Ride by at a reasonable distance. I generally have a long zoom telephoto lens mounted and it's hard to keep you centered in the focus area while zooming out and back so you fill about half the frame through the whole pass, and if you come very close the focus and your apparent size change quickly. I usually will shoot in burst mode at 6 frames/second so the autofocus should track you accurately if I can keep you centered while zooming. You can try out a few expressions, your favorite hand jive, or whatever. If you want to make a tight turn around me and get a sequence, set it up in advance (stop in sight and call me at 509-366-1286) and I can put on a shorter lens and spray you from as close as you want to get (be forewarned that if you get too close your head will look fat - like about 99.9% of the GoPro selfie footage out there). Autofocus wanders off to follow any distraction if I don't keep you centered or if I pause mid-burst. Sometimes I fail to get a rider focused at all, but it usually works best with a fairly consistent approach and not too close of a pass so I can track you going by without having to pirouette on snow in boots. Just because I've pointed a fancy camera at you as you zipped by doesn't mean I got any good photos. I'll try to post regularly but it does take some time to a) pick the 10% or so of frames worth keeping, and b) develop those shots into presentable images (cropping, exposure adjustment and often a little tweaking of color balance and contrast). If you keep all the above in mind you won't overthink the riding part and I'll catch you doing things you never thought you could do. I'm doing this for the fun of it, and would generally be happy to work with anyone who wants a particular shot or a sequence. If you want nice steady video talk to Johnasmo (the onesie wonder - or the Montucky oneder). I can shoot video from a stationary point but it's not going to be a steady as his work and you might have to listen to me grunting and gasping. I don't think John ever gasps. I'll set up within sight of chairlifts so you can hail me if you plan to come by and hope to find me shooting, and try to find spots with good approach views, lighting angles and backgrounds. Photography is a great way for me to cope with antiquity and altitude, but sometimes I just want to ride or need to go pee. It's been fun having so many great-looking riders around to watch, learn from and photograph, not to mention hang out, drink and eat with. All the best Dennis
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    My little F2 speedster SL WC 163 been bent at Quebec Carving Session 2017.
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    Speaking as one of Le Pacte Des Vast Experiénce: Heating and molding liners is nothing at all like machining beryllium alloys, torch cutting galvanized steel, or going in against a Sicilian when death is on the line. Which is to say, if you screw it up the first time, you have a ready opportunity (or 5) to try again. There is nothing special about the proprietary heaters used in ski shops. Those are designed so that the underpaid help has almost no chance to burn, scald, shrink, melt, or otherwise permanently devalue the as-yet-unsold inventory. In short, they’re a sales aid. They look fancy so as to enhance the imagined benefits of moldable liners. I use a dedicated countertop convection oven, same as one might find at any well-equipped appliance store. Given sufficient time, almost any radiant heat source will work. Rinnai/Monitor heaters, hot air guns, a room of lobbyists, a black plastic bag in direct sun. Or shave the bellies of three large dogs, set the liners in the middle, cover with a blanket, and come back after doing the laundry. Speaking of which, you could also use a tumble dryer. Or wrap in tinfoil and leave them atop your intake manifold (next to the baked potato and pork chop) while you drive to your ski chalet. I have had many clients come in for a spot heat of the toes, heels, or specific nubbins, and then simply ride the liners into shape. Sometimes I need to correct work done by 'professionals'. Some clients have footbeds, some don’t. Some molds require toe caps and other kiln furniture, others not. Generally speaking, if the shell is remotely right for the foot, you may not need to build a foam, string and noodle collage. (That kind of craft project is de rigeur for high pressure foam injection, or when the end user is trying to get more performance out of a comfort product). Point being, if you can inflate a balloon without damaging your face, or prepare a Pop Tart without consuming the kitchen in hellish flame, you can probably mold your own liners. A good thing, as not everyone lives within trebuchet range of a respectable boot shop, whereas most everyone has access to a kitchen.
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    We had so a good day, We carve we carve we carve. Most excellent day with the exception of the idiot lady skier who hit KarverKai and denied any bit of it. Legs were tired and then came the skate session on the way home. Much fun was had with my awesome friends and kiddo. Ink
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    Angie and I will be riding Loveland tomorrow. Fresh off of SIA, we're ready to carve.
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    a Fun Symmetrical notion...is to lay a track and then another one next to it shoulder width, so as to fake the skiers out... first two from the other day...do three and their eyes cross
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    Heh, this thread made me want to throw together a hasty edit from an amazing day last season. This is the result of me staying up too late the night before a big powder day.
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    fresh grooom this morning...yea, accidentally touched a finger
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    Once upon a time I had this one:
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    Here's another one from ground hog day at Indianhead. It was a good day and I don't mind reliving it It's one of my favorite features at Indianhead─there are a few runs that feed into a relatively flat section just above this steep faced, rounded knoll. As you approach with some leftover speed from the upper sections, the slope disappears all around you and it always feels like a leap-of-faith as you dive over the edge into the first turn.
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    Folks, most of the media is not gonna tell you how much we carve except for the fine people at Fox. They are so dishonest. They, with the softboot companies, are taking our jobs, our people, and sending them down to Mexico where there is no snow. No snow folks. How can they make our snowboards, that carve, in Mexico. Or China. You cant, and they know it. They know it. We won with carving, but nobody mentions how Hillary took carving away. Its all fake news folks. Every word. Im the most carving person in the world. I think that carving, folks know this. It, nobody calls it what it really is. Radical carving terrorism. They go after women, and children, and innocent, not those that carve. And this is an American problem. Not American, but big league. Global. Global. Folks, carving is, we're going to fix carving. We have great deals coming, great deals.
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    "shivers" I would skip the pee and go right to poo. Or maybe both. Probably throw in some vomit too just to really drive the point home to bystanders.
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    Subzero first tracks on some soft Spirit groom today
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    It seems my smugmug links are a little more general or a little less specific than I thought. You are welcome to view anything on the site (if the previous links get you into the whole place) but if all you're interested in is this event, use the following. If these still get you into the whole site, just search there for ATC2017 or ATC-2017. Here are fresh links to a gallery for each day: Sunday computer: https://eaud.smugmug.com/ATC-2017folder/ATC-2017/n-xPMLd9 Sunday mobile: https://eaud.smugmug.com/ATC-2017folder/ATC-2017/n-xPMLd9?mobile=true Sunday slideshow: https://eaud.smugmug.com/frame/slideshow?key=GNXHHX&autoStart=1&captions=0&navigation=0&playButton=0&randomize=0&speed=3&transition=fade&transitionSpeed=2&clickable=1 Monday computer: https://eaud.smugmug.com/ATC-2017folder/ATC2017-Monday/n-t8MDMW Monday mobile: https://eaud.smugmug.com/ATC-2017folder/ATC2017-Monday/n-t8MDMW?mobile=true Monday slideshow: https://eaud.smugmug.com/frame/slideshow?key=wdpKPG&autoStart=1&captions=0&navigation=0&playButton=0&randomize=0&speed=3&transition=fade&transitionSpeed=2&clickable=1 Wednesday computer: https://eaud.smugmug.com/ATC-2017folder/ATC-2017-Wednesday/n-W9wqdh Wednesday mobile: https://eaud.smugmug.com/ATC-2017folder/ATC-2017-Wednesday/n-W9wqdh?mobile=true Wednesday slideshow: https://eaud.smugmug.com/frame/slideshow?key=8vTgQ5&autoStart=1&captions=0&navigation=0&playButton=0&randomize=0&speed=3&transition=fade&transitionSpeed=2&clickable=1 Thursday computer: https://eaud.smugmug.com/ATC-2017folder/ATC-2017-Thursday/n-KsNMmV Thursday mobile: https://eaud.smugmug.com/ATC-2017folder/ATC-2017-Thursday/n-KsNMmV?mobile=true Thursday slideshow: https://eaud.smugmug.com/frame/slideshow?key=gpM6Cv&autoStart=1&captions=0&navigation=0&playButton=0&randomize=0&speed=3&transition=fade&transitionSpeed=2&clickable=1
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    Elle travaille fort cette Swoard la
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    I'm honored by the compliment, but I have to say that there are SOO many better riders out there. It's quite humbling and cool. My secret: I have read everything I have found, got tips from amazing people, watched even more amazing people, tried a whole bunch of stuff, self-critiqued almost every turn on every run, analyzed every photo and video I can find of myself, and even looked at my own tracks in an effort to get better. Basically lots of effort. It didn't come naturally! Heck, I even started powerlifting in an effort to ride stronger! That's 208 early mornings of work per year because I love snowboarding. (OK, there are other benefits!) ATC is more about the experience of cool people, gear, and terrain for me. You definitely learn some from osmosis, but you have to look deeply inwards to find your own motivation. If I cared this much about my career, I'd probably be rich. LOL! Keep working, and maybe we'll see you at ATC next year!
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    Yes, you're right... my apologies, Pretty much everyone at that point DNF or made at least one mistake on that run that day. I thought the video made was a greatd start to show what we are offering and the details are pretty amazing! We did post a pic of boots in box on their way to Japan Snow Expo...
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    Hello The time, effort and money required to get this project up and running must have been incredible. Add to this that the talent of the team involved which if I recall correctly had one of the original NW boot designers on the team ... amazing! The boots look fantastic, but I am actually as excited about the possibilities of a new step in binding designed by hardcore alpine riders/racers specifically for the flex of NW boots, that don't accept a heel piece! I would imagine that this excellent team of designers is going to work hard to de-throne F2 bindings as the go to bindings for racers! New step in bindings are a product that I am looking forward to seeing clear pictures of:) Cheers Rob
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    They should not have stopped at 10. They need to go to 11.
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    Hmm. Embedded isn't too impressive. Try this unless you see something with pictures: https://eaud.smugmug.com/ATC-2017/n-xPMLd9
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    Oprah Style of who has the right of way. Safe shreddin all!
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    Here's a little video I did this weekend with a Centriphone at Marquette Mountain, MI. It's super hard to do this while riding, so my carving technique is not ideal!
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    sometimes it just all comes together. The sun was out, it was sort of warmish for the divide, and of course, the wind was howling up on high, so much so that Angie and I couldn't carry on a conversation on 4 as we passed over the widely groomed 4. Yes, Scrub was groomed, but it was to soft for anyone but the meekest carver to set an edge and hold it. First actual toe side I attempted left me doing a lame attempt at a euro carve to stop, same with the third heelside. From there we bombed down to the short bus, and over to switchback. Firm but lumpy. Back over to the basin for camera shenanigans, and eventually more riding. I unsheathed the board that wants to kill me for the first time this year, dropped spillway, and for once this season, slayed it, putting down 5-6 turns, and not hitting terminal velocity before shutting it down. The next 4 runs where pure magic, and left me wondering why I waited so long to take that stick out. The real story of yesterday was not about the exceptional turns I was making ( though they were impressive if I say so myself!) the spotty grooming, or the post 10 am kookfest. It was about the crew that came together to form an impromptu mini session, and the pure joy of riding with and watching other like minded freaks lay it down, and telling each other how awesome we are. For me, yesterday was a pure stoke fest, and I thank all of you in attendance. Speaking of which: Aarron, You are a goof ball, and a sick rider, you fit right in, Inky and Kai, great riding by both of you and nice to see more of you this season, we've missed having you two around, Mr and Mrs Bomber, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule joining us for our sunday silliness. Now on to the the regulars Erazz, stop ditching us, personally, you are giving me a complex, James, congrats on that news there grandpappy, Dude, the Odd one, and Mr. Positively Awesome, great turns as always. Best day of the season, see you in a few weeks after the session mario
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    Oh yes, and it worked. UIlr heard and was pleased; we're at 175% of our usual snowpack right now.
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    The lack of poles or skating sure didn't slow down Justin Reiter at the slalom event at last year's NASTAR Nationals at Steamboat. Here he is going head to head with Jackie Wiles, US Downhill Champion. Jackie just picked up her first World Cup Podium last week. BTW, Justin won by 0.01 This was taken on their second run.
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    My older boards start telling the same damn stories over and over. The amount of Metamucil they eat is astonishing. They keep saying things like "back in my day we would carve uphill both ways"...and then their fake teeth fall out Don't get me started on their enlarged, exposed prostate, hanging out of their shorts while they shuffle toward the bathroom for 2 hours. Off to the old boards home for you.