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  2. So many times this past season, I saw people on the mountain with the chinstrap on their helmet unbuckeled. Probably not happening any more frequently than before but for some reason I am just noticing. A lot of people with unbuckeled helmets
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  4. The Sony action cam should be considered too.
  5. Yerp. If your helmet is loose on your head it will do little good in a crash.
  6. I think it would be interesting to watch if they were to get into hardboots again. I don't think they ever would, but if they did I think they would have to do a lot of backpedaling on their prior decisions to not look like total trend-chasing jackasses, and I think you'd probably see a lot of "over my dead body" type dissent from communities like this who have kept the hardbooting community thriving in the absence of any big-box corporate support.
  7. You know you want one Bryan! ;p
  8. NICE!!! Perfect for getting to the bottom of the mile mid summer when the snow is thin and you don't want to ruin your high end board!!! I used to do this but with plates. At least these are likely to be there when you return at the end of the session!!
  9. Just saw the white version for the first time!!! I did not know they made it in white.
  10. Short answer, no. That allows you to anchor the middle and float both ends, but you can anchor one end (usually the rear) and float the other and ignore the center screw hole
  11. Hi All, need to pick your brains: I just got myself a Vist plate 07. I see there is a special hole for additional screw, which is in the middle of the side rail of the plate ( see pic) is it absolutely necessary to have this screw in the board? Heeelp! cheers
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  13. T line has been great the past 2 days. Should have started out yesterday on hardboots as it was solid ice for the first 1.5 hrs. Groomers were great then had a blast out in little Zig Zag and Big Zig Zag canyon.Weapons of choice were the Kessler 176 ride and Donek 169 wide incline. This season has been mostly a pow fest at Stevens Pass mixed in with pow and good groomer days at T line. 0 days on the hardboots this year. Next year I will have more time
  14. Went up to Squaw today 11-2pm, rode the Funitel up to High Camp and the conditions were really pretty good! Even at the top it was soft by 11am but somewhat firmer on the Shirley side. Probably best for carving by 10am but I had fun on my Moss PQ 160. Rode Siberia, Shirley, Headwall, Big Blue and Gold Coast lifts. There's still enough coverage that I rode Mtn. Run all the way from High Camp back down to the village to the Funitel station. Probably my last day!
  15. I love the hardbooter who just happens to skate by in the background. Thank you for sharing that review. Pretty informative. Not as amazing as Doctor Doggie, but what could possibly be even on par.
  16. Yea when the Burton circus comes back around next winter to my local mtn. I'd give them a try.......but from what I hear from the Moss sponsored softboot riders from Japan that are laying down the carves they need/use/want a soft expect this boot to be the polar opposite of a Burton XDrive for stiffness. I would like to see a photo of the base of the binding and the boot connection system. Carving in general is huge in Japan...... and Burton, not wanting to miss out their share of the $$ listened to those riders and made the "Step On" Whitelines...aka: white lies. Great April fools using a Track 325. Could there be a Burton hardboot in the near future? Doubtful, but demand drives the market and the Asian market is really hardboot and softboot carving hungry right now and Burton being the money hungry whore they are might not want to lose their share of the market. If Burton ever has the balls to get back into hardboots they really should really call it the "Hard On" ....that alone would give Burton back some "Alpine" street cred!
  17. That video review makes them look pretty great. I may have to get a set, despite feeling loath to support Burton.
  18. maybe it is just my 3 strap infatuation...but I would have put the highback in front out of a softer material for flex...sort of like those rosemont boots in the early 70's
  19. Really good video / review that is
  20. RJNAKATA this is them bindings I was referring to.
  21. Cheers I'll watch that now 👍
  22. Hey Marc, Check out this link posted under the soft boot carving worth watching - with review of Step On Softboot/Binding system on Moss Performance Quad 154cm board.
  23. That's a Moss Performance Quad 154 he's on. A very sweet ride. I have the 160cm version of that board and riding it in TD3 SW step In's and the softer Track 325's it carves as well as it kills the pow!
  24. I'll take them, send me your PayPal account name.
  25. Do you have a picture of which clip-in you are referring to?
  26. I make my wife take hers off when i tell her i bought a new board !
  27. I do sunglasses inside the helmet straps too! I just looked this up, and apparently the helmet straps are supposed to be so tight that it would be too uncomfortable to have the sunglasses inside the straps. Guess I need to tighten my helmet straps!
  28. Wait...wuh? Are the helmet straps supposed to go inside the sunglasses?
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