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  2. I went for the Powdergun instead of the Performer back in '83. Those heelstraps you are talking about are what actually allowed me to experience my first carved turns in soft groomers. Instead of using them around the heels, I made them go way higher in the back of my leg. I sewed a loop in the back of my boots to make them stay up there, and pass them through it before buckling them. Also added some velcro on the straps, as the added pressure from being that high during heelside turns made them come loose (loss of "forward lean"). I made my very own hibacks before even knowing what they were. Switching to the Performer Elite after that was the worst move I have ever made in my 37 years of riding. It was like going back to zero. Worst board and bindings I have ever owned. Couldn't make it work for me. Also, it is funny how Louis "Lofo" Fournier is always removed from the hiback history...
  3. Wednesday a bit tricky, but penciled in!! :D Alternatively could do Tue or Th! Yesterday was AWESOME!!!!
  4. The pro version is not more specific and elite than the EC5. The only difference is the pro have titanal in the construction wich had smoothness and dampness in the board, better edge grip and easier to ride. Many of us have tried both and have all pick the pro version because it's a way better ride. Since you are riding in hero snow, the 175H can be a good option too. Will better hold your weigth. The 168 I have work great on hard pack and ice but in softer snow would probably be better with a 175. Jeff
  5. Adjusted the bindings like the pic above end ended up more or less close to the original setup i had. Wont be messing more with it. I was able to ride a dedicated freecarve board the otherday. Was able to do all the things you guys mentioned to control speed. It was somewhat eye oppening in that i realize that there are things that i cant do on a race board.And that they want to go fast and i just needed to get comfortable with it and that while the speed it rides is high, it is still stable and will hold crazy levels of edge. Went back to my racebaords with this in mind and it just clicked. Learned to get comfortable with the speed... no more chatter. Over all a good ride. Will probably take more days to fully get comfy. On another note. I have been experimenting with stance width. Today. Im 164 cm. Stance is 45cm. Been trying narrower and wider. I somehow feel like all the stance between 40- 45cm were riddable. Hkw do you guys find your stance? I mean is it what you feel is more stable/less tiresome/ etc.? I was mkre stable at 45cm but more quad burn. 40 was less tiresome but less stable for me.
  6. Najserrot, thanks for sharing. Very encouraging to hear. Taking a weekend off but back at it next weekend. Will report back on progress. Thanks again. Out of curiosity, where did you mount your bindings on the inserts? RC
  7. Exactly!
  8. Got to ride a nirvana balance with your spect the other day. I have never ever rode an easier board to cave with. Carves really well at slow to moderate speed. I only have raceboards and they needed to be ridden aggressively. But this one was a really laidback ride.Like the others i think its down to the binding setup.
  9. I'm not a big fan of the risers either... Even with my hard boots I now seek lower profile bindings..
  10. I'm waiting for Mig to make a 23 wide version of what he's already got ;)
  11. Yes, it was me. The fat guy with the blue coat and grey pant.
  12. What?
  13. Donek and Coiler offer custom widths on nearly any model. As for that video, I'll give you about 190 degrees on that carve... ;-P Huh? I agree that people with biggish feet (10.5 is not huge, wth!) who want to carve are disregarded by most of the industry. However "the whole idea of carving on softies" is not mediocre, if your foot fits on the board. I tried @jburrill's carbon F2 Eliminator 166 "wide" (26cm waist, 12m radius) on Monday. It carved great as long as I didn't lay it over. JB squeezes into a 9.5 boot and can rail carves like a fiend. I'm digging the new "carving" fad in the softboot world these days. Oh and by the way, contrary to popular misconception, risers only rob you of leverage.
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  15. Well, I got Donek Inclune 180 with 28cm waist. Cannot tell that it was easier to carve on it. Personally, I think it's all about bindings. I've been riding Flux DM - and not really impressed, for the carving. Again, I'm comparing that to modern alpine board. I have bought, but not yet tried Flow NX2-GT. Hardest thing for me is stop pushing myself into carving when on softies with low angles. May be I should give a try to short and super wide boards, huh? Wide is the new long?
  16. Make sense, the pivoting off the tail bit. Thanks
  17. This much is obvious... let me attempt to help. WinterGold is wondering why production snowboards are so narrow compared to the average human foot and that production wide boards really aren't so wide compared to the average human foot.
  18. not a bad looking board. huh. curious if any of the japanese builders in the kagayaking vids are making wides. certainly seems to be some functional shapes.
  19. Don't get it. Just buy the board width that you want. That's why they make WIDES . I used to always softboot on a 243. Now I am up to a 266 for my little size 9's. Not because of major bootout issues, but because the drag kills the 360 carve.
  20. 13, c'est malchanceux. Vite, vite une 14ème avant qu'un malheur arrive...
  21. Roy will come too, both days. Probably Patrick too.
  22. i'm waiting for mig to produce a big boy version of the diamondblade. say something like 171 x 29. call it the machete.
  23. No.
  24. And that is exactly the point where most of us arrive at! But my opinion is that it needn´t be! That is the point of this thread! We are so used to avoiding boot out (especially on softboots) that we adopted our riding accordingly over the years. Which is pretty strange, no? I am slowly getting used to real carving feeling on my SG Soul 59XT. I have to relearn that it is possible to ride without bootout on a softboot board - totally crazy! My Korua Shapes are almost 27cm wide and my Jones Storm Chaser is 27.5cm. And I am size US9.
  25. Oui, effectivement le manteau vert c'était moi. La Diamond Blade est une vrai petite machine de carve pour les SBers. Je voudrais bien me gâter, mais j'ai déjà acheté un nouveau board cette année, mon board de tous les jours. De plus, ma conjointe trouve qu'il y a trop de planche à la maison, je comprend pas pourquoi elle dit ça, 13 c'est pas trop je trouve.
  26. When good surfers are carving on the face, their body movements are very similar to hardbooting. Surfing motions are far more complex than carving a snowboard though. On a surfboard, a lot of maneuvers involve pivoting off the tail. For that, surfers use their upper bodies.
  27. Available!!
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