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  2. Worth a shot.... I'll see what I can do.
  3. Low angle stances, high angle edges.

    ^ The coincidence of you saying that today is uncanny. Sorry... That’s just an obscure reference for me which I wouldn’t expect you to know! Like an inside joke, when I’m the only one inside. Thanks for the laugh!
  4. Wow, that's nice (or maybe I should say that's sic). I drool whenever I see one of those big vans. A while back I had the windsurfing bug really bad and rigged up my Astro van as a hauler. In the winter I could slip skis or boards in the slots that hold the windsurf boards. Your van is what my Astro wished it could be.
  5. So apparently he and his coach are of the thought that any movement of the ankle cuff is bad. Extra screws between upper and lower cuffs, stiff tongues, and an aluminum block instead of springs. Locked!
  6. Gray Snowboards?

    This fellow is interesting-https://blog.naver.com/kimcarving He definitely gets to see next year's gear pretty early. Other boards I'd never heard of- http://www.amicss.com/product/list https://m.blog.naver.com/PostView.nhn?blogId=kimcarving&logNo=221132477967&navType=tl And to keep Shred craving that Yonex...
  7. Démo Swoard / OES au Massif

    Si tu y retourne en Janvier sa m'intéresse on l'attendras en semble
  8. Low angle stances, high angle edges.

    ^ Have a shot of espresso before you drop in, and we'll call it good.
  9. (Another) Riding Advice Thread

    You're welcome. Odd how we gradually come to accept certain things as normal, when in truth they stand in our way. Thanks for the effort.
  10. Thats a KTM 300 in there, loaded via side door.
  11. Found a little additional info on Nevin's boots on this blog- https://m.blog.naver.com/PostView.nhn?blogId=kimcarving&logNo=221115063307&navType=tl
  12. Adventures in plates (3D Printed)

    That would be straightforward, if not for the fasteners involved. The heads on the stock fasteners are custom for a larger wrench, and I'd be leery of squeezing a sandwich with the smaller drive size on 'off-the-rack' screws.
  13. Today
  14. Loon/WV Opening Days

    Due to lack of attendance, and overall team participation, unfortunately the Trione-snowboard-edger is not in the budget for 2018.
  15. Ram 2500, got it brandy new (i put door window in) for a mere $6,500 more than best price i could get on a NV200 ! But this baby can tow my boats and KTM's in summer too. Its front wheel drive (3,000 lbs on front axle and 1,800 on rear). With snow tires on the front its a sherman tank. And my other vehicle is a 4wd pickup and it gets stuck if driveway is dry but glare ice on sides (open diffs). Put this van in same spot and it climbs out (the computer brakes wheel spinning on ice, torque goes to asphalt and away it goes 😀👍. Mostly 17 mpg.
  16. Newbie Question: First Alpine Board

    Here is the link I used when I bought my Deeluxe boots. http://bomberonline.3dcartstores.com/How-to-Size-my-Boots_ep_76-1.html It worked perfectly. Once you have the size figured out maybe you can find a pair on the "for sale" forum. If you like this whole hard booting thing after trying it you can always buy better liners later.
  17. Tracks

    Nice morning on East coast hard pack🤗
  18. He's thinking of a shim between the toe/heel blocks and the top plate. Like the F2 lift blocks but without the V-groove.
  19. Gray Snowboards?

    I was kind of under that impression as well but in all the years I've been here I've only ever seen a single Oxess board. That was 4 years ago from a guy who was sponsored by Oxess and was a snowboard Cross racer. Most of my Japanese friends I ride with spare no expense on their gear but from what I've seen SG is by far the most popular alpine brand and I'm seeing more and more Gray softboot boards by the day (perhaps I'm just noticing that now I'm interested in picking one up myself and since two of my friends own them I found out). I'm always surprised how little Oxess boards there are around especially since their sale bx boards from Oxess are usually around the 500-800EUR amount, which is kind of 'cheap' compared to the other gear I see around here. Something cool I've noticed though is the number of people I've seen learning to or actually carving well down the slopes. Would probably see a few every chair ride. Some really decent ones who could be mistaken for riding hardboots, also. Spoke to some. Front angles of 40ish and rear of 20ish are not uncommon. Can't get rid of Masahiko's tag in the quote. Just ignore that.
  20. Newbie Question: First Alpine Board

    Definitely start with the boots. The first order of business is getting the correct shell size, determined as follows: Take out the liners and step into the shell. With your toes touching the front end of the shell, there should be 1-2 fingerswidth of space behind your heel. Less would be cramped, more would be dangerously loose. Custom liners are only necessary if the stock liners don't work for you. You'll feel it if they don't. If they do, count yourself lucky and enjoy. As for which board: One possible starting point would be Pureboarding. The TWO is built as a do-all board with the former softbooter in mind.
  21. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    howdy all forgot to mention this but this is the second death on this hill this year, this happened sunday feb. 18, 2018 and the first was earlier in the season when a Canadian skier died in a tree well. http://nbcmontana.com/news/local/missing-skier-identified-as-columbia-falls-physician http://nbcmontana.com/news/local/whitefish-mountain-resort-issues-statement-after-tree-well-death ride safely everyone...
  22. Birthday Laps

    those socks are great!
  23. Tracks

    run carnage from today... And 2 in parallel, courtesy of Buell
  24. Gray Snowboards?

    Another way would be contact @Masahiko who is on this board, is Japanese but speaks english, and ask him nicely the best way to approach buying one of these boards. A lot of the Japanese seem to think that the Oxess is one of the best of this type, but in Japan its the reverse where the Oxess is 2X the price of the Grey, Ogasaka, Yonex, Moss, BC, etc - AFAIK there are 2 main factories Yonex and Ogasaka (I think those are the two) that produce all these boards. I know 2 people riding that exact Grey in Japan, I would say it's an awesome board, their level of carving is noticeably higher on that rather than the burton or whatever they were riding before, still not hardboot edge hold, but surprisingly decent. And also coupled with stiffer boots, stiffer bindings etc etc. There are also a few shops, it could be as simple as go to a local Japanese restaurant and nicely ask them for some assistance in ordering.
  25. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    snowreport: tue feb 20, 2018 howdy all wow! my knee feels much better and could walk around no problem.. so walked to town and did some errands then shoveled some snow and still felt ok. will see how I feel tomorrow and go to work. today the big had that wind blown look to it in the afternoon. todays high was 15 degrees in town and mostly sunny, had to wear my sunglasses with all the snow all over the place. I am hopeful to do some nipple dragging with the Hawaiians... we shall see... time will tell...
  26. Snowpro Lift Shims

    I didn't know of the Tognar product and the 0.5 degree increments to 3 degrees. For someone wanting to build accurate lift and canting for F2 bindings this would be really useful. Thanks.
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