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  2. Spirit Mountain 2017/2018

    Thanks for having me guys! It was fun but it's nice to be home too.
  3. Prior WCR 182cm GS

    PM sent!
  4. 180 Coiler EC, 175 Classic, 162 Axxess, BTS, T 700

    Will do tonight or in the morning.
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  6. Aside...

    The Dwarves urinate in your flower pots!!!
  7. Mountain Slope boots?

    Thanks for the update @yamifumi that's great info for everyone considering 951. Jennifer recommended the wc to me given my weight and height 190cm 85kg. Not sure if that helps anyone. Hope it does. Personally I'm going to wait until they release a step in version along with their binding =)
  8. Nevin Galmarini - Olympic Gold Medalist PGS 2018!

    I love watching this guy ride.His economy of motion is inspiring. So quiet and accurate. Somehow I get the impression I wouldn't be able to string together 3 of those gates at that speed no matter how much I flailed around.
  9. SG soul 159xt 2017

    550.00 for the Soul XT 159
  10. St Bruno 2017/18

    j'y était ce matin et c'était tres bien :)
  11. Tanker 177, in plastic NOS

    I had the 172 of this design. This 177 has a 272 waist for no overhang. If you want a great powder board, this is one of the best!
  12. Thirst 7WARP superconductor

    Corey, You are trying too hard. No need to load the nose due to the construction of these boards. Just unweight more between the turns and bend it more right in the middle to tighten up the turns. There seems to be less need for for/aft shifting on the Thirst boards. It took me a little while to get used to them. But now, me love them long time.
  13. Prior WCR 182cm GS

    I bought this used 2 years ago, have ridden it 3X since then, it's just too narrow for this "almost 50 y/o" dude with big feet LOL. Perfect base and edges, some stickers on the top sheet, some blemishes where the bindings are mounted. Waist is 19.65cm. $250 shipped to anywhere in the continental US, $225 plus actual UPS shipping elsewhere. Thanks guys :) Joe
  14. oh shit!

    No doubt. I was harking back to conversations in 2006. After reading your comment I googled and realized how over confident I am in the equipment i use regularly.
  15. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    The camo is to hide from you guys when Trump invades us to deflect from the goings on in the USA. ( This one is probably going to be deleted so have a laugh while it's still up ! )
  16. Spirit Mountain 2017/2018

    The mini SES returned to Spirit today with temps near freezing rocketing up to 50°F by early afternoon. After a spectacular day at Indianhead yesterday, I was not looking forward to having my joints rattled carving on the ice base at Spirit. I think Cory said that after one day (Thursday) on this stuff his legs felt the same as after 7 days at Aspen. Yesterday at Indianhead felt like much needed therapy. Carvers on the hill today were @jolson, @bobble, @DonPablo, @khoward, @Corey .Busy day on the hill with competitions and St Paddy day revelers. Found some softer carvable groom in the big air park. The hill was turning to slush piles by early afternoon when we left. Cory might have some video to post after he gets home. Felt like summer by the time I got home, but cooler temps in the forecast might usher us into some nice spring conditions.
  17. 180 Coiler EC, 175 Classic, 162 Axxess, BTS, T 700

    Can you post a pic of the boots, please?
  18. 180 Coiler EC, 175 Classic, 162 Axxess, BTS, T 700

    Yes, boots are available.
  19. 180 Coiler EC, 175 Classic, 162 Axxess, BTS, T 700

    Are the boots still available?
  20. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    And camo gear for sale at the gas station. Got to love Canada!
  21. Yo Lci!!

    thanks for the kind thoughts. this should be a solvable problem. make some quality turns for me -
  22. St Bruno 2017/18

    Petit tour dimanche matin, il parais que sais beau
  23. Yesterday
  24. 180 Coiler EC, 175 Classic, 162 Axxess, BTS, T 700

    Axxess is sold pending funds.
  25. 180 Coiler EC, 175 Classic, 162 Axxess, BTS, T 700

    Do you know what weight rider the axxess is built for?
  26. 180 Coiler EC, 175 Classic, 162 Axxess, BTS, T 700

    Message sent on the BTS kit. dave
  27. 180 Coiler EC, 175 Classic, 162 Axxess, BTS, T 700

    I'll post some pics soon.
  28. Mountain Slope boots?

    Update: I have purchased WC tongue (stiffest tongue) + yellow spring for forward lean (stiffest spring) from Mountain Slope. It was smooth process and I got it in less than 1 week. Initially I indicated that it was hard to reach mountain slope but through @puhutes (Jennifer), it was easy and no issues anymore. Shipping only took 3 days. I tried with old set up (the tongue that came with my boots and red spring) for couple runs then changed the tongue and spring to stiffest one. It did stiffen up quite a bit and I actually like the stiffer set up for carving in the grooms. I did not do any powder or soft snow conditions but I would assume it would be easier to ride softer set up if going free riding through trees or POW. I never rode UPZ RCR but I assume it is quite similar to how it changes from black tongue to gray tongue on UPZ. I also tried stiffer tongue with red spring and I could tell that it was softer than yellow spring. I have not ridden with softer tongue with yellow spring but I would assume it would be stiffer to have yellow spring+softer tongue than red spring+stiffer tongue. A lot of stiffness comes directly from spring system like @Slapos mentioned on page 2. One thing to note is that changing these springs or tongue was SUPER EASY. Installing new tongue takes literally 1 min or less and installing new spring for forward lean takes less than 5 min. I am not sure how normal .951 + stiff combo compares with WC .951 but if I were weighing over 185lbs then I would probably go with WC version rather than normal. I weigh +/- 165lbs. I am definitely liking normal .951 + stiff tongue + stiff spring combo!
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