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  2. VIRUS SOULSURF 190!!!

    So you have not ridden it at all? Would love to have some reference to another longboard (like a tanker). Stiff, med, or soft flex? Guessing fairly stiff with the full carbon Kevlar with a full ash wood core construction... Effective Edge length?
  3. Summer stoke around Denver.

    Slopestar, have you checked out Pantheon boards yet? Jeff the owner just had a Breck to Copper to Breck LDP event this past weekend and has hosted a couple races this summer. Not sure if this is your type of thing or not but figured you may want to check into their social media accounts to keep up on some of these. Ink P.S. not long till Lovey opens for 17/18!
  4. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    Oh we know. I've been trying to print up t-shirts for the KFC, but keep getting rejected due to trademark infringment. I keep suggesting that we change the name to the Kongsberg Karving Klub and use those initials on the t-shirt, but everybody seems to have a problem with that?
  5. Burton Step On System - I'm Gonna Do It!

    Equipment lockers aren't available at the hill?? Wear shoes, carry boots. Use Drill Instructor Tactics to keep the kids within reach until YOU'RE Ready to ride? Yeah, and Don't drive in a clunky boot, especially if You are the Bus driver.
  6. VIRUS SOULSURF 190!!!

    I know a guy who knows a guy with a Donek shaped hole in his quiver that this would fill :)
  7. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    Not much different...The rear toes/heels weren't touching when i took the photos above. And as I said, I may use my Geckos too In the pics below, I had no trouble carving on the Burton Con Artist last winter, and that's a lot narrower. (When I'm in uniform coming into the base area, I tend not to get too crazy)
  8. Utah Condition late March Early April

    Touch base nearer the time... I teach at Park City/Canyons and race and freecarve in hards, but ride softs 70% of the time, and I'd be happy to show you guys around if I'm in town I'm also a flight attendant and don't get my schedule until the 16th of the month before, so don't know if I'll be there. If not, i know people who'd happily ride with you. Martin.
  9. VIRUS SOULSURF 190!!!

    Sure is!!
  10. Personal journey through StrongLifts 5x5

    Great progress! I was awaiting your update. And hey, no arguments from my end. If I am honest with you, there is no mirror in front of the rack at my gym. At that time in my lifting, I was even more wonky. My head was pitched downwards towards the floor, effectively pulling my spine out of alignment. Now, ten years later, yes, my maximum loads have a downcast look. My neck is likely closer to neutral. I also tend to converse with peoples knees so it comes naturally to me. I agree that body proportion has the greatest influence on squat form and muscle dominance along with bar position. Always learning, always refining. The most important thing gleaned from focusing on simply, "feeling it in my rear" at the start of the lift is that it keeps me from pulling to one side. Mark Rippetoe raises some interesting points. There are of course a million people calling it all dangerous bs,, but I have come to accept that that is how the lifting world is. I figure that either my body can, or it won't. A max lift is not where I am go into change my form or technique. And fortunately I can add those tiny 2.5lb weights to the barbell each day that I lift. I hear a lot of shit being said in the gym. Frankly I don't understand doing 18 different exercises for legs on leg day but never doing a barbell squat.
  11. VIRUS SOULSURF 190!!!

    Still available?
  12. Pre-season maintenance for Fintec heels?

    Bomber butter or silicone grease never hurts to open them up before you encounter a problem. Especially putting lube on the heel screws when reinstalling.
  13. TD2 bindings

    see new description above , only two sets still available.
  14. Pre-season maintenance for Fintec heels?

    You may want to check your heel screws for corrosion; try backing them to check and apply something (Loc-Tite, Teflon tape) on the threads before tightening. Re-check screw/bolt tightness after your first day out too. Walking through slush/saline solutions can create issues with the heel the fasteners. I changed my screws out to M5 x 20mm stainless steel bolts after having to drill a couple of rusted screws/t-bolts out when I upgraded from standard to step-in heels. https://www.mcmaster.com/#standard-socket-head-screws/=19ghi6c
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  16. DONEK metal FC 175 new price

    Hey QM, So this was a custom build from Shaun? A standard FC Metal 175 is 20cm at the waist............you ordered a 21cm waist? How many days on the hill does this board have??
  17. Burton Step On System - I'm Gonna Do It!

    Hey Guys.......................................... Egh!....I tried the Flow NXT's last year with Burton Driver X's .....the boots were great on and off the Mtn. but I thought the Flow bindings were difficult to operate with reaching that heel lever to lock the boot in or out....and I just couldn't get used to the response/feel?...or lack of feel of the bindings. We will see if the Burton Step-On's are any different ............ stay tuned! As for driving in softboots, I asked and the CHP (nor my school) makes any differentiation as to driving in softboots.......it's just a Boot in their opinion. fwiw - On a pow day and on personal time I drive a stick in my Deluxe Track 700's no problem! ......but I live less than a mile form the lift! So driving in softboots is an experience in comfort and convenience.
  18. Thanks for the reply. Didn't realize the internals were mostly plastic. Looks like I'll just do the external checks now, and crack them open at the end of the 17/18 season.
  19. Utah Condition late March Early April

    I found some cheap plane tickets to Salt Lake city and we have a good amount of time off from school my son and I (me teacher him student of course). So we are looking into going to Park city area for 4 days from 29th of March to April 3rd. I'll be on soft setup, it's just more fun with my son. What can I expect condition wise late in the season ? It'll be Easter weekend so it'll probably be crowdy but not much we can do there. Anywhere we ride it'll be crowded. No sure which mountains we will ride, I still have to look at the pricing of different places. Thanks for the info Ernie
  20. DONEK metal FC 175 new price

    Bump..... 420$ USD +shipping i think a great deal.
  21. Tanker 187 08/09

    you gotta be feelin' like a lottery winner. jealous.
  22. Pre-season maintenance for Fintec heels?

    I haven't treated mine nicely so far. Walked in slush, mud, salty/muddy puddles, etc. The internals are mostly plastic, though the stainless pins could rust if left in contact with salty water. When I replaced the cables after about 3 years they looked surprisingly good inside. I did manage to crack a few chunks out of the white sleeves that the moving pins ride in, so now they have a bit more play than I'd like. That's a good reason to do some pre-season maintenance!
  23. Binding ramblings

  24. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    how's the back foot?
  25. Two Coilers, Kessler Ride 163

    Freecarve and Kessler Ride are sold. Nirvana VCAM still available. Note, this is .3 Titanal construction - the sweet stuff.
  26. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    I checked and it looks good (set at +21, -9, in case I have to teach a goofy rider, and need to ride switch). I would probably go steeper and double positive if it's just when I'm free riding, plus I've still got Gecko Stealth pads or Freeride ones to go on it! 👍🏾
  27. Binding ramblings

    Nothing is too good to improve upon! The hard part is finding the right direction to go. Teleboard? Please take video. ;) I also tend to be near my rear ankle's limits often. I've been working on improving ankle flexibility, but haven't made too much progress. Some racers run surprisingly large heel lifts, so it's not 'wrong'. I'm still debating if I should adapt my equipment (wedges for TD3 bindings) or my technique.
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