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  2. I'm only 40 minutes from there. If this is even partially carveable I would seriously consider a season pass. Edit- it opens Sept 2nd. I may seriously have to check it out with my old Donek. It may be worth $18 to see what the story is.
  3. PM sent............
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  5. OK.....change that to the Kessler 185! More PM's sent.........
  6. Boots are sold
  7. God! I can't wait for summer to be OVER! Thinking Snow already and I need a pair of Apex Gecko Plates, Carve model ....anybody?? Yes I know this isn't the "wanted" thread, but not many are looking this time of year and most of us are going to this thread thanks for looking......
  8. Mine, Mine, Mine! Jim 1st dibs on the Kessler Alpine 171! PM sent....
  9. Last week
  10. Thank you jack! I remember that shot and seeing it today made me smile.
  11. Looking to sell these 27 mondo RCRs from last season, as you can see they are in great shape with just some minor cosmetic wear and tear after one season of use. If you are not familiar with RCRs they are a stiffer race version of the RC 10 and are the same bottom section but with the stiffer tongue and cuff and have the extra upper support with the "spoiler" and the booster type buckle. I bought them without liners (I use intuitions) but I do have some old foam liners (from another upz boot) that I can include if someone needs that. $350
  12. I've always spent hours on a road bike, I prefer hills, and being out of the saddle, endurance. Love to roller skate, outdoors, backwards all 8 wheels down, working every tendon, figure 8's, pandora tuned to Biggie...agility Summer and winter, hours on a horse(16.3 hand foxtrotter, endurance for the horse), excellent for the pelvis;)
  13. That's the way to sell it to the other half! "Honey, if I go to Aspen to ride with the ATC crew I'll come back sleek and trim." ;-)
  14. I have a 165 with a 50cm stance. Interested?
  15. Bomber's got our pre-season sale going on now. Check out the new board specials here, and the demo boards for sale here.
  16. All of our demo boards are hand tuned here at Bomber and kept in the same condition as our own personal gear. For sale, we have: BX: 163 Kessler BX for $550 159 Oxess BX for $650 Hardboot: 171 Oxess RXR (new as of the 15-16 season) $900 168 and 171 Kessler Alpine for $650 185 Kessler Alpine for $500
  17. We've got a lot of decks left over from last season, and as part of our pre-season sale, we're offering them at a huge discount. Be sure to check them out: 164 Donek Nomad, normally $800, on sale for $599 180 Donek Proteus, normally$1150, on sale for $750 168 and 178 Oxess XR, normally $1,899, on sale for $1100 162, 168 and 171 Kessler KST, normally $1299, on sale for $899 179 Donek Freecarve, normally $1150, on sale for $750 Swoard Extremecarvers, normally $999, on sale for $699 We also have a full list of demo boards on sale. Be sure to check out the other thread for more details.
  18. You're on FB. You know what we're all up to. Some remodel, some lay back and some have turned into the human gerbil - pedaling themselves up and down insane mountains. Here's my updated for the lone no-FB person on this thread ;)
  19. I will once again plug utilizing eccentric lifting with any program. Research has shown that even just dedicating one training session a month to focusing on this component of movements yields tremendous benefits. And if lifting painfully slowly doesn't float your boat, many plyo programs tap into this aspect of movement as well. Come on winter!
  20. Ba ha ha! Sugarloaf/CVA's very own Mark Fawcett...
  21. Alan, I lost 10 lbs last year at ATC! That surprised me! Clean eating and lots of cardio... Joe, another option for intermediate lifters that looks interesting: The Infinite Off-Season program is free to download. Omar Isuf has a couple videos about this program on YouTube. I'm debating trying that to bring some volume in, but am not sure how to integrate other accessories. Still researching at this point.
  22. Riding fitness is one part of the equation. Drinking and eating enough while you ride is important as well. Even piling in the calories and fluids I usually lose weight when I've come to SES/ATC.
  23. I read a little more on this, and it seems that starting with the bare minimum weight is the way to go. And like you said, focus on proper technique. The progression is FAST. And I can see that it is sustainable for a few months, but after that, you just can't add that much weight that quickly. I'll have to read up on what is recommended when you start failing to complete the lifts as RX'd. It's very interesting and I like that the volume is more than the core of 5-3-1, because I'm really really guilty of just doing the core lifts and then vegging on the couch. So, thanks for introducing me to Stronglifts 5x5. I'm clearing space in my garage; the mountain bike stuff has expanded quite a bit, but it's getting put in its proper place and the lifting area is almost ready.
  24. I stop to wait for friends. Yeah, that's it! ;) Honestly, I think doing anything is better than doing nothing. Too many people that nerd out over minutia rather than just starting a program, and I was one of those for a long time. Go for a walk, play with your dog, climb rocks, ride your bike, pick up weights, throw stuff, churn butter, whatever motivates you. It all helps. Joe, the advantage I see of Stronglifts for new lifters is decent volume at low weights, so you get used to the motions. He's very thorough about describing what you should be doing for each movement too, which helps immensely if you don't have someone to guide you. I started having back pain squatting 80 lbs due to bad technique. I studied the Stronglifts guide, dropped back to 45 lbs, focused on stretching/rolling, watched every video I could find, and video'ed myself to compare. I then blasted past 80 lbs with no issues once I learned to really focus on bracing my core. Stronglifts killed my desire once the weights got high (well, high for me). I was getting sick often, demotivated, demoralized. Failing workouts, dropping back and working back up, only to fail again over and over. Just brutal - it made me feel very old. That's when I switched to 531.
  25. If I walked into that office, my first thought would be: "I'm in the right place." :)
  26. I try to spend as much time in walk in coolers as possible. I just pay for what I drink on my way out.
  27. Thanks for the responses. This board will get ridden, not displayed. This is what is on display at the office.
  28. Spent some time at River Run Park. having a river/surfboard made but it will probably not see much use until next spring. Hanging out with the kids who are traveling back to So Cal tonight(sad) but will be back for some days of riding Loveland this Christmas and Spring Break. Great seeing you James and your wife a couple weeks ago! Working on shedding some Pounds before the season starts. Hope all is well. Looking forward to getting back on snow!
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