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  2. Bomber TD3 Standard Bindings For Sale

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  4. Is bomber out of business?

  5. Drake Podium FF

    At SBX Canadian Nationals last year, I walked the board racks with a clipboard. Keep in mind this is not a World Cup event. Riders ran the gamut from WC regulars to 90 pound juniors. 23 Burton Cartel 18 Burton Diode 4 Burton Genesis 3 Burton C60 3 Now Drive 3 Union Force 3 Drake Podium 2 Burton Malavita A whole bunch of one-offs. Burton is tops because of availability and because you can get parts anywhere. Cartel is popular simply because they are cheap and functional. Talked to the coaches and Drake Podium is the high end binding of choice and Cartel is entry level. Only 3 Drakes on the racks mainly because there are so few shops that carry them. When you hear about highbacks breaking, that is usually from landing jumps. I find it hard to believe you're going to break them while carving.
  6. 2 Oxess 163 SBX boards

    Is the still available? Is the nose and tail a medium or competition? Is this a glass, carbon, to titanial carbon? What is the cost shipped to 22554? I'm a junior rider looking to step up.
  7. Lucid Carving site

    Bump! The number of people logging in is growing. Make sure you have created a link to the backup forum. When I last Google searched for the new Lucid forum it wasn't showing up, so being able to find it easily that way isn't guaranteed yet.
  8. 4 Oxess 163 SBX Boards

    Are any of these still available? If so, what would be the cost to get one and have it shipped to 22554?
  9. Three 155cm Oxess SBX Snowboards

    Are these board still available or not?
  10. Big Board Sale!!

    any Oxess BX?
  11. Site temporaire Bomber

    Je ne sais pas si le site de bande moi résister à la fille mais toujours bon de prendre des précautions http://lucidcarving.forumotion.com/
  12. Petit nouveau

    Attention c'est très contagieux!
  13. Petit nouveau

    Je dirais pas un "petit" penchant mais plutôt un gros penchant! Tellement penché que tu finis couché sur la neige!! ;)
  14. Is bomber out of business?

    After some research, I agree with Pow4ever. It's unlikely that this is the end for Bomber. Maybe a new beginning? Temporary alternate: http://lucidcarving.forumotion.com
  15. Big Board Sale!!

    Still plenty left and ...New stuff added!
  16. Petit nouveau

    Les planches d’aujourd’hui c’est le jour et la nuit comment la différence est grande 😉 La technique aussi a beaucoup évolué !!! lorsqu’on va se voir si tu penses que je peux t’aider gêne toi pas de poser des questions 👍🏻 J’ai un petit penchant pour la technique de Swoard 😬
  17. Drake Podium FF

    Thinking of buying the Drake Podium FF soft boot bindings to pair with my Burton Driver X boots and my wide Donek Sabre SRT. Can anyone vouch for the durability and/or the feel of these bindings? A cursory search of the internet turns up a few bad reviews (broken highbacks mostly), a search of BOL turns up next to nothing. I'm looking for a very stiff and responsive binding for hard carving in soft boots. Any recommendations? What are the world class BX racers using? And when are they going to bring back the third strap (with a higher heel cup that doesn't drag, as ridden in my corduroy dreams)? Winter is coming!
  18. Petit nouveau

    Merci beaucoup tout le monde. Donc on se revoit sur les pistes. Ça me donne le goût d'essayer d'autre planche et du nouvel équipement. Je lit beaucoup les derniers jours Trouver vous que les planches ont beaucoup changer en 20 ans? Une évolution plutôt qu'une révolution? J'espère que le forum fermera pas même si Bomber est en faillite. Ont verras bien j'imagine.
  19. Is bomber out of business?

    I would think there are enough IT talent on the site to help with forum backend operation/transition if need be. Count me in for time/$ to assist. Some light at the end of the tunnel: Money, Information are important but at the end of the day it's the people that make the community. Let's not turn on each other. Let's hope we came out of this stronger and not divided. Now a day: contents on the internet never "disappeared". Caches, internet archived and etc. Bankruptcy suck but it's not end of the world: recently heard this on Planet Money/NPR: http://www.npr.org/sections/money/2015/09/05/437628996/episode-647-the-benefits-of-bankruptcy
  20. Is bomber out of business?

    I'm in limbo as well having pulled the trigger on a Donek MK, TD3 step-in, and a board bag on October 4th. I was on the fence about ordering from Bomber given the communication issue (forum and phones) but Jim replied via email, the reason seemed legit, and the sale price on bindings/free shipping offer made it over $100 cheaper. Donek has been sending me build updates which has been reassuring; unfortunately I've heard nothing on the other items. I'm confident that the board will arrive but doubtful on the rest of the order...luckily I can dispute the charge amount for anything unfulfilled if it comes to that. I too hope that someone picks up and continues their business...especially the gear they manufactured and this forum. Despite lurking most of the time on this site I've met up with several local riders and have learned a lot on valuable information...thanks everyone! Holding out to hear from the trustee will probably be a long wait...according to the filing they're not set to meet until December 8th. Colorado Bankruptcy Court Case 1:17-bk-19720 - Bomber Industries
  21. Sims Pure Juice!

    Looks cool but there seems to be an underlying agenda to put Burton in its place. Not sure why after all these years they can't just share the glory.
  22. Is bomber out of business?

    Seems to me that the only logical synergistic home for this business is Sean Martin/Donek. If you want to organize a crowd funding event in the community I would suggest holding off and using that to help Sean complete a purchase of the business in the event he does not have access to adequate capital at the moment. That's assuming he's interested in taking something like that on. I personally could not think of a better candidate for it though. Actually, I can't even think of another 'good' candidate. By the way, I knew Bomber was in trouble last March when I made huge efforts to buy a pair of boots after breaking mine and it was just impossible to do. I was out in CO at the time and willing to pick them up. Being a retired business owner myself it was very easy to see the writing on the wall.
  23. Is bomber out of business?

    I have been a member here since 2004 and the community here has helped me so much. If there is anything I can do, let me know! I am looking forward to the unofficial meet up in Feb at Aspen!!
  24. Is bomber out of business?

    Right only fin or Sean can save it now
  25. Is bomber out of business?

    I think the site will survive this. I have a tiny bit of inside info that I can't share yet, but it gives me hope. Wheels are in motion. All is not lost.
  26. Is bomber out of business?

    Way to go Ladia, you figured it out. Jim and Angie, with the help of the moderators, perpetrated this scam, destroyed their business, and ruined their credit in order to abscond with your $300 and that of a few others. You cracked the case. Gold star for you. It's obvious to me that forum content has been actively managed for legal purposes. Yes, better communication was probably warranted, but you are an adult, call your credit card company and get your money back. Accusing people who run a business not to get rich but for the love of a sport, along with their unpaid volunteer staff, of maliciously scamming customers, is pretty low.
  27. Is bomber out of business?

    The self hosting price for Incision doesn't look too bad. How much traffic does the BOL forum generate? Shared hosting on Dreamhost can be a cheap alternative if the traffic is low.
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