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  2. Getting the full extension on toe side advice

    Don't think of that. This only robs edge hold and hurts your technique. The good riders in the videos posted have 0% weight on their elbow/hand/arm. Most of the time Knapton uses it more as a feeler. Like a motorcycle racer's knee. Sometimes he does use it as a crutch, but many people including me are guilty of that sometimes.
  3. St Bruno 2017/18

    J'y vais ve soir, 16h à 19h... Je vais tester un board de Bruce, EC 177 x 22.5 14/16m scr. :)
  4. Snow surfing over there...Japan

    Softbooter thanks for sharing. We did you find it?? Loved it! Glad I'm living the dream......and riding a Moss!
  5. Donek Saber 149

    email sent
  6. Custom Donek REV 185

    What's the weight range on this bad boy?
  7. Today
  8. Getting the full extension on toe side advice

    post was meant for the wide board thread sorry
  9. Planning a trip to Zermatt in Jan 2019

    Thanx Barry When I was last there January was one of the cheapest times but weathe was always iffy. Zermatt does however tend expensive and this works for me. i am hoping to connect with a friend who owns a sport shop in a town nearby for boards but not sure what they offer at the moment. As I will be accommodating the family with 1 week in snow and 1 week on the beach having to carry my equipment does not excite me. brian
  10. Donek Plates - School Me Please!

    @barryj it would help to understand what application you want to use a plate for. Freecarving? Racing? Both? I have been on all 3 Donek plates and currently race with the AF plate. @Donek Sean can jump in and help explain his plates. A-Plate is softer and more flexy and good for freecarving and has a higher rise. THE AF plate is is a little stiffer lower rise and is a great tool for racing and for advanced carvers. The F-plate is generally very close to the VIST or Kesslers K-plate concept..
  11. Snow surfing over there...Japan

    Thanks for sharing. With snow like that I am sure just about any board you would be riding would be a blast.
  12. Yo Lci!!

    Tru dat
  13. Who is going to USASA Nationals 2018 ?

    I’ll be there with 4-5 racers and racing myself Doc
  14. I would like to meet up with any of you folks who have kids or race yourself if you go to Nationals this year. It is a great time and without the Bomber tent, there is less chance of us bumping into each other.
  15. TD3 Slop

    i have blues in the heel piece and yellows in front. i weigh about 215 lbs. i cannot tell if the blues are allowing the bindings to roll. they seem really stiff. I don't notice any difference to my other setup without SW.
  16. NICE 2018

    HA... that slave driver is making me work today;)
  17. Getting the full extension on toe side advice

    maybe this can help, a fine example of correct technique...Thanks to Sigi This is my favorite Carving video to watch...he uses his hands like a conductor for an orchestra
  18. Snow surfing over there...Japan

    This is well done and fun to watch...
  19. Snow surfing over there...Japan

    This is well done and fun to watch...
  20. Official/Unofficial ATC 2018 thread

    Try the Inn at Aspen, Molly Gibson or St. Moritz.
  21. Donek Plates - School Me Please!

    Bang for buck is Gecko for me. That said I understand where @Corey is coming from... if I lived near a hill with really great groom, say Spirit Mtn in Duluth, I would probably opt for the TD3-SW. As it is I go to a poorly groomed hill and I like to ride hard boots so Gecko/plate it is for me. Also, as previously stated, Isolation plate shouldn't be the first step (be careful of slow speed maneuvers, lift lines, and getting off the lift. You will fall ungracefully.). I'd add something these systems do reduce the amount of energy your legs/joints have to absorb and allow one to stay out longer.
  22. Official/Unofficial ATC 2018 thread

    Does anyone have advice for finding last-minute lodging for a procrastinator like me? The challenge is that I'll be there from Jan 28 to Feb 4 to meet up with the Pure Boarding crew (and meet work/personal time constraints) so my dates will likely not align with many here. I'm thinking of just doing an Airbnb. Does anyone have other ideas? Thanks!
  23. Wide soft-boot boards

    This thread is really interesting to me - the widest board I had ridden until 2 weeks ago was a 27 waist Nomad, which was the best softboot carver I had ever tried (despite the need to put a lot of weight on the tail). I just got an older Incline from RJ with a 28 waist and over the past two weeks have considered selling every other softboot board I own - this thing is the most fun board I have ever ridden! However, as discussed, the flex profile is perhaps even more important for me than the width - the Nomad (a 170) is SO STIFF, especially in the tail, that it is a beast to do anything on but carve or charge (e.g. almost straightline) steep powder. The Incline (164), though not soft, has plenty of flex to make bumps and trees awesome also, and as we all know, one board to roam the whole mountain perfectly feels like I found my unicorn-vehicle. The reason this is interesting for me is because when this board is done for, I want another just like it. The obvious answer would be to get a custom Incline with the same specs, but I wonder if the flex pattern has changed significantly enough on the newer Inclines to mean that I would no longer like the 28 waist and want to size down to a 27? Or alternatively, if I can custom the flex pattern, and what exactly I would describe for that? (I guess I could bring in the old board?) Just thoughts for the future as I am STOKED on this older Incline right now.
  24. TD3 no dimple toe blocks for step in

  25. TD3 Slop

    Have been using yellow sw bushing elastometer front and rear for a few seasons. Have run them in warm and cold. In the cold , say zero F, I can agree with you on a bit of loose , but not to the point of it affecting my riding at all. But usually do not ride in zero or below, and wait for at least single #'s, and then it is not a problem at all. slightly above the recommended limit for the yellows, ...? did not know there was a weight limit. I am probably over it, and am fine with yellow for front and rear, I tried the yellow front and blue rear and did not like it, kind of why bother with sw, if it does not flex, imo.
  26. 3nm Torque Wrench Source

    I guess we can think of them as speed dimples, like on a golfball?
  27. Prior 4WD 163 in Black - All mountain carver- only $300

    Yes it is!
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