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  2. H2O Please post pics of your mods
  3. I have never seen the point 950 in person but is there is any capability to have lateral canting on the boots like UPZ or deeluxe? I like my UPZ to have dials on outside of the boots to have outward cant and inside dial to be neutral. I assume new point 951 do not have any capability to do outward cant??
  4. I'm hoping y'all can share some pointers with a beginner about how to survive and ideally even carve on nasty, tracked out snow. Where I ride the slopes are compact and busy. Things get lumpy before lunchtime most days. My turns are getting better in the rare good conditions but I'm having major trouble on the rough stuff. I find myself getting launched over bumps and being bucked all over the place. I'd appreciate any pointers you can share on how to stay engaged with the snow when it's not smooth. I'll add that I had this problem the other eve on a Pryor 4WD. The board was doing great in slightly choppy stuff, but when the cuts and bumps got to be about 6 inches or so I found myself flying over them rather than carving through them. Thanks for anything you can share.
  5. Nor would I, given that my alpine board has 23.8 cm waist.
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  7. @nils what is the distance from the top of toe piece until the end of the heel piece where bails go? I am curious how they compare to UPZ. cheers
  8. This board sounds really great! But I wouldn´t call 26.5cm wide - like not really wide
  9. I'll be @ Stowe tomorrow, what are the runs best suited for carviing? Looking for blues or blacks but with good grooming. tx!
  10. I'm on the MK (blue jacket) at 3:15 and 4:25 in this video: I could see loving this board for narrow and/or mellow trails. The MK turns a little tighter than my Coiler Angry. I was surprised how big of a radius it was comfortable turning. The MK was very upset by the large push-piles in the final chute at Highlands. For comparison, my Donek Rev 163 just laughed at the same snow. Other than that, it was great if you like an energetic board! I'd want more than one run to get a mastery of it - on a few of those turns the board was deciding where to go next instead of me! LOL! I still don't like the 18cm width, but Sean said he could do a wider board based on the MK. It wouldn't be considered an MK any more though.
  11. He's 8 years old in that shot? GeoffV is exactly right. Have him really learn to carve his softboot gear first, starting on gentler slopes. Being able to carve the downhill edge and rail C-shaped carves consistently is the test. Gotta run, I'll be back.
  13. Here is pics showing how my 2002 boots look like...some seasons with 30 days on them, some with only least they last! TD3 pic showing how small the footprint is on a 28.5 mondo ( D shell) > I remember on the TD2 it was an issue because people with smaller sizes could not narrow the binding enough for beeing able to close them. It does not feel like its a biased way to shorten things..just a smart way to do it! Only other way around would be like the concept of short boots there was in the ski industry around 1985...forgot the exact name but the idea was to have one size fits all sole length, with the boot overhanging each sole depending on its size ( maybe someone recalls them.?) Am not sure they are rebuilding it similar just for hype...but at least to build something that is working at first...the mold cost is in the 300 K range I am sure, so if it was me, I would first spend on reliable/proven, then go from there if it works and make new molds with intec style heel for example.
  14. I use La Sportiva Sideral a slightly modified in the forward lean system (I've drilled the back plates widening the hole); fantastic! I've never used the TLT but a lot of friends ride with them. I use approaches skis (115 cm) with skins and Dynafit bindings (just the front binding)
  15. Here is the original post:
  16. Yup, I was there. Looks like NS is being spellchecked to US. Sad. I had a few runs with Patrick & a good chat in the lodge (thanks again for the OJ, Patrick!) then went up to Sky chair for the softest snow & the trees. Bailed at 2 pm to catch my flight home. Sorry I didn't see more BOLers, but frankly it was pretty cool to see a guy in hardboots at the top of a run and say "Patrick?", to which he replied "Dave?" Not the reason I got into the sport, but one of the best things about it, for sure.
  17. Now, with around twenty days on the MK, I can confirm much of Sean's marketing narrative: My riding skills have been elevated to the next level and this board outperforms every other board in my quiver. This board is so much fun to ride!
  18. BUMP Any takers on this T-Tube? Who can tame the beast?
  19. Way better then yesterday! This was actually a real pow day and it got progressively better as the day went buy. Very small crown in the am and almost none after lunch! Weekend? Hard to believe! Although, I must say the vis sucked from 1pm and on. Crew: Tony, Patrick, B, Bob with wife and apparently Dave from US! Toy: Proto :)
  20. NO FILTER!
  21. Man, if that had a wider waist I'd be all over it. 18cm on an AM? IIRC my 170 AMT was like 22cm or so.
  22. ok send par email
  23. g rien rrecu ??????
  24. 1. Good that it failed in such a way that you found the problem without injury. 2. The very handy center hole could be smaller and still provide easy access to the center fasteners. 3. Would be nice to have the option of that same part made of thicker stock. 'Bombproof' is the 3/8 plate I use on my TD1/TD2 hybrids, but 5/16 would suffice.
  25. No i'm talking about intuition luxury liner
  26. Inward cant with 'steeper' angles can create some difficulties toward the end of a heelside turn, meanwhile complicating a clean toeside entry. Try either no cant, or very slight outward on the rear foot at the steeper angles, and realize as well that you are edging more from the sides of your feet, and less so from toe to heel. In short, be more subtle, and begin the edging process earlier than you think is possible/necessary. And recall that for one thing to begin, another must end.
  27. Tanker is sale pending, Slackcountry and Amplid UNW8 are available. Thanks for letting me know about the Slackcountry Kipp. davekempmeister, reply sent Missionman, reply sent.
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