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  2. That is a great quiver... though I am also very impressed with the pizza oven that also tunes snowboards!
  3. Actually, let me be more specific. This is not a new model from Donek, nor is it a prototype. I asked Sean if he would make me a board that was a 172cm length, 11m SCR, and a 19cm waist. And I designed the graphic. Outside those requests the only other, although a very important one, was to make a board that would give the performance characteristics of the MK. I wanted an MK that made a bigger turn, simple. Maybe not so simple (they did after all test the original MK with multiple prototypes over a couple of years to get the final production model right). This is not that, but, it is more that than it is a Madd 170. The MK was designed to pay tribute to, and even surpass, the performance of the original Madd 158 (I assume, I wasn't involved). It was a very specific goal, indeed. In building my board I also had a very specific goal. It was a larger MK not a Madd 170. Regardless, I'll give you all my opinion in a review next year.
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  5. Mr. 'Atom Ant'. have you checked these with a true-bar the width of your decks? Just, ya know, from a Machinist's pov, not from an 'almost' coach...
  6. And, outdoors, beside NZ, there's South America! Argentina, Peru and Chile have some great spots! If indoors is really where you thought you needed to be, try Tokyo, Japan! It's closer, though, not as close as Mt. Hood... I coached at Hood 3 seasons back in the 90's (pre marriage; I only got my wife out that-a-way on the Honeymoon, and could only go 'home' to the NW upon my Parent's [and a dear Cousin's] burial.) So, I can vouch that Mt. Hood is viable well into the summer months! BTW, Chewelah was where I was born (near 49* North skiway).
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  8. Lol
  9. That's the idea. I won't get it on snow until next season though.
  10. Man you are like a snowboard cartel kingpin; "Come in & see what ole Kurt's got for you... just a little taste...!! Sorely tempted, but I need to test drive the MFR & Flux before I quiver up again; least that's what I keep telling myself.
  11. Sick quiver guy........... jeezus lol
  12. Would you say MK is to Madd 158 as Donek 172 is to Madd 170?
  13. You gotta see it first hand guy......... its silly good..........
  14. You live in the Northwest. There is no need to be so dramatic about the end of the season because the season has a long way to go. It is a great place to be truly burnt out on riding snow until the beginning of the next season. I'll be riding until July. Timberline on Hood has a $119 spring pass and 15' of base at the lodge. I think they've got you covered close to home. The Magic Mile is amazing for a beginner carver. They will be open all summer although it does get crowded after Memorial Day.
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  16. Squaw has announced that with the 760 inches we got this year Their Not Closing - Period!
  17. Bump. Also open to trades
  18. South Island, New Zealand. Ski fields open for the season early July and run through till early October, just in time for you to catch your breath before the North Am season opens. Dick Schultze (Instructor at Northstar) hits Cardrona most seasons.
  19. Un petit mot pour vous laissez savoir que nous avons une vente en cours sur notre site web ( Les boards de modèle Lifer et Hammerhead sont présentement à 20% de rabais, avec shipping gratuit. Il n'y a plus que quelques planches encore disponibles. Alors si ça vous intéresse, je vous invite à sauter sur l'occasion!!!
  20. Mammoth open until at least mid July.
  21. Will someone just buy this and save me from myself ! It may well be the sweetest thing I've seen since my 1992 Elle McPherson calendar.
  22. Bump $700 USD shipped.
  23. Better fixes: Whistler open until the end of April, then Blackcomb to the end of May. Glacier until August! Mt Hood glacier, I believe, right through the summer...
  24. thank you, frozzen.
  25. Thanks for the reminder on changing my location! I used to do Killington/Mountain Creek (hooky days!) but now I get most of my time in Canada.
  26. The bindings are packed away and this is the only pic I could find BTW, where do you ride locally? Hunter/Windham or in NJ? Wondering what your fav resort is.
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