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  2. Mammoth was very soft and it his getting down fast, compare photo from a month ago. Race course was the best after they open it to public. Next weekend will be probably last for me.Race course
  3. thump
  4. Looking forward to a happy and healthy Mario!
  5. Would love to join you Lance, but summer season 1 closes out at about 2:30 tomorrow, season 2 starts somewhere between July 25th and August 8th. Make a few turns for me in the interim. Thinking of getting a pre surgery ride in tomorrow am if any one is interested Mario
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  7. NZ 7-1 USA Redemption for the heart breaking loss in San Fran. That time Spithill managed an amazing comeback from 8-1 down to win 8-9 Done on a "shoestring" budget, Team NZ nearly closed up shop 2 years ago for lack of funds. Match racing tactics are starting to come out as control of 50 foot long boats capable of nearly 50 mph improves, Burling's hook-up on Spithill at the start of the 2nd to last race an example, as was Dean Barker (SoftBank Japan) keeping Spithill out of the start box long enough to get a penalty in the preliminaries. Been dreaming of this kind of sailing ever since I read "The 40-Knot Saliboat" as a teenager. Good week to be a Kiwi. Lions for dinner on Saturday.
  8. I'll be back in town with my kids in tow for evening and weekend activities. I have been jetsetting the last couple months and trying to finishe a remodel. Mornings surfing ๐Ÿ„ river run park in Englewood with skate/bike/roller skating to follow... if anyone is interested in the river surf thing(which I will be new to) I have sups and body boards and a surfboard or two... hope you are all getting after it and would love to hook up
  9. Woo-hoo! Well done Kiwis!
  10. We always won the race at the start!
  11. I must say that I liked the monohull AC class better then 12m... But this flying stuff is insane to watch! The slower monohull opens more room for lots of tactics and cover tacking duels (which I prefer), but for general public who don't know a lot about sailing, this is way more spectacular.
  12. Never underestimate the power of Larry's money... We know what probably happened last time around :( Hopefully not this time. Go NZ!
  13. Although the boats are insanely fast, like a giant moth, I would love to see the 12 meters heeled over again.
  14. That was then, Today it's Team NZ 6, Oracle (USA)1, match point, and Peter Burling's wave goodbye to Jimmy Spithill. Larry must be wondering what he got for all his millions. Racing again tomorrow, Monday in Bermuda.
  15. 1:50 to 2:06 Same motion on my windsurfer in much smaller waves but the cutback curl I seek on my board riding undulations down the slope. Pure Stoke!
  16. Last week
  17. Thanks Phil. Actually went & checked out a Fish. Stance is set waaaaay back - with my front foot centred over reference mark I was on the very back end of the rear channel. And itโ€™s VERY flexy. Without actually riding it, what Mig said about them folding up seemed entirely possible. And I forgot Burton channel too. So, all in all, no good for a hockey playing Sasquatch! The NS Swift looked/felt a lot more bomb proof and I would be keen to give one of them a run.
  18. I tend to have the opposite problem, but I'd be wary of that unless you actually tried the board and liked it. My cat mates "day savers" are standard 156 Fish. And I don't recall them not using them for hockey-player-sized people. I suppose that means a small Fish is often better than the customer's inevitably tiny board.
  19. Thanks everyone for your input. UPZ RC-10 with red tongue's have been ordered, a good boot fitter has been located and F2 bindings are on next months purchase schedule. Mouse
  20. Rippin down lookout. Nice work little man!
  21. Cloudbreak locals
  22. sometimes a Crooked Smile
  23. As others said, this is not a good idea. The engine will actually run at higher revs, to achieve the same (real) ground speed. Also it messes with the traction. Every decent tire shop would tell yo that. Keep the designed outer diameter as close as possible.
  24. No, Frank, they're Burtons!
  25. Hey Big R, Wow! Your actually there now!! Thanks for the reply and the info! How would you rate the grooming 1-10 compared to US resorts? ...Out here in CA, family resorts like Northstar are a solid 10, resorts like Squaw are a 2 at best, say they groom but it's marginal with lots of death cookie! My experience of Colorado is a solid 8-10 grooming wise any photos????
  26. for sale f2 race titanium medium used one season before I decide to sell, I always check it. when i checked binding, few parts had issue, so I replaced them all. So now it has brand new cant (all 4), lift, heel plate, screws. (red circle) + 2 extra mounting screws. Medium will fit for 24,5 - 27,5. No box, No disc cover, No stomp pad, No leash cord. 200 usd include shipping(for us) - obo for more info text me 2ol3752936 or pm me
  27. The Oxess is Awesome! Thanks!
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